If You Have a Kärcher Machine

Most Kärcher electric machines have this unusual fitting that's visible on the spray wand when you remove it from the trigger gun.

Karcher Electric Fitting

If your spray wand has this fitting, choose Adapter AS-K on this product page.

Karcher Adapter Menu


Most Kärcher model K1700, K1710, K1800, and K1810 trigger guns have black plastic spray lances with fittings that are not compatible with common adapters.

For these models, choose the Trigger Gun AS-G.

Electric Trigger Gun AS-G

Kärcher model K2000 and K1900 pressure washers with metal spray lances have trigger gun fittings that are normally found on gas machines. For these models choose No Additional Adapter.

No Additional Adapter

Note: Kärcher HD Series commercial pressure washers have proprietary EASY!Lock fittings that are not compatible with Clog Hog drain cleaners.

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