100 Ft Residential Drain Cleaner
100 Ft Residential Drain Cleaner
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For Gas Pressure Washers – 2.0 to 2.9 GPM

Slim and flexible 100 ft. sewer jetter for Residential gas machines.

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For Gas Pressure Washers – 2.0 to 2.9 GPM

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Sewer Jetter Specifications

  • Model: R-100-M
  • Length: 100 Ft.
  • High Pressure Line OD: 0.38 In.
  • Rated Flow: Up to 2.9 GPM
  • Rated Pressure: Up to 4,000 PSI
  • Rated Water Temp.: Up to 120° F
  • Shipping Weight: 5.5 Lbs.
Nozzle Cleaning Tool
Miniature spiral-cut tool helps you remove fine debris from nozzle jets.
High Thrust Nozzle and Accessories for Residential
Special-purpose high thrust nozzle for extra pulling and flushing force.
Storage Reel
Storage Reel - $17.00
Roll up and store your drain cleaner after use.
25 Ft Needle Nose Drain Cleaner
Cleans smaller diameter drains down to 1-1/2" ID. New!
150 Ft Residential Handy Jetter
Makes service professionals' jobs easier - 150 Ft drain cleaner, steel reel and trigger. New!
Spare Nozzle and Accessories for Residential
Standard spare nozzle and free accessories.
50 Ft Residential Extension Hose
Extend or replace your pressure washer hose, only for use outside of drains.
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The answer to all my troubles

- 05/16/2017

Moved into an older home with a septic system 8 years ago. Had trouble with the system and put in an aerobic system which digests the solids. Worked well, but had trouble with the liquids leaching.

For a couple years I had very high water in the tank due to the lack of good leaching. Last summer I bought the Clog Hog, opened up the distribution box, and ran the Clog Hog down each leach pipe several times. By the crud that was coming back it was clear that some spots were clogged.

Its been 8 months since using it, with this spring being one of the wettest on record, and the level in my tank is at normal level. This thing works as designed, and saved me about 12 -15 grand being as my next fix was to put in a new raised bed.

Thank you!

Game Changer

- 05/11/2017

My electric powered snake was extremely heavy and potentially dangerous in a confined basement. The"crud"after pulling it out made a mess. The motor died and what a blessing!

I found the Clog Hog searching for a replacement. This is light,compact,feeds easy,safer and infinitely cleaner. The snake is obsolete in my opinion.

It paid for itself the first time I used it. Fast shipping. Pull the trigger! Do it!

ClogHog works wonders on drain tile!

- 05/09/2017

I recently had issues with my drain tile on the perimeter of my foundation getting clogged up with silt.

Ordered the Clog Hog 100 foot cleaner and rented a gas pressure washer. Fed the line down through the window wells and it worked wonders! So much silt and dirt came out into the sump pit!

Plumbers wanted $800 to do the same job!

Highly recommend this product for drain tiles.

Opened the Drain in 10 minutes

- 05/06/2017

Just got the Clog Hog and couldn't wait to clean out a 6 inch drain pipe that had leaves, pollen, twigs, and other debris in it. We got a lot of rain recently, and I tried all weekend to unclog it with drain cleaners, hoses, and the end of a pressure washer.

Ordered Monday, received Wednesday. Set up was a breeze, placed it in the drain, and the jets took the hose to the clog; within 5 minutes, a rush of air came and the water went down. I spent some time pulling it back and letting it go forward to clean out the remainder of the drain. Went ahead and cleaned out 3 other outdoor drains while I had it out. 1 hour total of work... and you should see the amount of debris that came out of these drains.

Very happy with the Clog Hog. I no longer worry about leaves and other debris getting in the drains.... I know they are no match for the Clog Hog!!

Fantastic tool and real money saver

- 04/22/2017

I bought this as a last ditch effort to unclog a drain leading from the floor of my basement, under my neighbors yard and out to a creek. It had been clogged going on three years with what I expected was mud, rocks and other debris. I should have purchased Clog Hog first. Clog Hog restored the function of the drain and saved me the cost of digging up my yard and the neighbors yard. I recommend it highly and can't say enough positive about it.

Clog Hog

- 03/19/2017

I purchased the Clog Hog to unclog a septic line that had tampons and sludge. I first attempted to use a sewer snake (rooter) that I rented. The snake was a bust, and I had to take the toilet off and use it inside the house. That was a mess as you can imagine.

The following week after receiving the Clog Hog, I dug up the septic and opened the clean out. After using the Clog Hog for about 30 minutes, and seeing the sludge and other debris come out, the issue was resolved. I could not be happier with the Clog Hog. It works!

Outstanding Product

- 02/27/2017

This produce worked great. It saved me 1,000s of dollars. I waited too long to get my septic tank pumped out. The drain field pipes got clogged and this product cleaned them out. I would have to replace the drain field, but for this product! Thanks!

