50 Ft Residential Drain Cleaner
50 Ft Residential Drain Cleaner
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For Gas Pressure Washers – 2.0 to 2.9 GPM

  • Recommended for main drains, landscaping drains and septic field lines.
  • Designed to power itself deeper into larger drains up to 4" ID.
  • Complete and ready to use, with an adapter to fit most gas machines.

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For Gas Pressure Washers – 2.0 to 2.9 GPM

For most machines, choose For Most Gas Machines - M22 Male Adapter on this page.

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Sewer Jetter Specifications

  • Model: R-50-M
  • Length: 50 Ft.
  • High Pressure Line OD: 0.38 In.
  • Rated Flow: Up to 2.9 GPM
  • Rated Pressure: Up to 4,000 PSI
  • Rated Water Temp.: Up to 120° F
  • Shipping Weight: 3.1 Lbs.
Nozzle Cleaning Tool
Miniature spiral-cut tool helps you remove fine debris from nozzle jets.
High Thrust Nozzle and Accessories for Residential
Special-purpose high thrust nozzle for extra pulling and flushing force.
Storage Reel
Storage Reel - $17.00
Roll up and store your drain cleaner after use.
25 Ft Needle Nose Drain Cleaner
Cleans smaller diameter drains down to 1-1/2" ID. New!
Spare Nozzle and Accessories for Residential
Standard spare nozzle and free accessories.
50 Ft Residential Extension Hose
Extend or replace your pressure washer hose, only for use outside of drains.
93 Featured Reviews - See More Ratings - Average Rating 4.9 / 5 (Details)

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Best money I ever spent.

- 06/29/2017

This product saved me from having to call a plumber out to unclog our washroom drain. Tried all kinds of chemicals and those drain bladders that swell up to blast open your drain and none of that worked.

Bought this and within 15 minutes the drain was flowing better than it has the 3 years we have owned the house.

Thanks for such a great product. Might buy the 100 ft one to do my main line with.

Great product.

- 06/27/2017

I had a lateral line going from my washroom to my main line that had become first slow and then finally clogged up. We tried several different things to unclog the line. Nothing would work.

I had seen the city using water jet on lines in the past and looked into something i could buy and found this product. So i gave it a try and it cost less than calling a plumber. It worked great in less than 10 mins i had the line unstopped. In fact it took longer to get all my equipment out than it did for this product to do its job.

If you have a drain problem I recommend this as a solution. My drain works better than it did when we first got this house. Thanks for making a great product.

Drain Pipe clog

- 06/26/2017

Clog Hog cleared mud in my drain line. Awesome tool.

50 ft Clog Hog

- 06/19/2017


Property Manager

- 04/11/2017

Worked great. Cleared a drain line full of grease.

Clog Hog - Comments

- 03/09/2017

This is by far one of the BEST investments I ever made (next to GPS and Power Screw Driver). I have used this twice a year for the past 5 years and it has literally SAVED ME A BUNDLE.

The first few times when my main sewer line clogged, I contacted plumbers and they would clear the problem using augers. The last time, they used a jetter tool at a cost to me of over $500.00 (this was needed, due to total clogs every 2 years). Then I got the Clog Hog (R-50-M) and have been using it twice a year and this has put an end to my slow main drain and/or total clogs altogether.

Takes an hour to do the PM and it saves me the repetitive costs of $500.00 each time waiting for a plumber, not to mention the aggravation of having a slow or clogged main line (sometimes for days). I've used the Clog Hog at least a dozen times so far and its still going strong. This is definitely a must have for home owners who don't mind doing PD in order to avoid repetitive headaches.

Thanks Clog Hog!


- 02/25/2017

I am completely happy with the clog hog. it works exactly as advertised. I will be cleaning drains for family and friends.

50' Clog Hog

- 02/22/2017

This Clog Hog worked even better than I expected. It cleaned out the drainage track in my patio deck which was full of silt and mud. The Clog Hog worked itself all the way in to the end even with 2 45° bends in the drainage track without any pushing from my side. Will absolutely recommend this product.


