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Works great on 4” ABS pipe, even with 1.5 gpm

- 12/03/2018

I have 100’ of 4” ABS buried pipe, draining the foundation perimeter drain of my house, that was clogged. It’s a straight shot and has a good slope, so I thought I’d give the R-100 a shot with my wee Powermate Monsoon pressure washer and ordered it. Paul D. soon emailed me from Clog Hog with his reservations about my diminutive spray rig but immediately mailed my order when I explained my reasoning. The system arrived 2 days later and I put it to work after following all the enclosed instructions. At the downhill outlet, I found the blockage about 30’ up and had to work it for about 20 minutes, spraying, jabbing, and pulsing away at it. The hose is wicked slippery and kept sliding downhill on the snow and coiling up on itself, but I soon learned that with the wand valve momentarily closed, the hose stiffens up and can be used as a snake, and pulsing a few blasts eventually breaks through the plugged region with a lot of persistence. You’ll notice that there’s more water flowing out of the pipe than just what’s coming from the jetter and the flow may increase to a gusher if you have several inches of water on your cellar floor. With the backed up water flowing, I fed all 100’ of jetter into the pipe and slowly pulled it out, slowly working it in and out 5 or 6 times, one foot at a time, to use the three back jets to blast any dirt, etc. off the interior wall, using the flow of the draining water to carry it out. You can tell when you’ve hit a dirty spot by the color of the water. There’s a bit of time lag, so you’ll want to shove 6’ of hose back in and slowly work that area to blast it clean. The whole job took about an hour, but my cellar is now drying out. I bought the R-100 because my local, family owned sewer & drain contractor, who cleaned this drain out before, was bought out by W**** M********* and tripled their rates. Since I had the wee Powermate, it seemed like Clog Hog might be the answer. It was for me in this application. I’m not sure how well it will work for other types of drains, though, with only 1.5 gpm of flow at 1600 psi.

clog hog really works

- 10/23/2018

used the clog hog to clean 4 inch drain which transports rain water from gutters and downspouts to street. worked like a charm. It performed as advertised

Wastewater Plant Operator

- 09/28/2018

Great Product. Just purchased my 6th one, have one at all my plants. Amazing how well this product works.

Totally Satisfied

- 08/19/2018

This product couldn't have worked better. I don't think many people would say they had fun cleaning out their 40 year old drainfield but I did! It was very satisfying to feel its strong pull and see the flush of debris as I pulled it back. Did it on all lines until they were clear. Very affordable compared with the other choices I was offered.

Extremely pleased with the product and the customer service I recieved beforehand. They even had me consult with their plumber about my situation (For free!) He never once tried to talk me into purchasing their product but tried to help me with my issues offering a variety of ideas/solutions.

When buying the Clog Hog a very knowledgable gentleman assisted me in getting the correct product for my pressure washer. Love the company and their product and happily tell everyone "If a 60 year woman can do it successfully they can too!" IT WORKS!

BEST thing ever!!

- 08/01/2018

We have had sewer issues for 2 weeks. Received our Sewer Jetter Drain Cleaner today and we couldn't believe what an awesome job it did!!!It is definately worth the money!

Fantastic Product

- 07/20/2018

I've had problems with the 4" cast iron drain in the floor of our basement that goes from the kitchen to the sump for years. I've had plumbers out numerous times and probably spent a couple thousand dollars and countless hours on trying to get it cleared. I found the Clog Hog online and thought I would give it a try. What a wonder! It took me about 30 minutes to scrub that pipe and a small floor drain that also backs up and got them both flowing smoothly. The gunk REALLY pushed back as I did it, but it all flowed downhill and into the sump! I now know that anytime there is grease buildup in that pipe I can clean it with ease!

what they don't tell you

- 07/12/2018

The first three times I used the product it worked great!! The forth time there was an issue. The product 'feeds' itself in the drain. What happened, and they did not tell you, was the product could get stuck in the pipe with no means to pull it out. Now my 100' cleaner is a 60' cleaner and I will need to purchase another head for the product.

Response from Clog Hog:
Gordon, thank you for your comments. After you contacted us, we're glad that we were able to resolve the issue at no further cost to you.

Gordon told us that while he had success cleaning three accordion landscape drains that were clogged with outdoor debris, the jetter got stuck in a fourth drain that a service company previously told him wasn't flowing because a section of pipe had collapsed and separated.

As noted on our FAQ Page, you should avoid using a sewer jetter or mechanical drain snake if you believe that a drain has this sort of structural damage, and instead contact a licensed contractor for help to repair the drain.

Note that compared to this budget sewer jetter, our newer Needle Nose Drain Cleaners have more compact nozzle ends to help reduce the chance of the sewer jetter getting stuck.


- 06/29/2018

I researched tools forever to find a machine that could unblock my well spill over pipe. I was unsure where the pipe went due to a massive ditch filled with cat tails. I started to dig the pipe out by hand. It took me forever in the dry wisconsin clay probably made it to 10 feet and 4 feet down. Enough was enough.

Tried to have a guy excavate the pipe with a Mini digger., but found out he sold all his equipment. So i came across the clog hog. I was very skeptical to say the least. To make a long story short. This thing destroyed everything in its path and sent a guyser up out of those cattails. Super amazing. This was gonna cost 1500. Instead it only costed me the money of the clog hog. So happy I could scream. Thanks tons
Chris, Omro wi

clogged pipe to sewer tank

- 04/06/2018

It took about an hour to unclog the outside 4 inch pipe at cleanout,but it kept crawling its way through and came out end of pipe at tank.From top of vertical clean out pipe down to bottom of tee is 7 feet, and I was not sure about getting it started into lower pipe but it went in then and started feeding through slowly and then went to end of pipe at tank!

Drain is open and flowing now! Thank you for the fast shipping! I was having sewage backup in basement and was very happy to get clog hog and get it open the day I got it delivered!

Thank you again!

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