Clog Hog is a great product

- 02/23/2017

works as stated. excellent product for cleaning out a storm drain.

works great

- 02/22/2017

worked perfectly and saved me more than i paid for it already.

clog hog

- 02/21/2017

just used the clog hog today 3/15/17 in a floor drain it worked great unclogged drain in a matter of minutes I would recommend this product to anyone who does maintenance for a living GREAT PRODUCT GOOD PRICE WELL WORTH THE MONEY

This is the one

- 02/20/2017

Got the Clog Hog about 9 am had it hooked to pressure washer by 9;30, had the drain unstopped by 10:15

Clog Hog: The Better Jetter

- 02/20/2017

It was a 60 degree day in the middle of February, here in Northeast Ohio. The wife's barn drain (think horse baths) was clogged with stuff I won't even mention. I'll just say to keep your mouth closed when using this thing. That said, I had never used a jetter before so I didn't know what to get: The cheaper chinese deal or the Clog Hog. I decided not to chance it, to support American Made business, and I spent the extra money.

I was very impressed with how well the thing worked. *Though you have to take your time and work it over* I cleared over 100ft of 4" corrugated with my dinky 2.3gpm craftsman washer in about 2 hours. It managed to pull all 100' through, even through a tight passage at one point. It is a little tough/wet/messy to get started on the 90 degree turn, but once it gets going it goes well.

Take your time, do multiple passes, keep your eyes and mouth closed at the start of the run (you'll figure that out quickly) and this thing will get the job done. If it broke through years worth of packed horse presents I am confident it will do most anything asked, within reason. Will say I wish my pressure washer was a little bigger, may have taken less time. But in the end, any excuse to be outside for a few hours on a warm day in the middle of winter is a good one.

More importantly is that my wife is back to clogging up the drain without a pool in the barn aisle! I think she will get to run the jetter every year at summers end, to keep things flowing over the winter...just in case it isn't so warm out next time...


- 02/19/2017

So easy to use and store. It really does as great as they claim. Pays for itself in first use. If you've struggled with plumbing problems your going to Love this!!!!!

Pretty Darn Good

- 02/16/2017

I bought the Clog Hog to clean my irrigation drains that had filled with dirt over the years. For the most part, the Clog Hog is working as advertised. It's a slow process because there is so much accumulated dirt in my drains, but so far so good. Occasionally, the Clog Hog gets a little stuck in the drain, but I've been able to free it every time with a pulsing action on the trigger combined with gently pulling and pushing the Clog Hog line. I have noticed a little wear and tear on the Clog Hog nozzle in a short amount of usage, so I hope it holds up. But as I said, it's working pretty darn good and I'm getting shovel-fulls of dirt out of my drains.

Response from Clog Hog:
Dave, thank you for your review. As noted on our How Do I Unclog a Landscape Drain page, cleaning an outdoor drain that's clogged with dirt and yard debris can require a larger, gas-powered machine and plenty of patience because outdoor debris is so much heavier and harder to flush than most indoor waste.

If the drain has long sections that are packed with dirt or sand, you might expect the nozzle and to show signs of abrasion but we wouldn't expect the nozzle jets to wear prematurely unless the pressure washer water supply has an unusually high amount of dissolved solids. You can contact us for more help with this project.

Fear No More!

- 02/15/2017

I own a pool company and when the leaves fall drains become clogged. I have always loathed using air/water pressure to "blast" them clear in fear of breaking glue joints. Fear no more! The Clog Hog is the solution and it works as great as it says it does. This is a great product and highly recommended.

Response from Clog Hog:
Russ, thank you for your review. There's detailed information on our How Do I Clean a Swimming Pool Drain tips page to help with this project. This page mentions a number of lower-cost options to try before trying a sewer jetter. And, you should use extra caution when cleaning swimming pool drain lines because of the short radius elbows and fittings that are often used to build these drains.

Clog Hog did the job

- 02/10/2017

We were very pleased.

Cloghog 100ft Residential Drain Cleaner

- 02/10/2017

I work at a restaurant and my main line was backed up, I tried a few things to unclog the drain with no luck. I ordered the 100ft jetting hose and it was at the door in 3 days. I had actually called a plumber because it was too bad to stay open but the package came 30 minutes before the plumber showed up.

I set everything up and just started when the plumber walked in. He said it looked like I had the right tool and he was going to smoke a cigarette while I gave this jetter a try. When the plumber came back in the line was clear and I did not have to pay him a dime. CLOG HOG saved the day!!

Septic cleaning

- 02/09/2017

I bought the Clog Hog to do yearly maintenance on our septic leach field. It is the perfect tool for my needs. It works great and is well made.

Works very good!

- 02/08/2017

I use this tool at my car wash cleaning the bay pit drain lines. Before, I would pay a plumber several hundred dollars to do this. One use and it has paid for itself!


