If You Have a Sun Joe Pressure Washer

Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer

Owners of Sun Joe electric pressure washers report that these machines produce much less than the advertised GPM at their rated working pressures.

This makes Sun Joe machines suitable only for simple drain cleaning jobs where the clog is less than 30 feet from the drain opening, there are few elbows or transitions in the line, and there is only lightweight indoor waste that can be easily broken up and flushed.

Because of Sun Joe pressure washers' unusually low measured GPM flows, owners often complain that the sewer jetter is not powerful enough for acceptable results when powered by a Sun Joe machine.

Note: Sun Joe SPX3000, SPX3001, SPX3500, SPX3501, SPX4000 and SPX4001 models have trigger guns with metal spray lances that do not require an electric adapter. For models with metal spray lances, choose No Electric Adapter on this product page.

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Note: all other Sun Joe models with plastic spray lances have proprietary fittings. Please contact us before ordering.