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Very impressed.

- 06/10/2015

We use a big jetter in the 4 inch line in a local hotel and restaurant. It was so bad it took us 5 10 hour days to get all the grease out of the kitchen. We were unable to go through the p traps with our big jetter and connected the clog hog to our jetter at 3000 psi. Was able to clear floor drains and floor sinks with the clog hog and our jetter (Ridgid). Very impressed with the clog hog and it has had a lot of use and abuse but have an extra on standby. Thank you for a great product and your time.

Clog Hog Review

- 08/12/2015

Clog hog easily cleared out my mainline. It fed itself into the drain pipe and forced out a lot of debris consisting of grease and hair. Pipe looked clean like a new pipe after the job was done. This product is well worth the cost.

100 Ft Clog Hog

- 07/30/2015

I ordered this product and was surprised to see it in the mail the same day, and delivered in a few days.
The hose fit right on my pressure cleaner, and it did every thing it was supposed to do. I would recommend this product to my friends.

Great Product

- 07/26/2015

Used it on multiple drains at my farmhouse with wonderful success. Loaned it to a relative who cleaned his drain and drains at two of his daughters houses. In all cases the Clog Hog exceeded our expectations. It is wonderful to order and receive a product that lives up to its advertised claims.

I love this thing

- 07/07/2015

Works great. I used it for my drainfield and it not only cleared out the "muck" but it also helped get some of the small roots that were impeding water flow. I found it best to use it several times. Once to clear the "muck" then treat for roots and a couple weeks later use it again to remove the dead root ends, etc. It saved me $10k on a new drain field and lift station.

The only problem is my neighbors all want to borrow it.

Great for the price

- 07/03/2015

Worked good I was able to feed almost all the hose into the drain line

Used to meet Federal regulations

- 08/22/2015

Purchased the 100ft Clog Hog drain clearner to show the Wasterand Storm Water Commission Inspector that the floor drains in our garage were plugged properly and that the outlet that drained into a calvert was also plugged correctly. We could not find the outlet because it was plugged with stone, a film of concrete, and was buried.

After a couple of hours of working to remove the floor drain plugs and using the Clog Hog cleaner we found the outlet. The normal drain cleaning snake could not get thru the stones and concrete film but the presssure from the Clog Hog forced enough water thru the drain to show us where to dig to find the former outlet.

No fines were issued and the inspector was please that the drain tiles were clean before we recapped them.

Clog hog 100 foot draincleaner

- 08/10/2015

Works like a charm
All 100 feet raced down my 3" main and unclogged it
Just make sure you run the water through the hose and machine for a moment, so that the nozzle doesn't get clogged

Clog Hog Success Story

- 08/05/2015

We have had sump pump and drain issues for over 15 years with our current house. We used the clog hog to jet out the lines from the sump pump, the around house drainage drains and the final drain pipe to the outdoor sump. The clog hog was outstanding, it blew out built up deposits, rust, muck and other organic material with super efficiency and very little effort. It saved us over a $500 fee for a drain cleaner to come out who would not have done as nice of job. Our neighbor wants to borrow it to clean out his lines once he saw how well of a job that it did. Its simple, its inexpensive and it works. Thanks Clog Hog you saved me from a flooded basement.
Dennis Haag

Drain cleaner

- 04/07/2015

Very good

Roots out the blockage

- 08/13/2015

Just finished cleaning out 2 outside yard/landscape drains after I spent $1,800 on new piping from invasive roots and trees. The drains run from the street way back into my yard. I ran the Clog Hog up and back 5 to 6 times and with each pass dirt, leaves and debris came flowing out. It's cool how the Clog Hog actually pulls itself up the drains. All I had to do was to guide it whenever I felt a stoppage. I plan on using the Clog Hog 3 times a year to be sure my aging drains are well cleaned out in the event it actually rains in Southern California!!

100 Ft. Residential Drain Cleaner

- 08/13/2015

works great I would recommend this product to any one . last time I had my sewer line washed out by a pro. plumbing co. they charged me 350.00 so it came time to have it done again I used my clog hog drain cleaner and saved big. thanks for such a great product

Amazing Tool

- 08/11/2015

I was told by several service companies that to clean sediment and minerals from perimeter drain systems that their services were the only solution. Those were all expensive proposed "fixes".

I looked elsewhere and found Clog Hog on the internet. It was the best investment I made to solve my problems and at a fraction of the cost of other "solutions". The Clog Hog 100 Ft. Residential Drain Cleaner was shipped promptly, was very easy to set up and use with my 11 year old high pressure washer and produced incredible results in a short period of time. It solved a 5 year old problem that was getting worse every year.

Thanks to Clog Hog, I have a way to keep my perimeter drain systems clean and functional. I couldn't recommend this product more to anyone in need of an inexpensive and highly effective product. Thank You Clog Hog..!!

clog hog work very well

- 08/11/2015

I use the clog hog as directed and had the best results. the clog took about an hour to complete clear it from my system. the system runs better than it has very ran. I am going to run it through the system once every year to keep it clean.

It actually works very well!

- 06/24/2015

I bought this product to clean the built up "gunk" out of older water lines. Worked great and we are flowing freely again.

LevCoat Powder Coating LLC

- 06/29/2015

We have a powder coating facility with a overflow drain that runs 200 lineal feet and until we ran the 'clog hog' we were unable to clean it properly. The 'clog hog' was a perfect resolve to our situation. We run this tool weekly and it has performed flawlessly since its first use.

"I would highly recommend this product to anyone as a quality product and note that it does what it was designed to do"
Chris Gillespie - General Manager

Multi purpose Clog Hog

- 06/25/2015

Cleaned out an underground gutter drain that was full of maple seeds that has swelled and sprouted in a matter of minutes after all other methods failed. Adapted to flush out 22 foot long downspouts with several bends where we did not need the high pressure of pressure washer. A must have in the DIY tool box.


- 08/19/2015

Clog Hog is effective and easy to use. A much more economical approach as opposed to hiring a drain cleaning service. The product works great, I highly recommend purchasing this product.

Terrific product.

- 07/07/2015

I bought the 100' for a 2400psi washer. I needed to clean my perimeter drain which was clogged with sediment and making the ground water go into my basement. This was the right tool to do the job. Otherwise it was excavation of my entire drain line. What a relief.

Awesome Product

- 07/14/2015

Bought this tool to help manage my campground's sewer drops. I have 120 sites with sewer hookups. Works great. Hook it up to the pressure washer and clear your blocked drain. Had used one previously while working on a ship. Excellent product.

Clog hog - awesome tool

- 07/14/2015

Excellent for jetting main lines. We have had great results at our apartment complex and reduced our cost on plumbers.

Great Product

- 06/27/2015

My main line became clogged and I went to a local rental and checked on what they had. I saw several gasoline or electric "snakes". They wanted a high rental fee and short time. I told the guy, I may be back. Went home and did a search and found "clog hog" Followed instructions and had clog loose in 15 minutes. Plan on setting up a maintenance program to run it about twice a year.
Glad I found your add!
Timothy Munsey
Parkersburg, WV

Great product!

- 06/30/2015

We use this at our apartment complex to clean drains and sometimes to clear clogs that our power snake can not clear! Easy to use....as it is basically self propelled down the line.

Clog Hog cleans my perimeter drain

- 07/14/2015

Our basement living space flooded twice after heavy rain, something that had not happened in the previous 35 years here. I suspected our outside perimeter drain was clogged, but how to clean it? I bought a clog hog, and it worked wonders, punching through the mud clogging up my drain, and opening it up. And I will now do annual preventive maintenance. Good product!


- 07/13/2015

I use the ClogHog to clean the ABS underground pipes attached to the downspouts from my house gutters. It does a good job of clearing the pipes of accumulated leaves and other trash.


- 07/10/2015


Response from Clog Hog:
William, thank you for your positive comments. Not every drain cleaning job is as easy as you've described, but it's great to hear that this particular clog was removed so quickly.

Outstanding product

- 06/29/2015

Used the 100' clog hog to clean out a 4" line jammed with years of grease and fat. Used after having a 'professional' come out with a drain machine. As usual there little 50' cable and cutter didn't solve the problem. 30 minutes with the clog hog and I was back in business.

Works grate

- 07/07/2015

Works grate

Drain cleaner

- 07/17/2015

This product was purchased to clean out our weeping tile. We obtained quotes from some of our local business who quoted us over 300.00 to come in. This product cleaned out our drains effortlessly and now we can do this ourselves yearly. Cost savings are huge! Thank you for this product and for the swift shipping. Received this is under a week.
Thanks again for all your help!

100 Clog Hog

- 07/20/2015

It worked very well, used it to clear 2 main lines from the house. Camera inspection after showed remarkable difference.

100 Ft. Residential Drain Cleaner

- 08/25/2015

Works as described, no problems. Much cheaper than commercially called plumber. Easier on plastic corrugated drain tile than commercial cleaning.

Fast shipping of the product.

Best draincleaner

- 07/10/2015

This was the easiest drain cleaner to use just hooked it up to pressure washer took the hose down stairs put in the drain and started pressure washer just had to guide the clog hog and let it do work without having to haul heavy rodders down stairs in minutes drain unclogged easy cleanup I was not sure it would would work now my friends want to borrow since I told them about it some have used after they used it they were impressed and orde one them self

Works as promised!

- 07/06/2015

The water pressure itself moved the line through the drain quite easily. The back pressure pushed the debris back out to the end. Will be using for maintenance clean outs going forward.

Drain Cleaner

- 07/17/2015

This product works like listed. Excellent. Five stars.


- 07/05/2015

Works great, easy to use, I ran a camera down before And after and saw the difference between the two would definitely recommend this product.

I did it myself !!!!