- 02/02/2017

Excellent tool for the DIY homeowner

Best for smaller pipes

- 01/31/2017

I got this to use on my sewer line and it was pretty slow going and not overly effective. The sewer line was simply too big. It is pretty powerful for its size though and I think it would work good to use it to clean smaller pipes.

Response from Clog Hog:
Ron, thank you for your comments. Most household drains are 4" ID or smaller, and this Clog Hog Residential sewer jetter is generally effective for cleaning drains up to 4" ID when powered by a pressure washer rated 2.0 to 2.9 GPM.

If you've got a 6" ID drain, we'd recommend that you rent a pressure washer rated close to 4.0 GPM (but not more) and use one of our Commercial sewer jetters.

Cloghog 100 ft

- 01/22/2017

This is unit is awesome! I have an older home with cast iron drains this unit not only cleared the drain but also removed a lot of the scaling in the drain. I will keep this handy for future use.

Great tool for clearing drains between golf course ponds

- 01/16/2017

I had two ponds connected by 3" corrugated pipe, but nothing was going through. I tried pounding steel and PVC pipes through the 50' pipe, and it became obvious that the pipe had been crushed and bent underground. I was able to get 40' in one direction, and 15' in the other, but not connecting. Using the Clog Hog, I was able to retrieve the pipes that had gotten stuck inside, and feel my way through with a small PVC pipe to open the line.

Then I put a sched. 40 PVC pipe inside the 3" corrugated pipe to keep the line open and make it easier to clean in the future. Love the Clog Hog, and was pleased to see a larger version on "Gold Rush" the other night being used with steam to thaw a large water line. I am not sure it was a Clog Hog product, but it worked on the same principle.

Response from Clog Hog:
Butcho, thank you for your comments. Clog Hog does make sewer jetters for hot water up to 210 degrees F, though I suspect that the product you saw on TV might have been a truck mounted industrial sewer jetter manufactured by a different company.

Note that most homeowners are able to clear frozen icy clogs with their cold water pressure washers, without the need for heated water.

It was worth a shot

- 12/23/2016

I have a kitchen drain that had not been touched in the 40 years I have had the house until it finally plugged up.

I opened up the cleanout in the basement and found a semi solid plug of gray goop plugging up the line.

Since I have a gas pressure washer, it had to run outside and my wife was the triggerman while I fed the hose in. This was definitely a two person job.

It took about 15 minutes tops to clear about 20 feet of the line and the kitchen drain runs perfectly.

This is a good product.

I plan on trying the "needle nose" hose for tub drains next. Hopefully, it will handle 1 1/2" traps and bends without having to disconnect a bunch plumbing.

Finally got the slow drain cleared

- 12/17/2016

I have been fighting a slow drain for years and the Clog Hog finally cleared it out.

I was really pleased that it worked with my pressure washer. A very innovative and effective product.


- 12/02/2016

Got it yesterday. Used it today on a drain I have snaked 6 times and it still drained very slowly.

Hooked up the Clog Hog and amazingly it cut through a mass of dried grease and soap that it washed into the septic tank.

Great success!

Slow drains

- 11/26/2016

I work in construction and we have used water jetting technology to clean out large sewer lines on our jobs so I am aware of how well it works. When I started to have a problem with a 3 inch drain line hundred my basement floor I started to research conventional drain snaking equipment and came across the clog hog online. After I watched the video and read the reviews I thought I would take a chance and purchased a 100 footer. Before putting it into service I proceeded to put indicator marks with orange electricians tape every 5 feet on the hose, this would allow me to know how many feet I was inside the drain. When I finally got to put it to work I was very impressed on how well the Clog hog pulled itself down inside the drain. In no time the clog hog was 35 feet across the basement floor. Within 10 minutes the water was flowing freely down the drain again.
I will probably use it once a year just as a preventative maintenance step so as to prevent any future slow running drains . ( happy wife happy life )
Thanks Clog hog

Great tool

- 10/21/2016

This thing fit perfectly to my Ryobi 3100psi pressure washer.

Great for my service.

- 10/21/2016

I love my Clog Hog jetter. It is great in Florida because if there is a cracked or broken pipe the Clog hog blows right through the sand. I'm looking forward to getting a 3800psi machine to have a commercial setup.

Response from Clog Hog:
Jimmy, thanks for your review. It's important to use caution when cleaning a drain that you suspect could have a structural problem. Regardless of whether you're using a sewer jetter or mechanical drain snake, the tip could work its way into a large crack, and you could have a difficult extraction job.

We always recommend that anyone contact a licensed plumber for help before attempting to clean a drain that could have structural problems caused by foundation issues, corrosion, tree roots or other causes.

Worked Great

- 10/17/2016

I am a retired plumber and had my main drain plugging up. I ordered the clog hog and the shipping was fast and I used it that same day received. It went very well and had it open in 15-30 minutes complete. I knew there wasn't tree roots or things like that, just paper and such. I hope to never need it again, but it is hanging in the garage if need be.

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Price: $129.00