50 Ft Commercial Drain Cleaner
50 Ft Commercial Drain Cleaner
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For Gas Pressure Washers – 3.0 to 4.0 GPM

  • Recommended for main drains, landscaping drains and septic field lines.
  • Designed to power itself deeper into larger drains up to 6" ID.
  • Complete and ready to use, with an adapter to fit most gas machines.

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For Gas Pressure Washers – 3.0 to 4.0 GPM

For most machines, choose For Most Gas Machines - M22 Male Adapter on this page.

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Sewer Jetter Specifications

  • Model: C-50-M
  • Length: 50 Ft.
  • High Pressure Line OD: 0.48 In.
  • Rated Flow: Up to 4.0 GPM
  • Rated Pressure: Up to 4,000 PSI
  • Rated Water Temp.: Up to 120° F
  • Shipping Weight: 4.5 Lbs.
Nozzle Cleaning Tool
Miniature spiral-cut tool helps you remove fine debris from nozzle jets.
High Thrust Nozzle and Accessories for Commercial
Special-purpose high thrust nozzle for extra pulling and flushing force.
Storage Reel
Storage Reel - $17.00
Roll up and store your drain cleaner after use.
25 Ft Needle Nose Drain Cleaner
Cleans smaller diameter drains down to 1-1/2" ID. New!
Spare Nozzle and Accessories for Commercial
Standard spare nozzle and free accessories.
50 Ft Commercial Extension Hose
Extend or replace your pressure washer hose, only for use outside of drains.
36 Featured Reviews - See More Ratings - Average Rating 4.8 / 5 (Details)

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50 Ft Commercial Drain Cleaner

- 05/31/2017

perfect tools,helps cleaning drains for pros easy and faster.really like to use it.thank you guys

Satisfied customer

- 02/19/2017

I purchased the 50ft drain cleaner to clear my septic fields which were slow to drain. I used a 3000psi power washer and was pleased with the results. The clog hog worked as advertised. It was self feeding and I removed a lot of built up sludge and hair. I will be using probably twice yearly as a maintenance tool to prevent any backups. I would definitely recommend this product and am pleased with the results

Clog Hog review

- 01/13/2017

Hooked up to my 3600 Psi pressure washer, the Clog Hog drain cleaner did a great job of blasting grease and debris from inside the 4 inch PVC drain line. A great tool !!!

Worked as stated

- 01/03/2017

Had some trouble getting it around 90 degree turns in 2" pvc but worked well in 4" Drain.

Response from Clog Hog:
JB, thank you for your comments. There are other Clog Hog drain cleaners available that have smaller diameters and shorter nozzle end lengths compared to your Commercial drain cleaner. These can make it much easier to pass through smaller ID elbows and transitions in lateral drain lines. Please contact us for compatibility information.

Clog Hog worked really well for me

- 10/04/2016

I was having issues getting a line clear, the rooter was not effective enough and was a pain to use. I tried the Clog Hog with my 4000 PSI washer and it seems to have worked well. It is definitely powerful, and was easy to use, it gets into the line easily. It was easy to manipulate while in the line. You don't have to worry about getting caught in a rotating piece of machinery or by twisting cable. This definitely solves clogs easily, as I rebuild my septic lines I'm going to add ports to make using this a snap.

Works Great!

- 08/31/2016

I was able to use this to clean out a problem drain that is 50 years old. Ran several times to really get the drain cleaned out well.

Clog hog

- 06/24/2016

Awesome great tool would recommend it and have already recommended it to one friend!!

Great for cleaning insides of pipes.

- 05/10/2016

I had hoped this would solve my problem with a clogged septic drain field. I ran it thru the complete length of the pipes several times and was very impressed with the power and how it pulled itself thru and around corners. Maybe I expected too much but after the thorough cleaning of the inside, it apparently didn't unclog any of the holes in the corrugated plastic pipe that actually drain the pipe. In fact, it only made the leaching from the pipe even less. I then tried draining the septic and running it thru several more times with the pipe empty. Still no luck. In fact it totally filled again in just a couple weeks. Apparently, it just packed the hard cake on the other side of the pipe even worse.