- 07/18/2015

The Clog Hog is awesome, it propels into the pipe with ease. All ya do is connect everything and slide the hose into pipe, (if you turn on water before inserting, you get a face full of water) once hose is inside the pipe to clean, turn water on and start the pressure washer and wow the stuff that comes out. I was shocked, Paint, nails, stuff the builders threw down the drain that caused me pain. My only wish was to have clog hog longer, needed another 50 feet. I'd tell anyone I can clean your pipes too. Clog Hog 100 ft is Easy and interesting when you pull it out slowly. Glad I found this Company,
Mrs. Leonard

Best thing ever

- 08/10/2015

The Clog Hog is the best product I have used in a while. I was able to clean out my kitchen drain in seconds. I also used it to clean out some old clay drainage pipes outside my home. It quickly removed the mud and debris from the pipe so the water could flow away from my home. It was very easy to use and saved me hundreds of dollars in plumbing fees. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a drainage or clog problem. Thanks Clog Hog.

Superb Results

- 07/07/2015

Finally had the chance to try out out my new 100 ft Clog Hog before winter hits here in Buffalo. It worked very well as described. No surprises, superb results. I ran it through and cleared out my basement drain tile and all my downspouts.

review for 100' drain cleaner

- 07/10/2015

This product worked great. The staff was very helpful in getting me the right model needed for the job. I use to have to pay $200.00 each time my septic drain clogged. I made my money back the first time I used it.

Clog Hog Heaven

- 09/29/2015

I have been looking for a solution for my clogged kitchen sink for a week. And L****d P*****r can **** **. I used a BIG bottle, only to find out its bad for pipes. So after reading reviews and watching You Tube I found Clog Hog. I used to use an industrial jetter machine used for shopping centers, restaurants etc. And was going to make one myself to hook to my pressure washer. After seeing You Tube videos for clog hog, I was sold. So I hoped the hog worked as good as it did in the videos. Ordered it and came the day it was supposed to.(today). Fit right on my handle (yay) hooked it all up and bang, 15 minutes later knocked the grease loose, and my sink is free-flowing. Can't remember when a product worked the way the company said it would and it fit too. AWESOME product. I called first to make sure it fit too and a helpful guy answered my questions. If you have a clogged pipe and need it un-clogged, get this, and if you cannot roll a hose get the hose reel also.

Future Security

- 06/29/2015

My downspout drain pipes were overflowing after 30 years of being ignored causing my sump pump to continuously run. Professional jetters are hard to find and extremely expensive. Cleaning these lines should be part of regular house maintenance. I can now do this with my 100 ft jetter hose. Clog Hog's customer service was very helpful. The hose came in a timely fashion and hooked up to my power washer as promised. Works Great!!!

Great product

- 10/08/2015

My house is getting older and the pipes are acting their age, with four grandsons coming over on a regular basis, the pipes are getting a workout. My plumbing bill to unclog everything has been running about two to three hundred every several months. It really was getting to be unbearable. I found cloghog online and decided to give it a try. I ordered the 100ft. model that matched my pressure washer. What a wonderful piece of equipment, I have saved us almost $1400.00 in plumbing bills in a short time!!! This is so easy to set up and use. Takes me about ten minutes to do the work and it works every-time. Thank you guy's for such a wonderful product. Do yourself a favor and get the 100ft model, so that you don't come up short.


It Works

- 09/08/2015

The French drains around the perimeter of my house were all clogged. Landscaper wanted $4,500 to dig them up and replace them instead of cleaning them out. Well, Clog Hog cleaned them all with nothing more than my time and pressure washer. Cut through 4" drainpipe that was clogged to the top of the pipe with silt and DE sand that was like concrete. It took a while to figure out it was slowly cutting through the muck, but it worked. Try this product first before calling in a professional.

Outstanding Product

- 09/08/2015

Did exactly what was described in performance of advertisement cleaned my clogged pipes in minutes without any damage to pipes and any pressure on me to get the job done. Item moved forward with ease washing back debris as it moved forward.

100 Ft. Residential Drain Cleaner

- 09/10/2015

Used this as soon as I got it. It was easy to use and worked great. I used it on 2" and 4" pipe. It worked terrific on both.

100 ft. rtesidential drain cleaner

- 09/17/2015

work great! clean old basement drain
at my parent house. also help open
my garage drain . almost paid for
unit without having plumping bills

Clog Hog works as promised

- 09/20/2015

We used the Clog Hog to clean the drainage pipes around our basement. These pipes had been plugged up bad enough that our basement flooded every time it poured down raining or if it rained more than a couple of inches. We had tried everything to get them unplugged with little to no success. After using the Clog Hog just once, the pipes started draining. We repeated and they drained more. With each time we used the Clog Hog, the drainage pipes flowed more and more freely. Clog Hog is all is promises to be. It saved us from having to dig up and replace the drainage pipes which would have been very expensive and messy. Clog Hog was definitely worth the money. Thank you Clog Hog! You saved the day!

Great Deal!!!

- 09/19/2015

I have used the Clog Hog eight time and it worked so fast to unclog the 4" sewer drains it was unbelievable. Best Drain Cleaner I have used. Beats the electric snake's hands down. Thank you Clog Hog

Clog hog rules

- 09/17/2015

I was amazed how simple and effective this tool
Really is. I'm a contractor in Northern California
And the clog hog has already made life simpler for me and my crew. We don't clean drains for a living but we've cleared several my clients drains just because. Our plumber was happy to work on some existing plumbing in an old house after we cleaned the pipes for him. Great tool! I would recomend the clog hog to anyone experiencing drain issues as long as roots aren't involved. It's much cleaner to work with instead of a mechanical cable slapping around. Thanks again.

works great

- 09/14/2015

The Clog Hog worked great! I own a manufactured home community and I am sure I will be using this tool many more times as it was easy to deploy and powered right through a clog.

Residential drain cleaner

- 09/11/2015

Great product. Worked very well for cleaning my drain tiles. Very happy.


- 09/24/2015

Had a grease clog in kitchen sink, tried Pro Strength Liquid Plumr, then found out its bad for pipes, only after using a whole bottle, I am angry now, because this stuff does not work. So then I bought a snake that you put on end of a drill and all I got was grease. But clog was still there. Went on You Tube and saw the Clog Hog, read good reviews and I was sold, called the company, a real person answered my questions(very helpful). I ordered it, came in a couple days. So easy to use, only challenge was bend in pipe but took my time and it pulled itself through. Busted through and in about 15 minutes bam all clear. Just remember to pull back a couple times to ensure you are getting all debris. Now my sink flows freely with no problems. And I will be ready if a clog comes my way. Best invention wish I thought of it. If you have a clog buy this, you won't regret it, worth its weight in gold. I will buy the reel soon, seems like it will be easier to wrap up afterwards.

cloghog drain cleaner easily opens rainspout drain pipe

- 09/14/2015

I purchased the cloghog drain cleaner to find and open a blockage that I had with my underground downspout drain line. The device was easy to connect to my pressure washer, pulled itself through the line and cleared the blockage. It was very impressive.

Clog Hog worked as advertised

- 09/21/2015

We used the clog hog to remove ~ 20ft of sand from in ground pipes about 80 ft long. The clog hog was easy to use, took only a minutes to clear the sand. Well made, good instructions.

Why did I wait so long?

- 11/02/2015

I have a large property with a pond which is fed by a network of underground collection pipes picking up ground water. All summer, the water wasn't flowing into the pond, but the property above the pond was soggy and muddy, even during a very dry spell.

Last Friday, I received my 100' hose and I borrowed a 2700psi pressure washer from a friend. 20 minutes later (no exageration), the sand and algae that was blocking the main pipe was clear, and the water was flowing like crazy!

The next day, the ground was drying up and the water is flowing again.

The company and sales support is wonderful, delivery was fast, and the product is excellent. If you need to jet a pipe, this is the way to go.

Septic Nightmare

- 11/25/2015

Our septic field is about 30 years old; my uncle replaced the lines when my parents owned my house. I was having trouble with the septic not draining for several years.

I had septic companies out twice. I told them to go ahead and dig new lines if needed. One left when it started to rain and never returned. The other tested the lines and said they were fine. I changed out an old leaking toilet, but still the septic backed up. I installed a blower and converted my septic to an aerobic system. I left the blower in for about 6 months, then removed it. This worked for a couple of years and then the backups began again.

The top of my septic tank sits flush with the ground and has about a 6 foot cement cover. This gives easy access to the tank. A single shower would flood the top of the tank. A couple of showers would result in about 3 inches of water on top of the tank, which would then seep into the ground around it.

I installed the aerobic system again, but it didn't work the 2nd time. I searched the internet and started looking into jetting systems. I found the Clog Hog site and ordered the residential version with the 100' hose.

I was afraid the nozzle wouldn't get past the hard angle in the pipe before it went into the septic header line. The nozzle powered right past the angle. The Hog powered itself into the lines and I would run it in a few feet then pull it back, then do it again. At about 40 feet in, I noticed the jetter broke through something because the water under my feet became 'muddy.' I was wearing high rubber boots.

The standing water began to quickly drain. I ran the Hog in almost the whole 100 feet, which meant it must have gone into a drain line because the header is 40-50' long. I pulled it out all the way and then repeated the whole process.

Before I was done, the standing water was gone. The next day, the concrete septic cover was dry. It's been about 5 months and if it hasn't rained, the cover is dry. I go out occasionally and lift the septic manhole cover to check the level and it has never been over the level of the outflow pipe.

This is a great little tool. For $129, plus some shipping, and the rental of a power washer from HD, I have a perfectly functioning septic system for the first time in about 5 years. I was ready to pay thousands for a new field and it cost a total of about $210 to be free of this headache. If your septic won't drain, this is well worth trying before paying for a new field and tearing up your yard. It worked for me.

Work better than I would have ever thought

- 11/03/2015

Purchased my clog hog about a month ago, and this thing has already paid for itself. Cleaned a 4" drain that a balloon jet could not, as well as a few smaller one's. I would highly recommend it for anyone having drain issues.

Bill Wisneski - Maint. Tech.

I am glad I used Clog Hog.