- 02/13/2017

Purchased the Clog Hog hoping to fix my septic drain field which had completely stopped draining. Was told by 3 plumbers i needed a complete new system at a cost of $20k to $25K. I spent about an hour running the Clog Hog through the drain pipes. (very easy). The system immediately began draining again and has worked perfectly every since. I highly recommend the Clog Hog, It literally saved me 10s of Thousands of dollars

Very helpful

- 02/13/2017

The tool has been helpful and so far has done what I needed it to do.

Mine has had a small warranty issue, and the company has also been very helpful and responsive to make things right. I recommend them so far if you have drain issues that need this tool.

excellent addition to your tool box.

- 01/28/2017

Let me start by describing my situation with my septic tank. My lift pump in the pump tank burned out allowing the septic tank to over flow into my leach field lines. Zero flow, was backing up into yard. I was told the the entire system had to be dug up and replaced. After a little research, I decided to try the Clog Hog.

I had to put in 3 clean out tee's as there was none in the original install. Received my Clog Hog in 3 days! Hooked up the power washer and ran it until all 3 laterals ran clean. I was amazed at what a simple designed tool could actually do. System now works 100% Thank you!

Great product!

- 12/23/2016

I purchased this a little over a year ago for a drain that is shared by our kitchen and washer. When we have a problem the washer backs up and overflows. The waste plumbing is old and a mixture of galvanized and cast iron.

About 3 years ago I had a plumber come out and clean out the drain with a 50' auger. We had to take it apart to fit it in the crawl space. He ran it out 50' but never hit anything solid. It worked and he said there was probably soap/grease buildup.

Fast forward September 2015 and it happened again. I took a gamble and ordered one of these and it worked great. December 2016 I once again had an issue. This product has done a great job each time I use it.

About 6 months ago I used it on another section of the cast iron from a bathroom sink and also had great results getting it to clear the blockage.

The Clog Hog is super easy to use and once you are done it coils into a small roll to store. I did loose the little cover piece to protect it in storage this last time, so I have to find a new way to keep debris from getting into the end.

I would recommend this to anyone who has an issue with a slow or plugged drain.

Excellent Product

- 12/01/2016

Worked Great! Cleared drain in no time at all.

Definitely 5 Stars!

It worked perfectly

- 11/29/2016

I had my doubts but the Clog Hog worked just as advertised and the whole process was easy. I had a couple of obstructions and what I'd call a lot of sediment that it removed quickly. I haven't had any more problems with the drain field.

50 ft clog hog

- 10/31/2016

Worked like a champ. I had some clay looking buildup in my basement drain pipe. It has been troublesome for many years. In about an hours time I had the drain busted through and cleaned out perfectly. It blew 2" chunks of blockage.


- 10/12/2016


Thank you!!! Easy to work with

- 10/07/2016

Unclog my main sewer line with no problem thank you so much


- 09/29/2016

I read the reviews, bought the Clog Hog, am I glad I did! It works as advertised!! Best money I ever spent!!

Works As Advertised

- 09/23/2016


- 09/15/2016

Was not sure just how well this Clog Hog would work because of some root problems. The cast iron line was reduced in size due to rust, slime etc. the roots were chemically treated so we hoped to remove them and the other accumilations in the line. HOPE was a big word at this point, As the hog was feed into the line we could feel where there was some stoppage so we just worked it back and forth a few times and thus managed to clear the line. Prior to this we had a plumber run a camera down the line and he suggested a power wash router at a cost of $1500. The Clog Hog was less than 10% of this and it did a very good job. Yes we will run it again to clean out any remaining accumilations but at the present all drains well. What a life saver!!

Response from Clog Hog:
RGR, thanks for your review. You should definitely use caution when cleaning a drain that you suspect could have a structural problem caused by roots, corrosion, or another issue. Regardless of whether you're using a sewer jetter or mechanical snake, the tip could work its way into a large crack, and you could have a difficult extraction job.

We recommend that anyone contact a licensed plumber for help before trying to clean a drain that could have structural problems caused by foundation issues, corrosion, tree roots or other causes. Please note that, as detailed on our FAQ Page, a Clog Hog drain cleaner can't cut through tree roots.

It does just what the say

- 09/12/2016

Great product used once so far cleaned my clogged train - it paid for itself in just one use.
$99 for the clog hog or $129 to call someone. The product just makes sense if you own a power washer you get to use it over and over saving money every time and keeping those drains clean.
G.P. Carlsbad Ca.


