Electric-Powered Sewer Jetters

Electric Pressure Washer Secrets Video

Watch this video for valuable secrets to help you choose the right electric machine to power your Clog Hog sewer jetter.

Here are our most popular electric-powered sewer jetters for cleaning indoor drains:

50 Ft Sewer Jetter for Electric

Clog Hog Sewer Jetter for Electric with Adapter AC-P

This 50 Ft drain cleaner has a slimmer profile and higher‑force nozzle jets to give you better cleaning and pulling results when powered by electric machines rated up to 1.9 GPM. Its patented powered inline filter keeps the nozzle spraying with maximum force to save you time.

Choose the optional Quick Connect plug adapter AC-P (shown here) to fit popular machines like the Ryobi RY141802VNM and the Ridgid KJ-1750.

  • Get the 50 Ft Clog Hog at $127, including the Quick Connect Adapter AC-P that's required for most electric machines.

50 Ft Sewer Jetter with Control Valve

Clog Hog Sewer Jetter with Hands-Free Control Valve

This 50 Ft drain cleaner is designed for service contractors who frequently clean drains inside of residential buildings, quick service restaurants, and similar locations. In addition to the powered inline filter, it features a hands-free control valve so that both hands are free to work at the drain opening.

100 Ft Sewer Jetter with Pressurized Reel

Clog Hog Sewer Jetter with Pressurized Reel

This 100 Ft drain cleaner is designed for professionals who frequently clean drains inside of food processing plants, commercial bakeries, grocery store chains' deli counters, or other large commercial facilities. In addition to the powered inline filter and hands-free control valve, it features a rugged, pressurized reel to save setup time and help keep the jobsite floor free of dirty drain residue.

Or, if you have a gas machine, visit our Products Page for compatible sewer jetters.

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