- 11/09/2015

I used snake many times, didn't solve my problem. I used Clog Hog and my drainage problem was solved first time. This device is worth the price. Would recommend to anyone.

Easy to Use/Great Product

- 11/09/2015

The clog hog was easy to connect to our power washer and easy to handle. Works as promised. Arrived quickly.

What an amazing product!

- 08/01/2015

I bought this with the intent of trying to clean out a 4" drain at my rental property. Even though this seemed to be at the upper limit for my gas pressure washer it worked like a champ. My only problem was the pipe I'm cleaning is over 100' long so I was unable to clear it all the way though. Even though, I am still very impressed and happy with my purchase!


- 11/05/2015



- 01/02/2016

Ok, so at first i was alittle worried that this product would not help me but i was wrong, i was very close to calling a 1800 number for so joe blow with a plumbers butt no offence to plumbers or thier butts. anyways moving on i cant say that this product is what you need but if you are sure that your drain,sewer line ect. is clogged then my friend all you need is the Clog Hog and a pressure washer.

p.s. I don't work for Clog Hog just a very happy customer

Great product ! Fast shipping!

- 02/11/2016

I live in San Antonio tx. They are out of Austin I ordered it on Thursday got it Friday. Used it Saturday and I was not disappointed.bawrsone product and works just as it should. Have to say great company to do business with. Would definitely do business with them again and would recommend it to anyone needing this product.

Great Product!

- 01/04/2016

I am a 68 year old female and used the Clog Hog with ease. It does exactly what it promises!

Clog Hog 100ft

- 01/05/2016

CLog hog works great and does what it says it does. Will recommend to friends.

Grease buster

- 02/15/2016

Clears grease out where a drain machine cant

Great drain cleaner

- 01/11/2016

We have had recurring blockages in our main sewer line for years. An endless stream of snake charmers had never been able to keep it clear. We were able to clean the pipe ourselves with the Clog Hog for less than the snake charmer and it has stayed cleaner longer than ever before. I recommend this tool to anyone who needs to unblock their drain pipes.


- 03/19/2016

I write reviews all the time, good and bad. Well this one is a very good one. I used the Clog Hog today and it fixed my problem. My island sink would make a gurgling sound when the washing machine would run. Its on the same sewer line as the kitchen. I used the Clog Hog just as shown in the you tube video, it fixed my problem. Its so nice to find a product that works just as described by the company your by from. I called a plummer to find out how much a hydro flush service would cost. They quoted 400.00 dollars. The clog hog cost a third the price and you get to keep the product. Its worth it..
Signed by a very happy customer..


- 03/24/2016

first: i had trouble purchasing the product due to my own ignorance. they called me to get the correct info to make sure it would work properly with my pressure washer. this left a great impression with me, i felt good to deal with a company that cared enough to make sure the product would work properly for me.
second: i have a natural spring in my basement, to combat this, in original construction, the builder put in a drain pipe under the cement floor in my basement. the water that runs thru is disgusting. it clogged 2 years ago(my basement has been apt to flood without this drain working. had to install a sump pump and replace it 4x because of the stuff in the water) due to the sediment and crap that the water carries. i purchased the clog hog with little hope that it would clear the clog. it took less then 5 minutes to clear the drain line, which was full of nasty stuff for about 50ft. the drain now runs better then anytime since ive owned the house. this is the best money ive spent in my entire life. i cannot give more then 5 stars, but if i could i would! thank you clog hog.


- 04/03/2016

Just recently purchased a 100' Clog Hog for a customer job involving two pool deck drains which would not drain water when either it rained, or if the pool deck was sprayed down with water. In addition to the water not draining, a horrible stench could be smelled arising from the drain openings.

Since the drain cover screws were striped out, we attempted to tackle the clogged area from the 8" drain pipe opening on the opposite end of the pool which emptied into the yard from the concrete pool deck.

We determined that the house gutter system also emptied into this same 8" diameter pipe. We made some headway going up stream towards the two drain openings with animal hair floating downstream, but the clog was very entrenched.

We then forcibly removed the two drain covers to be able to access the 8" drain pipe going downstream. The Clog Hog then began breaking up the clog. Soon, rat hair floated up to both drain openings with a bad smell of dead animals.

We continued using the Clog Hog until rat skin, intestines, and even some bone parts began to surface. Finally, after approximately 5-hours of using the Clog Hog, the blockage gave way thus allowing the water to begin draining freely.

We determined that the blockage was created by a large rat nest infestation which could have easily run 6 a 8 feet within the 8" drain pipe. The nest was really dense requiring both lots of water and the high pressure action of the Clog Hog device to soak into the nest and finally break it apart.

Apparently, the nest had been created during the severe Austin drought. Then when one of Texas' big thunderstorm systems suddenly brought rain, the high flow of water may have dislogged some debris which clogged their escape rout. The nest of rats drowned resulting in the significant clog in the line.

The plumbing snakes we tried along with an auger would not have broken though the clog without the use of the Clog Hog. We have recommended it to several others as the right tool to have in their quiver to address these harder than usual scenarios.

And, since Clog Hog is located in Texas, it is always great to support a homegrown business!

Works Great

- 04/10/2016

We own a septic pumping and repair business. Had a customers line dug up so we could snake it out, the snake went about 50ft then wouldn't go any further. We ordered the Clog Hog to try before we dug up the customers whole yard. It came quick and worked great, we would highly recommend to anyone. The Clog Hog saved our customer a lot of money and saved us a lot of time.

Awesome product

- 10/25/2017

Bought the 100 foot hose..used in a leach line that's was only 5 yrs old but plugged with sand...hired a Plummer with this same tool but a commercial size..he got his stuck.

I used mine..not only did I clear the system..but I got his hose out without digging..im using a Ford 2700 psi gas pressure washer..i would highly recommend this product...will save you a fortune..

my Plummer cost 250 dollars and he didn't do anything..for clearing a drain (Not tree roots)I'm my opinion..money well spent..better then a roter rooter


- 04/07/2016

I purchase the clog hog for a stop up toilet, 100 feet this was my only hope I hade before a was going to call a plumber that charge $300 and up, When I receive the hog, I purchase a water pressure washer, I put the hog down the drain and it did not move at first, nothing happing and man I was frustrated at first, but I press on the pressure washer and moved the hog back and forth, so I just let the hog do it's work, And let me till you this I use up the whole tank of gas when the hog stared to move down the pipe then WOW the hog broke threw all 100 feet of the hog went down the drain pipe and I was happy it did the job and the drain started to flow, THANK YOU for product that you aid it will do what it is advertise to do VERRY HAPPY with my clog hog thank you!


- 04/13/2016

Just got my clog hog in the mail less than 5 hours ago. The main line from my house was clogged up bad. Tried snakes and chemicals but nothing worked. Spent around 20 minutes and suddenly the water just dropped in the pipe. Ran the Clog Hog back and forth for awhile to make sure the pipe walls were as clean as possible. Drains never ran so good in my house in the last 23 years. I will recommend this product to anyone with drain issues. Saved me $400 to have a plumbing company come clear the clog.


- 06/19/2016

It solved my problem with one use where a regular snake could not.

Fantastic Results!

- 06/29/2016

The Clog Hog unclogged my three main downspout drains in less time than it took to set up the washer! I have been struggling with these drains for ten years and now I can see using this new tool twice a year will end my problems. The 100 Ft length was just enough to clear the longest section of drain. No rural homeowner should be without the Clog Hog!


- 06/19/2016

Tried once very very please.
Can not wait to use it again.

I might be a superhero.

Tks u 4 your great product.
Very pleased.


- 06/30/2016

This tool was a must for me and I am pleased to have it in my tool line up. I have only used it once so far but can say it worked perfectly, with ease, and appears well built.
I blasted out a 4" rain leader that had been clogged for more than 10 years. We could not find where the line terminated and simply ran the Clog Hog in the pipe until the tip sprayed out through the lawn at the downstream end. I would not recommend this technique for every situation but for ours, the method worked great, along with the Clog Hog

Clog Hog

- 06/14/2016

Worked great on kitchen line that was plugged, and slow sewer line to the street. One tip, unroll it out across floor before using otherwise you end up with a bunch of tangles!

Does the job

- 01/08/2016

I purchased my Clog Hog 100' a couple of weeks ago. I have a drain that perpetually gets clogged every couple of months. I have rented a standard 100' snake many times and they work for a couple of months. I have boiled 5 gallons of water to try and clean the pipe which has about the same result. I was shopping for a snake to purchase since I have to use it so often when I ran across the Clog Hog. Since it was much cheaper than a traditional power snake I decided to give it a try. I ran it down the pipe and a lot of stuff came out but it was still clogged up. I believed 100 feet would take me into my sewer by about 10 feet but I was not sure. The next day I decided to dig down and cut the line where it connects to my tank, the clogged line only services my kitchen sink and dishwasher. When I cut the line I was surprised at the total obstruction with Grease/soap/goo. I also determined that I was actually about 10 feet short of my sewer tank with 100 feet. So I used the Clog Hog from that end and it was amazing to watch it totally clean the inside of the PVC pipe. I am going to install a second clear out valve that will allow me to reach my sewer for the future so my only desire would be to have a 125 foot Clog Hog. It definitely works as advertised.

Very good product

- 06/19/2016

I received it just two days before my main 4" drain plugged it made the job so much easier to unclog very fast.


- 06/21/2016

Bought the 100' Clog Hog to clean drains in our cottage rental business. Works like a dream. Clears and cleans debris quickly. A very wise investment over hiring a professional for hundreds of dollars.
Thank you

Great product

- 07/18/2015

I recently bought a home in florida that was built in 1964. It came with some issues, one of which was a sewer that seamed to plug rater easily. At one point in my work life i ran a high velocity sewer cleaner, i was so excited that you provide a product that i knew well and works great. i would recomend this product to anyone experencing issues with their sewers. Great

The Clog Hog did the job!

