If You Have a Kärcher™ Gas Powered Machine

Many Kärcher models have unusual trigger guns.

These models have trigger guns with reverse style fittings, and are not compatible:

  • K2300G
  • G2400HH
  • K2400HH
  • K2401
  • G2500HT
  • G2500OH
  • G2500PH
  • HD2500G
  • HD2500HK
  • K2500HK
  • G2600OR
  • G2650HH
  • HD2701
  • G2800OH
  • G3000OH
  • K3300G
  • K5800G
  • K5800GH
  • 6500GHX
  • K7000G
  • K6000GH
  • Important: customers report that Kärcher models with reverse fittings have performance issues that make them incompatible with Clog Hog drain cleaners. These machines were manufactured in a different facility than most models, and many were returned after purchase and later resold as Reconditioned. If your Kärcher model has a trigger gun with a reverse fitting, please contact us for assistance.

    These Kärcher models have unusual trigger guns with electric style fittings and are not compatible:

  • K1200G
  • K1750G
  • G1800LB
  • K1800G
  • K1800IB
  • G2000QT
  • K2200G
  • K2200GC
  • K2200GM
  • K2200IB
  • G2300LT
  • G2301LT
  • K2301
  • G2301LT
  • G2500HT
  • 3000G
  • K3000G
  • K3300G
  • K4000G
  • K4000GS
  • G5000K
  • K5800GH
  • If your Kärcher model has a trigger gun with an electric style fitting, please contact us for assistance.

    Other Kärcher models have standard fittings with a Twist Ring on the trigger gun side. For these models choose the adapters For Most Gas Machines - M22 Male Adapter on this product page.

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    Normal Kärcher Trigger Gun

    You can contact us for more information.