- 09/10/2016

easy to operate. works well as advertised. even if you are not able to penetrate it gives you an idea on how far the blockage is.

Response from Clog Hog:
Tont, thank you for your review. Unless the drain has structural damage or is blocked by a large solid object like a thick tree root, we'd expect the sewer jetter to be able to break through the clog. Please contact us if you'd like help with the project.

Excellent product

- 07/18/2016

A plumber ran his camera down our kitchen sink plumbing and we saw a ton of grease and other crap that was built up that traditional type auguring was not able to break loose. He said that we needed our pipes "hydro-jetted" and that would run about $500. I had not heard of that before so started looking at UTube to get an idea of what exactly Hyde-jetting was. Fortunately in the process I came across the Clog Hog and already had a gasoline pressure washer so ordered a 50' roll. I wanted to start at the cleanout outside the house and to get the Clog Hog into my kitchen plumbing I ran a section of auger that I had into the cleanout below the kitchen sink. When it made it to the cleanout outside I duct taped the head of the Clog Hog to the auger and pulled it up to the sink. I then hooked up to the pressure sprayer and pulled the trigger. The Clog Hog went to work and before long I was seeing chunks of grease and other crap flowing past the cleanout. I ran the clog hog into several other pipes and must of had it running a solid hour. The only time it stopped was when the pressure washer ran out of gas. I consider it one of my better purchases and highly recommend it to anyone that is a DIY'r. It saved me several hundred dollars and performed flawlessly. Great product.

Worked as advertised

- 07/18/2016

Nice quality product and fast shipping. I was attempting to unclog an underground gutter drainage pipe. While the tool went right up to the block, it was unable to fix the problem, likely indicating that the pipe was crushed from above. Not the tools fault but I had hoped it could have cleared most of the blockage.

Easy, drain clearing

- 07/17/2016

So easy works really good.

exceptional value for the money

- 06/25/2016

I have worked in the commercial sector where it is all jetting but in the residential sector they snake the lines. I knew the snaking was not getting the lines clean at some of my houses and causing recurring plugs, I new jetting would help and hoped that this jet worked. I used it on multiple houses and was ecstatic with the performance. Highly recommended!! tremendous value for the price!!!

Clog Hog did the job!

- 06/15/2016

I made this purchase to clean out old cast iron pipes. There was a part in the main drain that was stopped up from kitchen and laundry debris, which would give me a slow kitchen sink and when the laundry was going it would make the sink gurgle.
It did an amazing job clearing out the main drain. The sink is working much much better and when the laundry is going the gurgle in the sink is gone.
Excellent product!

Saved me some $$

- 06/13/2016

A few years ago I had trouble with a backed up drain in the kitchen/utility room area. The plumber we called charged just over $300 to jet the lines. Not knowing this product was available we paid it and thought we had got a deal. Soon after I was looking online and found this product and bookmarked the site. Fast forward a few years and we started having the same drain issues. Rather than calling the plumber,I came here and ordered the clog hog that matched my pressure washer. I was amazed by how simple the work was. In about half hour, we did the job that had cost us three times what the clog hog cost us. Thanks for making such a great product.

A must have for property owners

- 06/09/2016

I have a cabin, home and business. I have only used it once at camp and it worked well. What I like most is for a small investment I have tool I can use anytime and not have to for emergency clean outs.

Clog Hog Satisfaction

- 06/01/2016

I bought the unit to clear clogged septic pipe leading to my leach field. Clog Hog advertising does not talk about this use but it worked to my satisfaction. Following the instructions, it was very easy to setup and operate.

In my septic pipe the pull feature feeding the line into the pipe initially worked fine but as time went on, I had to feed the line by had while the flow of water was stopped? Not sure what the issue was. Septic Scum my have clogged the head bit causing the feed pull jets not to work as effectively? Recommend getting the cleaning tool for septic use!

Bottom line it worked to my satisfaction and my septic water is flowing to the leach field.

To have this process done by a septic company would be from $350.00 to $500.00. Clog Hog saved me a bunch of money. Strongly recommend the product! Very easy to use!!!! Tony Di

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Price: $99.00