25 Ft Needle Nose Drain Cleaner Set
25 Ft Needle Nose Drain Cleaner Set
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For Your Electric Pressure Washer – 1.2 to 1.9 GPM

Power Wash Your Clogged Drains

  • Steel-belted sewer jetter for maximum cleaning distance and better durability.
  • Compact nozzle provides superior pulling and scrubbing in 1-1/2" to 4" ID drains.
  • Cleans indoor lateral lines, main household sewer drains, and more.
  • Scrub away grease, sanitary paper, food residue, hair, and other indoor clogs.

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  • Needle Nose™ nozzle profile gives improved cornering in drains down to 1-1/2" ID.
  • Flexible steel-belted sewer jetter hose for easier insertion in more types of drains.
  • Complete with an M22 adapter installed, your choice of additional electric adapter(s), and a double-headed hose tie to keep your drain cleaner neatly coiled after use.
  • Model SJ-25-M

Important: click the Compatibility tab for pressure washer information.

For Your Electric Pressure Washer – 1.2 to 1.9 GPM

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Sewer Jetter Specifications

  • Item: SJ-25-M (consists of J-25-M and choice of adapters)
  • Length: 25 Ft.
  • High Pressure Line OD: 0.38 In.
  • For Electric Machines Rated: 1.2 to 1.9 GPM
  • Rated Pressure: Up to 4,000 PSI
  • Rated Water Temp.: Up to 120° F
  • Shipping Weight (with standard Adapter Kit): 3.1 Lbs.
Nozzle Cleaning Tool
Miniature spiral-cut tool helps you quickly remove debris from nozzle jets.
Spare Nozzle and Accessories for Needle Nose
Identical spare Needle Nose™ nozzle and free accessories.
Clog Hog Hat
Clog Hog Hat - $12.00
Adjustable, 100% cotton relaxed twill hat. New!
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If you have a drain snake trash it!

- 11/13/2018

My wife likes industrial strength clothes washing machines. My SPEED QUEEN emptys its huge tub in about 1 minute. It overflowed the strand pipe in 2 different houses. Multiple drain snakeings did nothing for it. Clog Hog fixed it in one attempt.

Clean Your Own RV Tanks

- 09/03/2018

I've always hired my tanks to be cleaned and was never satisfied. The guy doing the job just ran the nozzle in and out and that was it. All I got was a $235.00 bill and was never satisfied with the work. I knew that if I could do the cleaning myself I could take my time to insure the tank would be cleaned properly. You can take a chance not doing the job right.

I stumbled on Clog Hog 25 ft. cleaning system. I purchased it early 2018. I have used it several times once on my 5th wheel RV and other applications for domestic clogged sewer lines. I took my time reviewing this product to make sure it worked. I am so pleased with it.

Follow the instructions closely you'll not be disappointed. The best thing is I can hook it up to my pressure washer that I already had. One good hydro-clean on your RV tanks (black and grey) will pay for this thing. I'm a ex full timer now seasonal RVer. The peace of mind knowing your tanks are clean and not going to plug up next time you dump them is worth the investment. Stuff builds up in those tanks even caused by the use of some tank treatments. Talk to some RVers that have had major tank plug ups. Not that uncommon and can cost big bucks. Stay safe out there.

Thanks Clog Hog


- 04/19/2018

We bought this for our science museum to clean out some pipes in our sensory water table and have since clog hogged out pretty much every pipe we can reach. Pulls stuff off the inside of pipes you wouldn't even know is there. Great product!!!

Drain Tiles

- 03/27/2018

I used this on 4" underground drain tiles running off my gutters. The Clog Hog worked great and cleared out all of the dirt blockages. It was easy to use and very effective. Only negative I would say is the price, but relative to renting a drain cleaner or hiring someone to do it, it pays for itself. I recommend this product.

Good clog tool

- 03/14/2018

I actually used this to clear debris from 3 inch corregated drain tile that was clogged. It took a while but I was able to bring up a lot of debris and clear the blockages.

Response from Clog Hog:
John, thank you for your review. We're glad you were able to clear the drain tile with your electric pressure washer.

Nozzle force increases roughly with GPM squared, so for much greater pulling, cleaning, and flushing force you can use this same Needle Nose Drain Cleaner with nearly all gas powered pressure washers rated up to 4.0 GPM. Use of a gas powered machine can be a big time saver if you're clearing landscaping drains and footer tiles, since outdoor clogs are typically much heavier and take more force to move than indoor debris like grease and sanitary paper.

clog hog is awesome

- 02/28/2018

Cleared laundry drain line. Old plumbing. Trap would get clogged periodically. Snaked clog hog down it and blasted clog. Drain is now draining normally. Last time plumber charged $300 and did not clear it completely. They used hydrojet from roof vent. Ineffective...

Great tool for commercial use

- 01/31/2018

I run a maintenance department at a retirement community and we are constantly clearing drains, usually hair or goop from bathroom sinks. Using the traditional snake, we have to usually go back frequently. However, after we started using the jetting snake, we have yet to return to any of the drains we have cleared.

We like it so much that we are now using it as a pro-active tool instead of a reactive tool. This is a must have for any maintenance person!


- 01/25/2018

Got the 25 ft. Unit to clean old drains really fouled up . Now it flows fast and no gurgling noise.

Works great

- 01/22/2018

Used to flush out 3 inch mains for floor drains that get plugged with sand.

Clog hog mini drain cleaner

- 12/31/2017

Much easier to turn the corners on the smaller lateral drains. Thanks for doing this, Clog Hog. Attached to my Electric power washer and was able to clean the drain from the laundry room.