- 05/15/2016

I am very pleased with the Clog Hog! We had a very slow kitchen drain. We would use a drain snake to try to clear it but it would only help for a very short time. This was a constant nuisance! We used the Clog Hog to clean out the pipe and it has stayed clear! Problem solved!


- 06/19/2016

its a great tool to use wont have to call rotor router to un clog my drains when i need them

Great product

- 06/16/2016

Totally happy with my purchase of the clog hog. I have a problem area in a sewer line that requires a jetting twice a year, don't need to call someone in to do it now, more than paid for itself the first use.

Just what I was looking for!

- 06/22/2016

At last.something that works as it was advertised!

Works as advertised

- 06/14/2016

I used foaming root killer waited a week and then used the clog hog and all the roots came out. I couldn't be more happy.

Response from Clog Hog:
Scott, thank you for your review. As noted on our FAQ Page, you should avoid using a sewer jetter in drains that could have significant structural damage caused by tree roots. If you believe that there could be large cracks or breaches in the pipe, you should hire a licensed plumber to inspect the line before attempting to clean it with any tool.

Buy it now!!

- 08/25/2016

This tool is awesome! We jetted out some floor drains that were backing up. The last time it happened a plumber charged us $700, this time I used the Clog Hog and cleared the drain in about 1 hour. Paid for itself many times over in the first use. The Clog Hog ran into the drain so fast it was amazing, and jetted the line out better than I've ever seen it run before. Thanks for making a great tool that does what it says it will!!

Great product

- 09/10/2016

Blasted out a 4 inch field tile for my geothermal HVAC that dumps 5,000 gallons of well water every day into to cool and heat my home. Saved me a TON of labor and sweat! The Clog Hog Rocks!

Best money I've spent in a long time!

- 10/15/2016

I'll start by saying I don't often write reviews but I feel compelled to write this one. It is not often you find a product that exceeds your expectation.

I have a 55 year old house that was built when there were no high efficiency appliances. The water saving appliances and their low flows have allowed grease and oils to a accumulate in our 2" grey water line over many years. The blockage was so severe that a professional plumber with a heavy auger would not remove it. I had two of the national plumbing outfits come out and quote power jetting the lines. Both companies wanted well over $500 for two hours and no guarantees that it would work. While researching the power jetting methods I came across the Clog Hog. I thought that there was no way this would work for something that cost so little. Man was I surprised when I got this beauty in action! The hose easily feed itself to the clog and began its tunneling. I saw chunks of grease begin to flow free and after a good 30-40 minutes of jetting the water was running clear and fast.

I plan to perform an annual jetting to prevent the accumulation from reoccurring and now I have the right equipment to do it!

Thank you guys for this awesome product!

Clog Hog

- 10/12/2016

I have a 100 ft traditional septic system with 4 inch sewer pipe that I try to flush with a hose once a year to remove any sediment. I can only push a garden host about 20 ft through, so a got one these Clog Hogs. This thing works terrific! All I have to do is just let it feed through the line. Reaches the fill full length.

100' residential clog hog

- 10/13/2016

Geeat product for a reasonable price.

Clog hog really works

- 10/10/2016

We ordered the cloghog because or drain tile was getting plugged. This was a good investment as opposed to paying someone to come out. Our drain was plugged more than we thought as it took a while to get through, but we did and looking down the pipe with a flashlight it is amazing how clean our pipes are! Highly recommend.

Great tool

- 10/21/2016

This thing fit perfectly to my Ryobi 3100psi pressure washer.

works fantastic

- 10/04/2016

I have a 4 inch main that needs to be water jetted once a year, after having a drain guy wanting to charge $495 to jet my main with basically a pressure washer mounted on a truck I saw Clog Hog and decided to give it a try .... wow same thing it works identical to the drain guys for low dollars now I will do my own every year. I would highly recommended a Clog Hog it works way better than a snake and much less expensive than calling a professional to rip you off.

Response from Clog Hog:
Al, thank you for your comments. While it's understood that some plumbing services can seem very expensive, there some types of really difficult and unusual plumbing problems where an experienced, licensed plumber can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Great for my service.

- 10/21/2016

I love my Clog Hog jetter. It is great in Florida because if there is a cracked or broken pipe the Clog hog blows right through the sand. I'm looking forward to getting a 3800psi machine to have a commercial setup.

Response from Clog Hog:
Jimmy, thanks for your review. It's important to use caution when cleaning a drain that you suspect could have a structural problem. Regardless of whether you're using a sewer jetter or mechanical drain snake, the tip could work its way into a large crack, and you could have a difficult extraction job.

We always recommend that anyone contact a licensed plumber for help before attempting to clean a drain that could have structural problems caused by foundation issues, corrosion, tree roots or other causes.

Working like a hog

- 10/13/2016

So far it has been great I've used it 3 times so far so good. Thanks for great drain cleaners

Drain Cleaner

- 10/15/2016

What a fantastic company, I placed my order through their mobile site. It was extremely easy to use, and offered everything I needed. Great Job Clog Hog!

Worked Great

- 10/17/2016

I am a retired plumber and had my main drain plugging up. I ordered the clog hog and the shipping was fast and I used it that same day received. It went very well and had it open in 15-30 minutes complete. I knew there wasn't tree roots or things like that, just paper and such. I hope to never need it again, but it is hanging in the garage if need be.

Saved thousands

- 10/07/2016

I never am good about sending in reviews but this was in need of one.

I had water filling up in my basement windows and had someone tell me it was my window drains were plugged up and would be needed to be dug out with the drain tiles and would cost just shy of $10,000.

I looked into every other option but found nothing because of the drain being plastic. I found the Clog Hog online and thought for less than $200 it was worth the risk.

After about 3 hours of using this it broke through and you could hear it draining!!!

To say the least this tool saved me thousands and I'll have it for other days to come.

Slow drains

- 11/26/2016

I work in construction and we have used water jetting technology to clean out large sewer lines on our jobs so I am aware of how well it works. When I started to have a problem with a 3 inch drain line hundred my basement floor I started to research conventional drain snaking equipment and came across the clog hog online. After I watched the video and read the reviews I thought I would take a chance and purchased a 100 footer. Before putting it into service I proceeded to put indicator marks with orange electricians tape every 5 feet on the hose, this would allow me to know how many feet I was inside the drain. When I finally got to put it to work I was very impressed on how well the Clog hog pulled itself down inside the drain. In no time the clog hog was 35 feet across the basement floor. Within 10 minutes the water was flowing freely down the drain again.
I will probably use it once a year just as a preventative maintenance step so as to prevent any future slow running drains . ( happy wife happy life )
Thanks Clog hog


- 12/02/2016

Got it yesterday. Used it today on a drain I have snaked 6 times and it still drained very slowly.

Hooked up the Clog Hog and amazingly it cut through a mass of dried grease and soap that it washed into the septic tank.

Great success!

Finally got the slow drain cleared

- 12/17/2016

I have been fighting a slow drain for years and the Clog Hog finally cleared it out.

I was really pleased that it worked with my pressure washer. A very innovative and effective product.

It was worth a shot

- 12/23/2016

I have a kitchen drain that had not been touched in the 40 years I have had the house until it finally plugged up.

I opened up the cleanout in the basement and found a semi solid plug of gray goop plugging up the line.

Since I have a gas pressure washer, it had to run outside and my wife was the triggerman while I fed the hose in. This was definitely a two person job.

It took about 15 minutes tops to clear about 20 feet of the line and the kitchen drain runs perfectly.

This is a good product.

I plan on trying the "needle nose" hose for tub drains next. Hopefully, it will handle 1 1/2" traps and bends without having to disconnect a bunch plumbing.

Cloghog 100 ft

- 01/22/2017

This is unit is awesome! I have an older home with cast iron drains this unit not only cleared the drain but also removed a lot of the scaling in the drain. I will keep this handy for future use.

Outstanding Product

- 02/27/2017

This produce worked great. It saved me 1,000s of dollars. I waited too long to get my septic tank pumped out. The drain field pipes got clogged and this product cleaned them out. I would have to replace the drain field, but for this product! Thanks!

Clog Hog did the job

- 02/10/2017

We were very pleased.

Cloghog 100ft Residential Drain Cleaner

- 02/10/2017

I work at a restaurant and my main line was backed up, I tried a few things to unclog the drain with no luck. I ordered the 100ft jetting hose and it was at the door in 3 days. I had actually called a plumber because it was too bad to stay open but the package came 30 minutes before the plumber showed up.

I set everything up and just started when the plumber walked in. He said it looked like I had the right tool and he was going to smoke a cigarette while I gave this jetter a try. When the plumber came back in the line was clear and I did not have to pay him a dime. CLOG HOG saved the day!!

Works very good!

- 02/08/2017

I use this tool at my car wash cleaning the bay pit drain lines. Before, I would pay a plumber several hundred dollars to do this. One use and it has paid for itself!

Fear No More!

- 02/15/2017

I own a pool company and when the leaves fall drains become clogged. I have always loathed using air/water pressure to "blast" them clear in fear of breaking glue joints. Fear no more! The Clog Hog is the solution and it works as great as it says it does. This is a great product and highly recommended.

Response from Clog Hog:
Russ, thank you for your review. There's detailed information on our How Do I Clean a Swimming Pool Drain tips page to help with this project. This page mentions a number of lower-cost options to try before trying a sewer jetter. And, you should use extra caution when cleaning swimming pool drain lines because of the short radius elbows and fittings that are often used to build these drains.


- 02/19/2017

So easy to use and store. It really does as great as they claim. Pays for itself in first use. If you've struggled with plumbing problems your going to Love this!!!!!

clog hog

- 02/21/2017

just used the clog hog today 3/15/17 in a floor drain it worked great unclogged drain in a matter of minutes I would recommend this product to anyone who does maintenance for a living GREAT PRODUCT GOOD PRICE WELL WORTH THE MONEY

This is the one

- 02/20/2017

Got the Clog Hog about 9 am had it hooked to pressure washer by 9;30, had the drain unstopped by 10:15

Septic cleaning

- 02/09/2017

I bought the Clog Hog to do yearly maintenance on our septic leach field. It is the perfect tool for my needs. It works great and is well made.