But there is a happy ending. I'm sure the inside of the actual corrugated pipe is clean as a whistle and as a last resort I added a good dose of Roebic Leach and Drain Field Opener to eat the hard cake crust. After two doses a couple weeks apart it seems to be working much better. Time will tell but I think between the two items I may have saved myself quite a bit of money on a new drain field. It's been almost two months and no backups. In fact a quick peek into the tank and it's holding fairly steady at 75% full. I plan on continuing with more Roebic treatments in the next several months.

So, back to the Clog Hog. It's a pretty amazing little tool and I was very happy with the way it works and the amount of cleaning power it has. Unfortunately, I can't give it 5 stars, although I'd like to, because it just didn't do the job I was hoping for in opening a very old and clogged drain field. But I'm sure it was still a useful part of the solution to my problem. I'll be keeping it for any future clog or drain problems but hopefully I won't have to use it

Clog Hog Performs as Advertised

- 04/06/2016

I had a gutter which drained into a 4-inch pvc pipe which ran under a driveway. Total length was 40 feet. The pipe was plugged solid about 15 feet from the discharge end.My son had previously successfully used a Clog Hog at his place of work and recommended it. I purchased it; installed it on my high pressure washer and had the clog cleared within 20 minutes. IT WORKS!

Clog hog jetter

- 03/12/2016

Works as they say it does is all I can ask for... Thanks Clog Hog!!!

Works great

- 02/29/2016

It worked perfect on our gutter drains.
It was tough to use in a 1.5 inch cast iron pipe, but I got it to go in 15 feet so that was pretty good as well.
I have told several friends about it and recommended they get one.

great product

- 10/30/2015

Great product worked exactly like it was advertised. We have a troublesome drain that clogs often due to the sediment of our work environment and it cleaned it quickly and easily couldn't have asked for better results.

Worked like a dream on my landscape drains

- 10/23/2015

Had about three or four landscape drains backed up with small roots, dirt, and rocks. Clog Hog burrowed thru the blockage and cleaned the drains and are now free flowing. Just in time for el nino, i used it to clear the landscape drains and all my gutter down pipes. Highly suggest!

Works as Advertised

- 09/28/2015

I bought this product to help me clean a drain I have outside my garage. It had become clogged up and I had tried a big electric drain snake with no success. Moving slowly letting the watr pressure. Work at the sand i was able to clear the drain. This drain had alot of sand which the clog hog blasted away.

Best drain cleaner ever

- 09/11/2015

Best drain cleaner ever!! Cuts through grease best tool in the garage.

sewer cleaning

- 09/10/2015

did the job just as advertised

This is the Best Tool Ive purchased

- 09/09/2015

I Run a rv resort. and believe me, one of the worst things to handle is the septic system. clog hog has saved the day MANY times, including, inside RV's tanks, sewer lines, even rain run off pipes on the ground.. I also purchased the 50' extension just to do rain drains.. I also cleaned out a grease trap for my on site restaurant. it cuts thru with absolutely no problems.!! and it's cheaper then hiring a professional.. :)

Clean drain pipes

- 09/03/2015

Works real good.Had 1 to 2 inch rocks clogging the storm drain. It removed all the rocks and dirt no problem.

Response from Clog Hog:
Brian, thank you for your comments. While sewer jetters can sometimes flush a limited number of small rocks from storm drains, you'll typically need a powerful, gas-powered pressure washer, a clear downhill exit path for the debris, and a great deal of patience to complete the job.

Perfect tool for the job!

- 08/21/2015

Our main sewer pipe in our front yard (public sewer) clogged twice on us years ago. Not a fun experience to say the least! I think it was due to overzealous use of the garbage disposer so we've gone light on using that since and have been OK but to be sure I've periodically flushed out the lines from INSIDE the house to keep them open and avoid that mess again.

