Hot Water Drain Cleaners

Hot Water Pressure Washer

These hot water drain cleaners have heavier steel belted center jackets, higher-friction synthetic rubber outer covers, and longer nozzle fittings to handle water up to 210° F — and are only for gas pressure washers with hot water boilers.

Because of their greater weight, higher-friction hose covers, and longer nozzle ends these drain cleaners are not recommended for drains less than 3" ID, cast iron pipes, or black accordion landscape drains since the hot water sewer jetter could catch or get stuck inside.

Note: compatible hot water gas pressure washers are rated 2.5 to 4.0 GPM.

You can find the GPM rating on the front panel of your pressure washer, on the manufacturer's nameplate, or in your owner's manual.

You can also check your make and model number online, or contact us with this information.