Clog Hog: The Better Jetter

- 02/20/2017

It was a 60 degree day in the middle of February, here in Northeast Ohio. The wife's barn drain (think horse baths) was clogged with stuff I won't even mention. I'll just say to keep your mouth closed when using this thing. That said, I had never used a jetter before so I didn't know what to get: The cheaper chinese deal or the Clog Hog. I decided not to chance it, to support American Made business, and I spent the extra money.

I was very impressed with how well the thing worked. *Though you have to take your time and work it over* I cleared over 100ft of 4" corrugated with my dinky 2.3gpm craftsman washer in about 2 hours. It managed to pull all 100' through, even through a tight passage at one point. It is a little tough/wet/messy to get started on the 90 degree turn, but once it gets going it goes well.

Take your time, do multiple passes, keep your eyes and mouth closed at the start of the run (you'll figure that out quickly) and this thing will get the job done. If it broke through years worth of packed horse presents I am confident it will do most anything asked, within reason. Will say I wish my pressure washer was a little bigger, may have taken less time. But in the end, any excuse to be outside for a few hours on a warm day in the middle of winter is a good one.

More importantly is that my wife is back to clogging up the drain without a pool in the barn aisle! I think she will get to run the jetter every year at summers end, to keep things flowing over the winter...just in case it isn't so warm out next time...

Clog Hog is a great product

- 02/23/2017

works as stated. excellent product for cleaning out a storm drain.

works great

- 02/22/2017

worked perfectly and saved me more than i paid for it already.

Great tool for clearing drains between golf course ponds

- 01/16/2017

I had two ponds connected by 3" corrugated pipe, but nothing was going through. I tried pounding steel and PVC pipes through the 50' pipe, and it became obvious that the pipe had been crushed and bent underground. I was able to get 40' in one direction, and 15' in the other, but not connecting. Using the Clog Hog, I was able to retrieve the pipes that had gotten stuck inside, and feel my way through with a small PVC pipe to open the line.

Then I put a sched. 40 PVC pipe inside the 3" corrugated pipe to keep the line open and make it easier to clean in the future. Love the Clog Hog, and was pleased to see a larger version on "Gold Rush" the other night being used with steam to thaw a large water line. I am not sure it was a Clog Hog product, but it worked on the same principle.

Response from Clog Hog:
Butcho, thank you for your comments. Clog Hog does make sewer jetters for hot water up to 210 degrees F, though I suspect that the product you saw on TV might have been a truck mounted industrial sewer jetter manufactured by a different company.

Note that most homeowners are able to clear frozen icy clogs with their cold water pressure washers, without the need for heated water.

Clog Hog

- 03/19/2017

I purchased the Clog Hog to unclog a septic line that had tampons and sludge. I first attempted to use a sewer snake (rooter) that I rented. The snake was a bust, and I had to take the toilet off and use it inside the house. That was a mess as you can imagine.

The following week after receiving the Clog Hog, I dug up the septic and opened the clean out. After using the Clog Hog for about 30 minutes, and seeing the sludge and other debris come out, the issue was resolved. I could not be happier with the Clog Hog. It works!


- 02/02/2017

Excellent tool for the DIY homeowner

Fantastic tool and real money saver

- 04/22/2017

I bought this as a last ditch effort to unclog a drain leading from the floor of my basement, under my neighbors yard and out to a creek. It had been clogged going on three years with what I expected was mud, rocks and other debris. I should have purchased Clog Hog first. Clog Hog restored the function of the drain and saved me the cost of digging up my yard and the neighbors yard. I recommend it highly and can't say enough positive about it.

Game Changer

- 05/11/2017

My electric powered snake was extremely heavy and potentially dangerous in a confined basement. The"crud"after pulling it out made a mess. The motor died and what a blessing!

I found the Clog Hog searching for a replacement. This is light,compact,feeds easy,safer and infinitely cleaner. The snake is obsolete in my opinion.

It paid for itself the first time I used it. Fast shipping. Pull the trigger! Do it!

Opened the Drain in 10 minutes

- 05/06/2017

Just got the Clog Hog and couldn't wait to clean out a 6 inch drain pipe that had leaves, pollen, twigs, and other debris in it. We got a lot of rain recently, and I tried all weekend to unclog it with drain cleaners, hoses, and the end of a pressure washer.

Ordered Monday, received Wednesday. Set up was a breeze, placed it in the drain, and the jets took the hose to the clog; within 5 minutes, a rush of air came and the water went down. I spent some time pulling it back and letting it go forward to clean out the remainder of the drain. Went ahead and cleaned out 3 other outdoor drains while I had it out. 1 hour total of work... and you should see the amount of debris that came out of these drains.

Very happy with the Clog Hog. I no longer worry about leaves and other debris getting in the drains.... I know they are no match for the Clog Hog!!

ClogHog works wonders on drain tile!

- 05/09/2017

I recently had issues with my drain tile on the perimeter of my foundation getting clogged up with silt.

Ordered the Clog Hog 100 foot cleaner and rented a gas pressure washer. Fed the line down through the window wells and it worked wonders! So much silt and dirt came out into the sump pit!

Plumbers wanted $800 to do the same job!

Highly recommend this product for drain tiles.

The answer to all my troubles

- 05/16/2017

Moved into an older home with a septic system 8 years ago. Had trouble with the system and put in an aerobic system which digests the solids. Worked well, but had trouble with the liquids leaching.

For a couple years I had very high water in the tank due to the lack of good leaching. Last summer I bought the Clog Hog, opened up the distribution box, and ran the Clog Hog down each leach pipe several times. By the crud that was coming back it was clear that some spots were clogged.

Its been 8 months since using it, with this spring being one of the wettest on record, and the level in my tank is at normal level. This thing works as designed, and saved me about 12 -15 grand being as my next fix was to put in a new raised bed.

Thank you!

Big Money Saver

- 07/18/2017

The Clog Hog has saved me so much money. My drain field was clogged with toilet paper and solids when the septic tank allowed the floating solids to exit the tank and contaminate the drain field. I ran the Clog Hog through every line at the distribution box and the drain field works great, that was 5 years ago.

Since then I have used the Clog Hog to open drain lines in the house. Once in the bathroom and twice in the kitchen. I don't even grab the mechanical snake any more. It's too messy and I get a better cleaning job with the pressurized water with the Clog Hog. I use the 100' Clog Hog on a 2500 PSI Excell gas pressure washer,Model R-100-M.

I've used the Clog Hog support department to order replacement fittings and they have been excellent in helping me out.

This is a first class company offering an exceptional product backed by excellent support.

I don't regret spending my hard earned money with this company. I'm totally satisfied!

Love this product!

- 06/09/2017

Had a commercial company clean a drain about 6 months ago and it lasted for all of three months till the drain got slower and slower until it finally stopped up again.

Borrowed a Clog Hog from a buddy and, wow, this thing is great! Made short work of the clog and the drain has been great for the last couple months.

I couldn't bring myself to part with the Clog Hog so I bought my buddy a replacement and kept his.

Great Product

- 06/27/2017

Blasted through a plugged up line without damage to the pipe

Clog Hog jetter

- 06/23/2017

Product worked well cleaning out and unclogging a branch line from a clean out. Line seemed to have packed lint and food in it. Perhaps 5 minutes of operation restored the line to quick draining. The jetter propelled itself forward as it dissolved the clogs.

Clog Hog ROCKS!

- 06/20/2017

I have cheap corrugated plastic storm drains buried under 100 ft of cement patio and driveway 30 years ago. They were draining slow but OK up until the final big storm of our season when I had a 12 ft wide lake of standing water on my patio. Had a plumbing company give me an estimate: minimum $850 to try a jetter truck, up to $20k to reroute the drains.

Ordered a Clog Hog after researching in the internet. Had just bought a pressure washer for other purposes a month prior.

Broke it out of the box, hooked everything up, and got busy. An hour and 15 minutes later, broke through the obstruction. Drains run faster than they have in years! Works just as advertised!

Totally sold and recommending to my friends!

Works better than advertised.

- 06/27/2017

I purchased this after trying to clear the mainline from my house to my cavatette system 3 different times. Having worked in Public Works for over 30 years as a worker and Asst. Superintendent, I knew the merits of jetting a sewer line. However, the cost of a commercial jetter was out of the question.

The Clog Hog unit and my pressure washer were all that were needed to clean this line thoroughly. What took me an hour to do with a metal snake was done in less than 15 minutes with the Clog Hog only MUCH better. I can't recommend this enough. This literally pays for itself the first time you use it.

Out door drains

- 06/21/2017

Got an estimate from RR to clear a pipe that runs under my garage and is feed by a exterior floor drain and roof gutter. My house was built 117 years ago and I have a maze drains. They wanted $500 to clear a single pipe with a snake and when I was worried about the age of the pipes they said hydro would cost $650 per hr. I purchased a 3400psi washer and the Clog Hog and it worked like a dream. Knowing that this drain will continue to back up because of what it deals with on the exterior of the house i love ther fact that my investment will pay off incredibly in the long run. And I have the ability to get a pipe clean at the first sigh of blockage.

Once I cleared that pipe I was able to run the Clog Hog down a gutter and clear pipe that was draining slow as well.

Must have for any home owner!

100 ft residential drain cleaner

- 06/29/2017

Hooked up to my pressure washer perfectly. Have a long line from the laundry room through the kitchen and on to the main drain line. Had to go in from the laundry room and work towards the main drain. The line is 44 yrs old and has been cleaned out many times conventionally. The gunk in that line was awful.

Got through several blockages and turns by pulsing. Had to run manual 25 ft snake to get through one. Had to run three times before I got the whole 100 ft in. Each time, the hose came out cleaner. In the end, the hose was completely clean and the drain cleaner than since new. The tool does the job if you have the patience to do it right until it comes out clean. Got stuck a couple of times and had to go in and out to free up. Great tool.

