Can I Get a Coupon Code?

Clog Hog Coupon Code

Clog Hog offers up-front pricing, with no hidden discount offers and no coupon codes. The prices shown on the Clog Hog website are the same prices paid by all customers.

Bogus Coupon Sites

Any website that advertises a Clog Hog coupon code or discount offer is a bogus coupon site, and those codes and discount offers do not work. Bogus coupon sites profit by installing tracking software on your devices to target you with other sellers' ads.

Cheap Alternatives

If price is the primary concern, you can buy an inexpensive imported sewer jetter from Amazon, eBay, and other mass-market retailers.

  • Imported sewer jetters usually have PVC hose covers that are less flexible, less durable, create more friction and slide less easily in pipes. PVC hose covers cost much less to manufacture than the polyurethane hose covers found on Clog Hog sewer jetters.
  • Imported sewer jetter hoses usually have longer, bulker fittings that reduce cornering and penetration and cost much less to make.
  • Imported sewer jetters usually aren't precision matched to different types of pressure washers, so they can use cheaper components that have looser manufacturing tolerances.
  • Imported sewer jetters are made with overseas labor that can be paid less.

That's why you can buy an imported sewer jetter for a fraction of the price.

Shop With Confidence

Clog Hog DiscountClog Hog builds the highest quality sewer jetters, and designs our products to outperform other brands when properly matched to your pressure washer.

Clog Hog drain cleaners are proudly built in the USA using components that support manufacturing jobs in nine US states.