The Clog Hog allowed me to do this much more easily from OUTSIDE the house. I was skeptical it would make the 90 degree turn at the bottom of the clean out in the yard but it did that without issue. It worked much better than I expected. The reverse jets helped pull the line through the pipe very easily. I slowly worked it back out (I bought the 50' Clog Hog and put all of it into the line clearing the entire line in the yard) and the line was clear afterwards (just looking down the clean out...I couldn't actually see inside the pipe but the water was running clear).

I will use this once a year as a preventive measure and know if the line ever DOES clog all the way I'll be prepared with an easy fix!

50 ft drain cleaner

- 08/11/2015

Excellent product. Performs as advertised.

Good & Clean

- 07/28/2015

I bought the 50 foot drain cleaner and have been very satisfied with it. Fortunely I have not had too many occasions to use it but when I need it, it performs well.

A good tool

Perfect Name

- 07/18/2015

Being a rural homeowner means trading the city conveniences and taking care of all your own maintenance, in most cases. This includes the plumbing and septic system and the clog hog has certainly been a welcome partner. What I once did with snake and garden hose, I now do with my new partner. So much better and easier for problems as well as routine maintenance, it was the best investment I have made to date. Thank you for not only the great tool but also the informative web site and customer service and support. Top shelf all the way!

did the job

- 07/18/2015

Used to jet out a clogged ice bin drain line. Worked perfectly. Would recommend product to others.


- 06/02/2015

The clog Hog is amazing. I run a couple of restaurants with floor drains. Once a quarter, every 6 months we were calling someone to snake our drains shelling out nearly $2500 a year in this service. The clog hog came ready to go, and unclogged the drain in less than 5 minutes. IT took longer to get the pressure washer set up than it did to actually clean the drain. In my personal life i own a couple rental properties and all of them still have terra cotta sewage lines. Once a year i'm calling for snake service not anymore. In the 6 months i've had the clog hog it's paid for itself 10x already. My only regret is that i didn't go ahead and get the hundred footer!

Excellent product

- 05/16/2015

Built and moved into our house in 1989. Our septic system started draining real slow about a year ago. We operate a cleaning business from our house and we have to wash average 3 loads of laundry each day for the business. Having the tank pumped every 3 months. Used a lot of chemical that claimed to be the solution but none worked. Got the clog hog and with just using the first time our system has drained fine. I found that tree roots had grown into leach lines. I used the clog hog along with a commercial vacuum to clean out the lines. The flow is great no matter how much we wash mops and rags or how much we use the shower. Buy the clog hog first if you are cheap as I am and you will save money. Was gonna run the leach lines again on Labor Day but I said why mess up a good thing. I just enjoyed my day off.

Home owner

- 02/07/2015

Great product

THE Removal of a clog nightmare.

- 01/15/2015

The drain line is a mixture of 4" iron and plastic pipe. During a remodeling job the subs put grout, sheetrock mud and sweeping down the toilet drains. The tenants moved in two weeks later. A few days later the drains stopped up. Two months, two plumbers later, no permanent results, and recommendations to replace the drain lines, I decided to try the Clog Hog. It took me all day to scour that pipe, I had a camera so that I could see where I needed to work. Now nearly a year later the drain is working fine. The Clog Hog is working fine also. It is my go to tool when I have a drain line problem.

Awesome drain cleaner!!!

- 09/10/2014

I have used this tool to clean my garage drains. These drains used to have a build up of oil and dirt and after using the Clog Hog they are now clean and deposit free.

Good pipe cleaning tool

- 08/24/2014

This product works well. I clean out my main line at work twice a year whether it needs it or not. There is a belly in the pipe that gets clogged once in a while and when I called a plumber in the past to jet it out the cost was around $350 per visit.

clog hog

- 06/05/2014

Glog hog does all it claims,

Saved me , lot of cash, You can use it on many.
different an difficult, jobs great tool.

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Price: $109.00