Clog Hog cleaner

- 06/24/2017

The drain cleaner was even better than we thought it would be. Works well on both slow drains and clogged drains.

If more people used this product before major stoppage, less total effort would be required.

This thing really works!

- 06/29/2017

Bought this to clear the septic tank lateral and it works like a charm! It really does pull itself through the pipe and clears the clog, everything is flowing freely now! Plan to use every year and not wait for a problem to develop. Thanks to Colg Hog, we no longer have to pay for a septic service to clear a clog on their schedule.

Successfully cleared field lines

- 06/27/2017

Septic tank was leaking, and septic company recommended field line replacement for $4200. Purchased Clog Hog for $129, dug 2 holes to allow access to field line (90' from septic tank and then another 90' past that), was able to successfully clear the clogged line in about 1 hour. A dirty and disgusting job but saved me $4071.

Easy to use

- 06/16/2017

The Clog Hog 100 ft was easy to use. It pulls itself through 4" foundation drain. It does, however have trouble making a 90* turn. This could be from the length of the hose being used. All in all a good product.

Response from Clog Hog:
CB, thank you for your review.

When a drain elbow has a rough or uneven inside surface it can sometimes take extra patience to pass a sewer jetter through. There's detailed section in our FAQ Page about reaching a clog through a difficult elbow or transition.

If the elbow is close to the drain opening, you can disconnect the jetter from the pressure washer trigger gun, coil up the line, turn the bundle in a clockwise direction to add some twist to the line, and twist the line as you snake it through the elbow. If the elbow is further away, an optional High Thrust Nozzle can sometimes provide the additional force needed to pull the nozzle through.

You can also contact us for more information.

Great investment!

- 06/14/2017

I used the Clog Hog to jett out some down spout lines and to jet septic tank lines pulling everthing back into the tank. Saved a lot of money hanging in my garage ready for next job.

Clog Hog

- 06/15/2017

Performed beyond my expectations and saved me from hiring an expensive drain cleaning contractor. Used the product on 40-year old Orangeburg 4-inch drainpipe and despite the Clog Hog warning that it might damage the pipe, it did not. Very happy with the results.

Response from Clog Hog:
Thank you for your comments. Orangeburg drains, found in some older homes, are made from relatively soft tar and wood composite material. Orangeburg pipes are no longer used because they're prone to collapse, separation, blistering, and other structural issues.

If you have a clogged drain in an older home that you think might be made from wood composite (Orangeburg) material, you should contact a licensed plumber to inspect the line before cleaning.

Using a sewer jetter or mechanical drain snake to clean an Orangeburg drain that has preexisting structural damage could make the problem much worse, and might result in a very expensive repair.

You can contact us for more information.

Beats the plumber

- 06/16/2017

We found just a few plumbing companies in Memphis that would tackle an outdoor landscaping drain. When these few wanted $300 to 400 to clear our clogged drain, I found Clog Hog. Clog Hog went right to work, powering itself about 60 feet along the drain until it hit a spot where the buried drain line was separated. Our clog, from which most of the plumbers that we called walked away, was fixed in about an hour.

Best investment ever

- 08/30/2017

I had tried everything to get my 4 in drain unclogged and this jetter was able to do what any of the others could not do. Very impressed with it performance and how well it cleans as it took out the clog.

Footing drains

- 09/20/2017

My home in Canada has a full foundation with drainage pipe around the footings, built 35 years ago. Over the years the amount of water flowing into my sump pump pit has diminished and in the last 2 years I noted water entering the basement between the floor and the walls.

I dug down to the footings and installed a clean out into the plastic perforated drain tube. I ran the Clog Hog through the newly installed clean out, in both directions around the house. The back side of the house accepted the 100 feet without difficulty. The front half required more time to work the hose through. Cleaning the tip with a pin was required at times to maintain a good pulling effect on the hose.

After getting 80 feet of hose into the drain I noted the my primary and backup sump pumps were both running constantly. My sump pit was full of water 2 inches below floor level. I kept a 3rd pump on standby in case it was required. After 1 hour only the primary pump was running, and several hours later it was cycling. It has been several months now and I cleaned the drains a second time to make sure all is good. The amount of water coming into the sump pit has greatly increased and is constant compared to before. My basement water infiltration is gone, everything is nice and dry.

I don't normally rate products but this one worked fantastically and saved me a fortune in possible footing drain repair, and I was able to do the work myself.

P.S. I used a 2400 psi gas pressure washer.

Septic drain field brought back to life!

- 09/24/2017

My septic system is over thirty years old and in recent years the drain field has been slow... I've been septic treatments like Green Pig and Septic Shock to nurse it along, but it finally got to the point where it seemed like drain field replacement was going to be necessary.

I read online that hydro-jetting the drain field lines can sometimes get them working again - it was worth a shot, anyway.

I used the 100 foot Clog Hog sewer jetter and a 2700 PSI 2.3 GPM gas powered pressure washer to do the job. I accessed the drain field lines through the septic distribution box (after having the tank pumped and letting the field drain overnight).

I ran the Clog Hog up into and back each of the three drain field pipes numerous times and cleaned them out the best I could. Mostly sand and dirt is what came out, nothing gross in my case. I did this several times over two days just to be sure the pipes were indeed draining again before buttoning everything back up.

Since then, the septic system has been working fine and the drain field has no problem keeping up with the outflow of effluent from the tank. Bottom line is for a few hundred dollars and a couple days work I was able to get my drain field working again by using this method - definitely worth a try if you are facing the enormous cost of drain field replacement.

Eavestrough drainage pipes cleaned!

- 11/02/2017

I specifically purchased the Cloghog (50 ft) to clean underground drains that extend from my eves-trough downspouts to the mid-yard pop-up valves. I used it with my 1800 psi pressure washer and removed all of the solid matter it pulled out with a shop-vac.

There was nasty rotted organic matter, nails, small twigs and shingle granules that have made it past the eaves-trough covers over the years (and before they were ever installed). I have a few indoor projects planned as well.

Great product.


- 11/10/2017

The Clog Hog hooked up to my Karcher 3050 petrol pressure washer worked through 10 feet of compressed mud and dirt built up over 15 years in the storm water drain at the bottom of my driveway. No more lake when it rains. Thanks Clog Hog for a brilliant product.

100 ft Clog Hog review

- 11/16/2017

We have a food processing facility and the drain lines get clogged by food remnants all the time, the Clog Hog is the answer for us since we cant afford to pay a plumber every time a drain is clogged

Lifesaver...well, makes life easier than my old way.

- 11/14/2017

We have had a chronic problem with our laundry drain, about a twice a year clog that would take much effort and time to remedy. The Clog Hog cleared the clog in a short amount of time with MUCH less effort. I plan to use the Clog Hog to keep the drain clean before problems arise.


- 11/10/2017

First, the product was shipped promptly and arrived in great shape. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble. I used it as soon as it arrived and it worked just as advertised.

Before I ordered it I called them and an actual person aswered the phone! They were very helpful with making sure that I ordered the correct product. I would definitely recommend purchasing one if you have a drain that is slow to drain or blocked.

The hose is smaller than what I expected and it feeds down the pipe with ease.

Clog Hog 100'

- 11/06/2017

We used this product on a corrugated yard drain. The product worked very well and we were able to unclog a couple of yard drains that were going to cost me $700.00 to have professionally done.

The water jet was so powerful that where I thought I had a obstruction because the Clog Hog did not easily pass turned out to be another drain canister that had been covered by about 2" of soil and grass. It was discovered as I positioned the Clog Hog in that area and let it sit for a few seconds. I then saw a stream of water shoot into the air. At first I thought I had ruptured the drain, but it was just the grate over the canister letting the water through (as I discovered by shoveling the thick dirt and grass from the area where the water shot out of the ground).

The Clog Hog worked very well and I am pleased with all aspects of the product as well as the purchasing and delivery ease.

Great tool for clearing area drains

- 11/09/2017

I should have started with Clog Hog. Instead I called a local plumber who charged me $390 to snake my pool drains. Well he got stuck and did not clear the blockage.

Within 10 minutes using the Clog Hog and my pressure washer I had the drain cleared of the mud that had blocked it. It was so satisfying I have pre-emptively cleaned all my area drains. I highly recommend this tool for area drains.

Response from Clog Hog:
KA, thank you for your detailed review. Most swimming pool drains have short-radius elbows that can block a sewer jetter. It looks like you were fortunate to reach the problem area.

You can find more tips for cleaning swimming pool drains - including some lower cost alternatives to try before using a sewer jetter - on our How Do I Unclog a Swimming Pool Drain page.

Great product

- 11/27/2017

I got it and used it works great I had drain clogged this drain cleaner open it and draining good now I recommend 100% thanks


- 11/15/2017

Plumber wanted to charge us $395 an hour to use their water pressure hoses. Looked up ways to do it at home and came across the Clog Hog, once we got it going 15-20 mins later my pipes were good to go. Love it!


- 11/12/2017

I love it it's perfect for clear the drains 4 inches thank Clog Hog

Awesome Product

- 11/02/2017

This is a tool that does exactly what it says it's going to do in exactly the same way they describe it. I was pleasantly surprised with the job that it did cleaning our sewers and drains.

Clog Hog

- 11/20/2017

The Clog Hog worked so easily that after cleaning the problem drain I cleaned the remaining three drains. I've now added a new tool to my shop and saved $250 in the process. What a deal.

Worked well

- 11/06/2017

I used this on my main line and on a yard drain that has not worked in years and both are running free and clear. Excellent product!

100 Ft Residential Drain Cleaner

- 11/15/2017

Once I got my pressure washer working it just pulled itself right to the clog.

Awesome Clog Hog

- 11/20/2017

Clog Hog cleared a blockage that we had been working to clear for several months. Simple to use and best of all gets the job done with minimal effort on our part.

