Our Story

About Clog Hog

Clog Hog is an Austin, Texas-based manufacturer of pressure washer drain cleaners and accessories. Our company is self-funded and management-owned.

We're not just a business. We're also homeowners who hate getting shut out of our bathrooms, kitchen and laundry whenever there's a clogged sewer drain.

It's not fun to wait around for a service call. Paying high service fees is no joy, either.

Drain Snake

Renting a mechanical drain auger saves money but the project takes most of the day. It's a hassle to deal with the rental counter, wrangling the heavy cable into your pipes can give anyone sore arms and a backache, and the dirty equipment always seems to smell up the vehicle and garage.

One of our founders used to work with the industrial design team that creates some of America's most powerful high-pressure pumps. He got the idea of cleaning out his clogged drain line by attaching a sewer jetter to a moderately priced, household pressure washer he'd bought a few years earlier at a local warehouse club.

A sewer jetter is a long, high-pressure water line with a jet cleaning nozzle on one end and a fitting that connects to a pump or a pressure washer on the other end. He bought the parts online and assembled the jetter in his garage.

Sewer Jetter Nozzle

That first sewer jetter quickly pulled itself far into the drain, scrubbed out an impressive amount of gunk as it traveled up the line, and completely cleared the clog in just a few minutes. There was no need to wrangle a twisting drain snake cable, and since a jetter has no moving mechanical parts it was easy to rinse clean with the pressure washer after the job. However, while cleaning the drain the jetter caused the pressure washer to shudder and its unloader valve to pulse off and on in a harsh-sounding and potentially damaging way.

Since our personnel are experienced with hydraulics we checked pressures, flow rates and tolerances and made some calculations to find out why that jetter caused so much strain on the pressure washer. We concluded that the geometry of that original high-pressure line could not work reliably with any household pressure washer, and the poor tolerances of that first, imported jet nozzle delivered far different performance than the maker had claimed.

Pressure Washer Sewer Jetter

We also found that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to sewer jetting. We'd have to match the performance of all components to work within the limits of each particular type of pressure washer.

We figured that if we could solve these problems and create a line of sewer jetters that's compatible with different types of pressure washers, our customers might want a solution that's just as fast.

So we worked to develop a line of sewer jetters that's custom-fit for different sizes of pressure washers, and after testing many prototypes introduced the Clog Hog drain cleaner.