50 Ft. Drain Cleaner Set
50 Ft. Drain Cleaner Set
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For Electric Pressure Washers – 1.5 to 1.9 GPM

This Clog Hog drain cleaner set includes a 50 Ft. sewer jetter and your choice of adapter(s) to fit most electric machines.

Important: click the Compatibility tab for pressure washer information.


For Electric Pressure Washers – 1.5 to 1.9 GPM

For most electric machines, choose For Most Electric - Adapter Kit AK-B on this page.

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If your machine is not listed here you can check compatibility using these detailed adapter diagrams, or you can contact us.


  • Click here if your electric machine is rated under 1.5 GPM.
  • Click here if your electric machine is rated over 1.9 GPM.

Sewer Jetter Specifications

  • Item: SR-50-M
  • Length: 50 Ft.
  • High Pressure Line OD: 0.38 In.
  • For Electric Machines Rated: 1.5 to 1.9 GPM
  • Rated Pressure: Up to 4,000 PSI
  • Rated Water Temp.: Up to 120° F
  • Shipping Weight (with Standard Adapters): 3.6 Lbs.
Nozzle Cleaning Tool
NC-S Nozzle Cleaning Tool
Storage Reel
Storage Reel - $12.00
Roll up and store your drain cleaner after use.
High Thrust Nozzle and Accessories for Residential
Special-purpose high thrust nozzle and free accessories.
Spare Nozzle and Accessories for Residential
Identical spare nozzle and free accessories.
50 Ft. Residential Extension Hose
Extend or replace your pressure washer hose, for use outside of drains.
Clog Hog Logo Cap
100% brushed cotton cap has a stitched Clog Hog logo
31 Featured Reviews - See More Ratings - Average Rating 4.8 / 5 (Details)

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Good Investment

- 11/11/2015

I have a sinking sewer line at my house that needs periodic cleaning. The clog hog did a great job moving through the pipe and clearing build up. You can buy and electric power washer and the clog hog for less than a service call for the same service from a plumber. It is easy to use, especially after watching a plumber do the same job.

works as described

- 11/11/2015

easy to hook up and does a good job. Nice product!

Worked as described

- 09/29/2015

Before purchasing this drain cleaner I was concerned that it may not make some of the turns in the line running from my kitchen sink. I was pleased to find that it made the corners easily. I found that the cleaner worked quickly and easily to resolve the blockage. Much easier than the snakes I previously had to use to clean this drain. Purchase well worth the price. Just wish my pressure washer had a little more PSI.

review of 50 ft. drain cleaner

- 09/21/2015

Looks good and works great.

Great product!

- 09/18/2015

Very happy with this tool. I only have a wimpy 1650 PSI pressure washer but the '50 Clog Hog was a huge help in getting my landscape drain lines working again. I was reluctant at first to purchase this product because I could not find it locally. But it came with all the necessary parts, worked great and very happy with this product. Now I just need a more powerful pressure washer. That's on the list!


- 09/17/2015

Needs an attachment for direct water hose.

Response from Clog Hog:
Rand, thank you for your review. Should you connect the Clog Hog drain cleaner directly to a garden hose with no pressure washer, you'd get virtually zero cleaning and pulling force. That's because the Clog Hog nozzle jets need water that's pressurized many times higher than your household water line to provide any useful force.

If you need help to find another adapter for your machine please let us know. We're always glad to help customers find a compatible pressure washer adapter.

Clog Hog

- 09/09/2015

My septic system was getting slow over the winter months so I tried putting in bacteria and enzymes once a week per the instructions of a cleaner guaranteed to clean the system. By spring and early summer I had water on the ground at the back of the drain field. I called around to have the tank drained and was told of a way to jet the system. Checked the internet and no one close would do the jetting. Checked a little more and found CLOG HOG. I decided to give it a try and ordered a 50 foot hose and bought a pressure washer. Two days later the hose was in my hand, very prompt and efficient service. I called and had the tank emptied and started digging. Opened up the top and bottom of the leach field, 3 out of 4 runs were plugged right off. Put the hose on the washer and started working the hose back and forth at first and then let the hose do all the work by feeding itself, only working it back and forth when it got into solids and working it through. This unit, Clog Hog worked great. I put the end tubes back on and filled in the trenches. I have no idea how much an engineered system would have cost but I am very satisfied with the outcome. System seems to be working great, no more standing water. I would recommend this Clog Hog to anyone with a problem of a plugged up leach field.
The only thing I can think of is the Clog Hog was the easiest part but getting to the field was that nasty four letter word "work."
Thank You Clog Hog it was worth it.

-Gary G.
Lapeer, Michigan

50 Ft Drain Cleaner

- 09/08/2015

I have used this to clean out my slow flowing drains in house, and cleaning out my drain pipes from my downspouts outside. Has paid for its self the first time I used it!

50 Ft. Drain Cleaning Set

- 09/04/2015

I was very pleased to find a simple, economical attachment to assist me in keeping the drains running freely at my facility. The operation is simple and being able to use my existing pressure washer saved me storage space, purchase of additional equipment and less equipment to maintain. I would like "nozzle" that would spray forward, to be used in slow running pipes as a preventative measure thus pushing debris forward and down the drain. Excellent product!!

Great product!

- 09/03/2015

Very powerful item. Cleared out my drain without a priblem. Thank you! 5++++

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Price: $109.00