Fantastic Product

- 11/13/2017

We had an estimate to clean our outside drain lines for over $500.00. The company said that there were no guarantees. So we decided to try Clog Hog first.

The Drain Cleaner worked like a charm. On one of the drain lines there are actual small branches. The Drain Cleaner was able to get through these. It also told me when I had a drain line that requires maintenance. I am glad that we purchased the Clog Hog Drain Cleaner. I would recommend this product to everyone.

Home Owner Mail Drain Cleaner

- 11/06/2017

I have a problem main drain.The Clog Hog of did the job quickly and right the first time. Saved money, sure beats calling a plumber every six months.

Really Works!

- 11/09/2017

A supply house had sold me the wrong Calcite for my treatment tank. I had removed most of it with a wet vac. But then I made the mistake of back flushing my treatment tank that had the remainder of the wrong Calcite in it. It ended up clogging my sewer line solid to my septic tank. It was almost like Oil Dri or Kitty Litter in the line.

After two attempts by a nationwide company with a conventional snake to attempt to open it, all they had done was to distribute it through the pipe.

Using the 100 ft Residential Drain Cleaner, I was able to finally flush the residual Calcite through the line. Easy to use - and saved me the expense getting a plumber out to jet-rod the line.

pratt's plumbing

- 11/13/2017

works like they said it would good prod.

Could not be happier

- 12/18/2017

We were at out wits end, we had spent nearly $1000 trying to get our septic system flowing again,it looked like we were going to have to dig it up. We rented snakes, had plumbers come out, nothing worked.

We had the line open 20 minutes after the Clog Hog showed up. We did carefully read all the instructions, they really helped. We have even helped friends and family clear their drains. It's fantastic.

great product

- 12/19/2017

love it and the customer service was excellent.

Great tool for cleaning frozen septic line!

- 02/19/2018

Needed a sewer jetter to unplug a frozen sewer line. Customer service was excellent in making sure I had the right Clog Hog for the job and would work well with my pressure washer.

The 100 ft. residential drain cleaner cut through 20 ft. of ice in the plugged sewer line in about 30 minutes, saving me big bucks by not having to hire a plumber. Great product and value.

Most honest review you'll ever see!!!!!

- 03/04/2018

Have had an issue with our sewer line since purchasing the property in 2005. Even replaced all lines from house to road, put in a clean out in the yard and still have the issue because of the way the line is laid, not enough drop and it's from the road where the problem lies. Scum builds up on the edge over time and blocks flow, then backs up into basement.

Last time, plumber charged $350 for 10 minutes with roto rooter. I found this and thought...MY LAST RESORT...or I sell.

I use this every 6 months as maintenance for the line and it works like a charm!!! I go in through the clean out and clean for like 30 minutes.

I bought this 2 YEARS ago and I am skeptical about everything, but this works as advertised!!!!! Thank you Clog Hog makers!!!

clogged pipe to sewer tank

- 04/06/2018

It took about an hour to unclog the outside 4 inch pipe at cleanout,but it kept crawling its way through and came out end of pipe at tank.From top of vertical clean out pipe down to bottom of tee is 7 feet, and I was not sure about getting it started into lower pipe but it went in then and started feeding through slowly and then went to end of pipe at tank!

Drain is open and flowing now! Thank you for the fast shipping! I was having sewage backup in basement and was very happy to get clog hog and get it open the day I got it delivered!

Thank you again!

Works great on 4” ABS pipe, even with 1.5 gpm

- 12/03/2018

I have 100’ of 4” ABS buried pipe, draining the foundation perimeter drain of my house, that was clogged. It’s a straight shot and has a good slope, so I thought I’d give the R-100 a shot with my wee Powermate Monsoon pressure washer and ordered it. Paul D. soon emailed me from Clog Hog with his reservations about my diminutive spray rig but immediately mailed my order when I explained my reasoning. The system arrived 2 days later and I put it to work after following all the enclosed instructions. At the downhill outlet, I found the blockage about 30’ up and had to work it for about 20 minutes, spraying, jabbing, and pulsing away at it. The hose is wicked slippery and kept sliding downhill on the snow and coiling up on itself, but I soon learned that with the wand valve momentarily closed, the hose stiffens up and can be used as a snake, and pulsing a few blasts eventually breaks through the plugged region with a lot of persistence. You’ll notice that there’s more water flowing out of the pipe than just what’s coming from the jetter and the flow may increase to a gusher if you have several inches of water on your cellar floor. With the backed up water flowing, I fed all 100’ of jetter into the pipe and slowly pulled it out, slowly working it in and out 5 or 6 times, one foot at a time, to use the three back jets to blast any dirt, etc. off the interior wall, using the flow of the draining water to carry it out. You can tell when you’ve hit a dirty spot by the color of the water. There’s a bit of time lag, so you’ll want to shove 6’ of hose back in and slowly work that area to blast it clean. The whole job took about an hour, but my cellar is now drying out. I bought the R-100 because my local, family owned sewer & drain contractor, who cleaned this drain out before, was bought out by W**** M********* and tripled their rates. Since I had the wee Powermate, it seemed like Clog Hog might be the answer. It was for me in this application. I’m not sure how well it will work for other types of drains, though, with only 1.5 gpm of flow at 1600 psi.

Fantastic Product

- 07/20/2018

I've had problems with the 4" cast iron drain in the floor of our basement that goes from the kitchen to the sump for years. I've had plumbers out numerous times and probably spent a couple thousand dollars and countless hours on trying to get it cleared. I found the Clog Hog online and thought I would give it a try. What a wonder! It took me about 30 minutes to scrub that pipe and a small floor drain that also backs up and got them both flowing smoothly. The gunk REALLY pushed back as I did it, but it all flowed downhill and into the sump! I now know that anytime there is grease buildup in that pipe I can clean it with ease!


- 06/29/2018

I researched tools forever to find a machine that could unblock my well spill over pipe. I was unsure where the pipe went due to a massive ditch filled with cat tails. I started to dig the pipe out by hand. It took me forever in the dry wisconsin clay probably made it to 10 feet and 4 feet down. Enough was enough.

Tried to have a guy excavate the pipe with a Mini digger., but found out he sold all his equipment. So i came across the clog hog. I was very skeptical to say the least. To make a long story short. This thing destroyed everything in its path and sent a guyser up out of those cattails. Super amazing. This was gonna cost 1500. Instead it only costed me the money of the clog hog. So happy I could scream. Thanks tons
Chris, Omro wi

BEST thing ever!!

- 08/01/2018

We have had sewer issues for 2 weeks. Received our Sewer Jetter Drain Cleaner today and we couldn't believe what an awesome job it did!!!It is definately worth the money!

Totally Satisfied

- 08/19/2018

This product couldn't have worked better. I don't think many people would say they had fun cleaning out their 40 year old drainfield but I did! It was very satisfying to feel its strong pull and see the flush of debris as I pulled it back. Did it on all lines until they were clear. Very affordable compared with the other choices I was offered.

Extremely pleased with the product and the customer service I recieved beforehand. They even had me consult with their plumber about my situation (For free!) He never once tried to talk me into purchasing their product but tried to help me with my issues offering a variety of ideas/solutions.

When buying the Clog Hog a very knowledgable gentleman assisted me in getting the correct product for my pressure washer. Love the company and their product and happily tell everyone "If a 60 year woman can do it successfully they can too!" IT WORKS!

Wastewater Plant Operator

- 09/28/2018

Great Product. Just purchased my 6th one, have one at all my plants. Amazing how well this product works.

clog hog really works

- 10/23/2018

used the clog hog to clean 4 inch drain which transports rain water from gutters and downspouts to street. worked like a charm. It performed as advertised

Drain Cleaner

- 07/03/2015

I've used this once to clean the downspouts for my drainage so far and was quite pleased with the results. I imagine if I keep it up consistently, I would ever really need to snake out my drain and this is something I can do myself.

Clog Hog Fixed My Problem

- 08/14/2015

I had a clog in the washing machine drain needing clearing. I was not able to get my Clog Hog very far into the actual drain pipe (probably due to the way it is plumbed) so I went through the roof drain vent. It worked! I could not have easily done that with a regular plumbing snake. I did find that a plug resulted deeper in the pipe causing a back up in the kitchen sink. I am thinking a lot of trash was removed from the plumbing while clearing the washing machine clog that settled deeper in the pipe (where I usually get yearly clogs). I therefore ran my Clog Hog through the kitchen sink clean out and cleared that clog. Over all I am happy I purchased my Clog Hog. One suggestion to the Clog Hog design team is to consider a tip redesign that mimics the rotating action of a plumber's snake to help get past especially troublesome plumbing twists and turns.

Response from Clog Hog:
Kevin, thank you for your comments. As detailed on our FAQ Page, we've found that rotating nozzles usually don't work well in household drains. We do offer an optional High Thrust Nozzle that delivers greater pulling and flushing force, for use in drains that aren't completely clogged with hard, dense material like packed clay or ice.

Unstoped it with the hog

- 09/17/2015

This product works great. Easy to use,easy to hook up to your pressure washer. Just under roll put in the drain pull the trigger and let the hog go to rooting. Would recommend it for drain lines 4" & smaller. Even though I did use it on a 6" line had to work with it to get that job done. Good product for the money.

get it clean

- 09/22/2015

used it on a 6" about 70' worked like a charm
all pvc no problem


- 09/18/2015

Product work as expected. Even though I flushed garden hose and pressure washer before connecting Clog Hog, after about 5 min of use the forward jet and 2 of the reverse jets in the nozzle became restricted. I had to discontinue operation and unscrewed nozzle per instruction manual, cleaned nozzle and reassembled. Worked great for the next 1.5 hrs until job completion.

Response from Clog Hog:
Robert, thank you for your review. As shown in our demo video, it's important to flush the garden hose, pressure washer hose and trigger gun with clean water each time that you connect the sewer jetter. This prevents any dirt and debris that make their way into open hose connections from blocking the nozzle jets. We're glad that you were able to clean the blocked nozzle by following the instructions on our FAQ page.

