25 Ft Needle Nose Drain Cleaner
25 Ft Needle Nose Drain Cleaner
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For Your Gas Pressure Washer – 2.0 to 2.9 GPM

Power Wash Your Clogged Drains

  • Steel-belted sewer jetter for maximum cleaning distance and better durability.
  • Patent-pending nozzle for superior pulling and scrubbing in 1-1/2" to 4" ID drains.
  • Cleans main drains, landscape drains, septic field lines, indoor lateral lines and more.
  • Scrub away grease, sanitary paper, food residue, silt, clay, leaves, ice, and other clogs.

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  • Needle Nose™ nozzle profile gives improved cornering in drains down to 1-1/2" ID.
  • Flexible steel-belted sewer jetter hose for easier insertion in more types of drains.
  • Complete and ready to use, with an M22 adapter to fit most gas machines, a nozzle cleaning tool, and a double-headed hose tie to keep the drain cleaner coiled after use.
  • Model J-25-M

For Your Gas Pressure Washer – 2.0 to 2.9 GPM

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Sewer Jetter Specifications

  • Model: J-25-M
  • Length: 25 Ft.
  • High Pressure Line OD: 0.38 In.
  • Rated Flow: Up to 2.9 GPM
  • Rated Pressure: Up to 4,000 PSI
  • Rated Water Temp.: Up to 120° F
  • Shipping Weight: 2.6 Lbs.
Nozzle Cleaning Tool
Set of two miniature tools helps you quickly remove debris from nozzle jets.
Spare Nozzle and Accessories for Needle Nose
Spare nozzle and free accessories.
Clog Hog Hat
Clog Hog Hat - $12.00
Adjustable, 100% cotton relaxed twill hat with a sewn-in Clog Hog logo.
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25 Ft Needle Nose Drain Cleaner

- 02/05/2019

Worked great will pay for itself several times over. Simple to use.

Super Product-25 Ft Needle Nose Drain Cleaner

- 12/07/2018

Looked at a bunch of options before ordering the 25 Ft Needle Nose Drain Cleaner from Cog Hog, but something in my head told me to get this one and not cheaper version somewhere else.This nozzle had the job done in only a couple of minutes. My only regret is that I did not get the 50 Ft. hose model, for possible future projects.

Clog Hog Cleans French Drain Well

- 11/25/2018

My Clog Hog made cleaning my french drain a breeze. It pulls itself through the drains and works it way around corners making the job easy and quick.

I highly recommend the product.

Owner Smitts Handyman Service Co.

- 09/10/2018

A very good product would recommend this to everyone.

Exceptional Product

- 05/03/2018

Used the 25ft needle nose drain cleaner to flush out an outside plastic drain which was cluttered with leaves and mud. Blew everything out within minutes. Also used it to unplug a clay tile drain pipe. It was like using a hot knife through butter. Exceptional product.

25 ft. Needle nose drain cleaner

- 03/27/2018

Excellent results!

Used in 2' shower drain and 3" cast iron sewer line and checked with a sewer line camera and completely cleaned the pipe of debris. Would recommend product.

Blaster works awesome

- 01/09/2018

Cleared my downspout clogs immediately.

Awesome little blaster!

An awesome tool

- 12/17/2017

This tool has made it so much easier, to clear the smaller size pipes. It is also so much safer than having to lift my sewer machine onto the roof when I have to clear by ventstack. Love it.

25 foot needle drain cleaner

- 12/06/2017

perfect for 1.5 to 2 drains. lots of cutting and cleaning power


- 11/07/2017

only had the chance to use it once
everything worked great with a little more practice i can see were this will be addition to my tool box

better then any snake

- 10/29/2017

easy to handle great for small area much better then using electric snake cleans pipe as it clears ..highly recommend ..only down fall need pressure washer to use

25' Needle Nose Drain Cleaner

- 08/22/2017

I purchased this drain cleaner to unclog a pool main drain clog, clogged with leaves and sticks. It went right down the pipe and busted up the clog without any problems. I think the clog was at an elbow and the Clog Hog had no issues.

Worked great and would recommend this product to anyone with a clogged drain.

25 Ft Needle Nose Drain Cleaner

- 08/09/2017

I have used the needle nose drain cleaner a couple times already with no disappointment. Everyone should have one. Works as well as it is stated in the instructions-Perfect!

Great tool

- 05/23/2017

Worked exactly as advertised. Got here very fast.

I will absolutely purchase more for different properties.

better than drain augers

- 05/21/2017

easiest way ever to clear blocked small drains

Great drain-cleaning tool!

- 05/20/2017

Can get into smaller pipes where a snake or a standard Clog Hog won't fit.

Works great

- 05/19/2017

I have an older apartment building. I have used this to jet out two drains. I used it with an electric pressure washer. This combo is easily managed by one person. It worked great.

Great tool

- 05/18/2017

This is a great tool for a reasonable price. I have been using the hydro Jetter hose for 3 years now for my business and always works how it should, as long as you keep the orifices clean.

Needle Nose Drain Cleaner

- 04/26/2017

I used this for maintenance rather than unclogging a drain line. I was unable to get it through a 1-1/2" trap but I believe the challenge is from the plumbing itself rather than the tool. I look forward to another opportunity to see this in action!

Response from Clog Hog:
Sean, thank you for your comments. If you have difficulty passing a sewer jetter through a small diameter trap, it can sometimes help to disconnect the drain cleaner from the pressure washer trigger gun, coil up the exposed line, turn the bundle several times in a clockwise direction to add some twist to the line, and slowly twist the line as you snake the sewer jetter through the trap.

Note that you should also have an alternate drain opening available that's upstream of that drain opening in case this sewer jetter can't pass through that trap.

You can also contact us for more help.

25' needle nose drain cleaner

- 04/25/2017

I used the Needle Nose drain cleaner in my 2" cast iron sewer drain. I attached it to a 3500 psi pressure washer. I was able to break up and remove bathing product build up and metal corrosion debris. The cast iron pipe is 51 yrs old and it had substantial build up. I ran it thru the 25' system 5 times.

I am very satisfied with the Needle Nose drain cleaner. It definitely saved me an expensive re-plumb job.


- 04/10/2017

This thing really cleans the pipes.

Two Thumbs up for Clog Hog

- 03/15/2017

after trying numerous drain cleaners with zero results I spotted the Clog Hog & decided to give it a shot, worked just as the Video showed. Excellent idea!

25' needle head drain cleanser

- 02/24/2017

Good tool to have for cleans drain clog

Great Product Addition

- 01/31/2017

This Needle Nose hose is a great tool for homeowners and contractors alike. Great product line addition for Clog Hog!

Finally clear!

- 01/16/2017

I have had problems for years with a drain that was clogged with powered soap (I know this because I dug up and replace part of the drain) such that a regular snake would only make a small hole down the middle. After running the cloghog down the drain it now flows better than it ever has! Victory! Score one for the DIY home repair guy.

I was really surprised at how well it pulled itself into the drain. I did however have a bit of trouble getting the nozzle around a 90 degree that was about 20 feet down pipe. Several pull and release with a twist actions eventually got it around the bend. I think it might help if there were a flexible toung of wire, maybe 2 or 3 inches, in front of the nozzle that would help it around corners. Oh, quick delivery too!


- 11/30/2016


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