Handy Jetter Information

Handy Jetter

Handy Jetter portable drain cleaners are made for service professionals who are experienced sewer jetter users. The pressurized reel can save time if you clean main sewer drains frequently, since it eliminates the need to lay out the sewer jetter onto the ground before each job.

Handy Jetters have polyester belted center jackets that require longer nozzle fittings to retain pressure. This makes them suitable mainly for 3"–4" ID white PVC drains that have long radius elbows and smooth inside surfaces.

Handy Jetters are not recommended for drains less than 3" ID, cast iron pipes, or black accordion landscape drains since the longer nozzle tip could catch or get stuck inside.

Important: the Handy Jetter is not intended for home users. If you are a home user who needs a 150 Ft drain cleaner, please contact us before you consider ordering.

You can find the GPM rating on the front panel of your pressure washer, on the manufacturer's nameplate, or in your owner's manual.

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