Drain Tile Cleaning

- 01/12/2016

Used the clog hog to take a run at clearing out the drain tiles around my house. I was immediately able to get some traction with the Clog Hog, and really started moving mud/debris out and toward the sump pump pit.

This was the only product I was able to find that got the job done, and now I've got a useful tool for other projects.

Its ok

- 01/10/2015

I tried on a big clogged and not sure if it works like it says or what. Wait on a good clog it see how it really work.

Response from Clog Hog:
Kipp, thank you for your comments. We'd expect your gas-powered pressure washer to provide plenty of power to clear clogs in 4" residential drains - so long as the clogs are not caused by solid objects such as tree roots. If you'd like troubleshooting help, please call our toll-free customer service line 1-800-249-1450 (9-5 M-F CST).

Clog Hog rain drain cleaning

- 01/06/2016

I live in calif and we were suppose to get a lot of rain this year. The rain drain was installed 20 years ago and never cleaned. Since we were suppose to get a lot of rain I though I had better clean the 4" pipe going to the street. It did a great job. I was hoping that I could also use it to clean the sink drains but have used it yet for that because it wont go around the trap. without taking the trap off,

Trusted and highly Recomended

- 06/23/2016

Knowing the effectiveness and results as well the ability of what this line " clog hog " can do I had no doubt to purchase this product. It was matter of time , a must have tool/ attachment on your toolbox. I wish I had the option to choose between stationary and rotary nozzle when I placed the order, since the rotary nozzle is more efficient for the specific jobs. More nozzle options will be great suggestion.
All in all a satisfy customer , great customer service .

Response from Clog Hog:
Loukas, thank you for your review. As detailed on our FAQ Page, we've found that rotating nozzles usually don't work well in household sewer drains. We do offer an optional High Thrust Nozzle that delivers greater pulling and flushing force, for use in drains that aren't completely clogged.

worth the money

- 06/17/2016

It work good I used it on a 4inch line


- 07/19/2015

We used drain clean In our campground sewer system to clean low spots and it seemed to do them job

Clog Hog

- 07/25/2016

Very simple to get started and it worked great.

Great job

- 06/24/2016

I was uncertain the clog hog would actually clear the clog in our drains but it did a great job surprisingly our dish washer stopped giving us error messages and out washing machine no longer backs up in the sink

CLeared my clog

- 10/06/2016

I received the Cloghog and put it right to work. We bought a house 3 years ago, and kept having a backup about once a year. It always seems to happen when we have guests over. Then I would have to get someone to come clean it out. I saw this product in the Handyman Magazine, and now I will be able to make sure our drain in cleaned before we have a big party. It hooked up easy to my pressure washer. The only challenge I had was not knowing which way our drainage went from the cleanout. The hose only seemed too go downhill, I couldn't get it to go the other way. To solve this, I went to the shower drain which turned out to be before the clog. Once I sent the Cloghog down the drain, it fed itself and cleaned out the problem.
Now that I have this in the garage, I can not only keep my drains clean, but I plan to use it at my 3 sons houses too.
Jerry H

Response from Clog Hog:
Jerry, thank you for your review. Note that your Residential sewer jetter can be expected to pass through some shower and floor drains, but definitely not all of them. Clog Hog now offers a Needle Nose Drain Cleaner that can pass through almost as many smaller elbows and transitions as a hand-held drum auger.

Best for smaller pipes

- 01/31/2017

I got this to use on my sewer line and it was pretty slow going and not overly effective. The sewer line was simply too big. It is pretty powerful for its size though and I think it would work good to use it to clean smaller pipes.

Response from Clog Hog:
Ron, thank you for your comments. Most household drains are 4" ID or smaller, and this Clog Hog Residential sewer jetter is generally effective for cleaning drains up to 4" ID when powered by a pressure washer rated 2.0 to 2.9 GPM.

If you've got a 6" ID drain, we'd recommend that you rent a pressure washer rated close to 4.0 GPM (but not more) and use one of our Commercial sewer jetters.

Pretty Darn Good

- 02/16/2017

I bought the Clog Hog to clean my irrigation drains that had filled with dirt over the years. For the most part, the Clog Hog is working as advertised. It's a slow process because there is so much accumulated dirt in my drains, but so far so good. Occasionally, the Clog Hog gets a little stuck in the drain, but I've been able to free it every time with a pulsing action on the trigger combined with gently pulling and pushing the Clog Hog line. I have noticed a little wear and tear on the Clog Hog nozzle in a short amount of usage, so I hope it holds up. But as I said, it's working pretty darn good and I'm getting shovel-fulls of dirt out of my drains.

Response from Clog Hog:
Dave, thank you for your review. As noted on our How Do I Unclog a Landscape Drain page, cleaning an outdoor drain that's clogged with dirt and yard debris can require a larger, gas-powered machine and plenty of patience because outdoor debris is so much heavier and harder to flush than most indoor waste.

If the drain has long sections that are packed with dirt or sand, we'd expect the nozzle face to show some scuff marks but we wouldn't expect the jets to wear prematurely unless the pressure washer water supply has an unusually high amount of dissolved solids. You can contact us for more help with this project.

Residential Clog Hog

- 06/21/2017

Cleaned 20ft of 4in footer drain with 99% clogged with clay. I started with a mini garden shovel to scoop some of the clay out and then used my 2500psi pressure washer and the clog hog cleaned it all out! I was impressed! I do seem to have trouble getting around turns which is why I give it 4 stars. I did have to clean out the nozzle after the clay so be sure to check that from time to time. Thanks Clog Hog saved me from digging up the whole foundation.

Response from Clog Hog:
Kevin, thank you for your review. Passing a sewer jetter nozzle through a drain elbow that has a rough or uneven interior surface - including some corrugated footer drain elbows - can sometimes take extra patience. There's detailed information on our FAQ Page about reaching a clog through a difficult elbow or transition.

If the elbow is close to the drain opening, you can disconnect the jetter from the pressure washer trigger gun, coil up the exposed line, turn the bundle several times in a clockwise direction to add some twist to the line, and slowly twist the line as you snake it through the elbow. If the elbow is further away, an optional High Thrust Nozzle can sometimes help.

You can also contact us for more information.

Great tool

- 06/12/2017

you will not get instant gratification on some clogs. some clogs youll need to be paitent with. once you master the feel of your drains and different blockages, whether that be grease, roots or other stuff that gets in the way, this tool is amazing and should save on outside service calls!

Worked very well

- 11/26/2017

Unclogged main sewer drain line about 50 ft down. Need to move through the whole length to make sure you get all the clog.

A lot cheaper than either buying or renting a power snake and works just as well.

Big kick

- 11/04/2017

The Clog Hog is a great product. It is easy to hook up and use. I have the 100 foot line with a head with one jet forward and three jets out the back. I hope to use some different heads in the future.

Response from Clog Hog:
Jacob, thank you for your comments. We do offer an optional High Thrust Nozzle for your drain cleaner that has more than double the pulling and flushing force (and no forward jet), for use in drains that aren't clogged with dense debris like ice or hard packed dirt.

Clog Hog Drain Cleaner

- 08/08/2015

After the first use, I had to clean the jet openings, as I was only getting one of the three backwards jets. This took a while and is difficult if one does not have a tool specific for this. However, when all three jets are working, they really pull the cleaner into the drain well. As it turns out, the obstruction (in a drain that services my pool deck and gutters) could not be cleared, but I don't think was because of the failure of the Clog Hog device itself, but because roots had probably entered the PVC tubing...

Response from Clog Hog:
Craig, thank you for your detailed review. As demonstrated in the Clog Hog video, it's important to flush the garden hose, pressure washer hose and trigger gun with clean water before connecting the sewer jetter. Otherwise dirt and debris from open hose connections could block the small orifices of the sewer jetter nozzle. For help to clean a blocked nozzle, visit our FAQ Page.

Ok for minor clogs, had to use roter-ruter on full clogs.

- 02/04/2014

I'll use this now when clog is starting. Didn't work with total clog. I'll keep it for fine tune-ups.

Response from Clog Hog:
Paul, thank you for your comments. We saw on your order that your pressure washer is a Sun Joe electric machine.

As noted on the Compatibility tab of the Drain Cleaner Set product page, owners of Sun Joe pressure washers report that their machines produce far less than the advertised flow - as little as 1.1 GPM - at the rated working pressure. This makes Sun Joe machines suitable only for simple drain cleaning jobs where the clog is less than 20 feet from the drain opening.

For much greater cleaning and pulling force, you can use your drain cleaner with nearly all gas-powered machines rated up to 2.9 GPM. You can also contact us for assistance.

what they don't tell you

- 07/12/2018

The first three times I used the product it worked great!! The forth time there was an issue. The product 'feeds' itself in the drain. What happened, and they did not tell you, was the product could get stuck in the pipe with no means to pull it out. Now my 100' cleaner is a 60' cleaner and I will need to purchase another head for the product.

Response from Clog Hog:
Gordon, thank you for your comments. After you contacted us, we're glad that we were able to resolve the issue at no further cost to you.

Gordon told us that while he had success cleaning three accordion landscape drains that were clogged with outdoor debris, the jetter got stuck in a fourth drain that he believes was blocked by a preexisting collapse and separation between two sections.

As noted on our FAQ Page, you should avoid using a sewer jetter or mechanical drain snake if you believe that a drain has this sort of structural damage, and instead contact a licensed contractor for help to repair the drain.

100 ft drain cleaner

- 01/04/2015

The presurre machine did not produce any pressure to open the drain. But the cleaner helped to locate the location of clug. We opend the dran and resove the problem.

Response from Clog Hog:
Mitra, thank you for your review. Most customers find that a gas-powered pressure washer has plenty of power to unclogs household drains, unless there are large solid objects like tree roots in the line. You can contact us and we'll be glad to provide troubleshooting help.

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