ClogHog used for under ground gutters

- 12/24/2017

It work very well for me. I did 4 gutters, one may have been clogged, with a little work it went through.

It pulled in the line some what by itself and when I pulled it back you could feel it work.

Response from Clog Hog:
Katherine, thank you for your comments. You can use this same drain cleaner with nearly all gas-powered pressure washers rated up to 4.0 GPM. Nozzle force increases roughly with GPM squared, so you'll notice a huge increase in pulling and cleaning force should you attach your drain cleaner to a gas-powered machine.

Clog hog product.

- 12/06/2017

Best of the best. Will come back for more. Thank you.

Needle nose drain cleaner

- 11/09/2017

I'm impressed with the ability of the drain cleaner to move past a fairly sharp elbow in 2 inch rusted cast iron laundry drain line with the elbow 31 inches below the indoor cleanout. It went in 15 feet easily and moved some rust flakes back. Good product!!

Response from Clog Hog:
Tom, thank you for your review. You've generally got only about a 50% chance of passing a Needle Nose Drain Cleaner through a laundry drain trap, depending on the design of the trap. It's a good idea to first try other, lower-cost alternatives listed on our How Do I Unclog a Laundry Drain page before you consider trying a sewer jetter.

25 Ft Needle Nose

- 11/01/2017

This unit worked great getting in a 1 1/2" sink, drain pipe. The larger Clog Hog that I have would not go through the bends in the drain in the walls.

Bye Bye Clog

- 10/31/2017

Great tool and does the job well. I only have a 1800psi pressure washer and it cleared this up pretty well. The only thing I can say is if you cant hit the clog from both ends or the down stream end this might not be the product for you. I used it and ended up pushing the junk in my pipes all to the area that was clogged and completely blocked what used to be a slow drain. After finally breaking through and going back and forth in the drain I was able to get it free. So a combination of Clog Hog, plunger, and drain cleaner got me flowing again! It has nothing to do with the product not working and more with just how to get the clog completely cleared by accessing it from both sides of the pipe. Otherwise a great tool, high quality, great staff and support to answer questions.

Response from Clog Hog:
Thank you for your comments. It's unlikely that a sewer jetter could pack a clog closer together, because the nozzle jets work with gravity to break up and carry those materials downstream. However, if you're jetting from an uphill drain opening down toward the clog and the drain is completely clogged, you could temporarily see some water from the sewer jetter flow back out of the drain opening before the clog breaks apart. These spills are usually easy to handle so long as you have a small bucket and a few towels nearby, since you can use your trigger gun to stop the flow of water whenever needed.

Works great

- 10/17/2017

Excellent product! After having our septic pumped out we used the Clog Hog to clean out the inlet and outlet pipes - first time we had to have it pumped at the home.

We weren't sure what to expect with an electric pressure washer but this thing left those crud filled pipes looking brand new, especially the inlet which was pretty gunked up. Ran it from a clean out back to the box also. It fit perfectly on our pressure washer too, which was a big concern initially.

The products for gas powered washers must pack a serious punch if this needle nose cleaner can do what it did. Great product - don't hesitate to order, it'll get the job done.

I'm really glad I bought it

- 10/15/2017

After having my sewer line replaced I wanted to do a deep clean on all the piping under the basement slab. I bought the 50' standard jetter and thought I should buy the Needle Nose jetter at the same time - just in case.

The Needle Nose jetter was a real asset because, even though the sewer lines were wide, there was a lot of construction debris in the old pipes and I had trouble chasing the standard jetter through them - especially around hidden bends. I used the Needle Nose jetter to work these bends out and then I could get the standard jetter through.

My feeling is that the Needle Nose jetter might be a bigger asset if you're using an electric power washer like me because the electrics don't have the oompf the gas ones do. In any event, the pipes are way cleaner then they were and the Needle Nose jetter helped a lot. In the spring I'll use the Needle Nose jetter to chase out the kitchen drain and the old vent stacks on the roof. I'm also keen to see how it does on the downspouts.

It Did the Job

- 09/11/2017

We had a 2" drain line which was plugged from scaled rust sediment, the needle nose Clog Hog was able to pass a 2" 90 degree elbow 8' from the starting point and travel the full 25' length.

With multiple passes we were able to remove the blockage and sediment. Reason for 4 star rating, the tip was slightly plugged with a piece of plastic when we received the item and caused us some headache until we figured out the problem, once cleared it worked very well. One drawback is it's only available in 25' length.

Response from Clog Hog:
Mike, thank you for your detailed review. We sometimes hear about small, rubbery chips from pressure washer pump and garden hose seals entering the sewer jetter hose and flowing up to the nozzle, eventually making it necessary to remove the nozzle and shake out this debris. That's why we always recommend that you flush out your garden hose and pressure washer hose with clean water before you attach the sewer jetter. There's detailed information on our FAQ Page about cleaning the nozzle tip.

Great tool

- 07/31/2017

Makes cleaning drains much easier!

25 Ft Needle Nose Drain Cleaner Set

- 07/07/2017

I bought a 25 Ft Needle Nose Drain Cleaner Set and a drain line set from Clog Hog. Can’t thanks enough for their services and products.

It worked out perfect with no issues. Save so much time and headache with clog drain. I sure will come back for more in the near future.

Thanks so much to Clog Hog folks for their professionalism and their awesome products. Highly recommended.

Clog Hog gets it done

- 06/16/2017

I used the Clog Hog in a parking garage drain. This drain was so badly plugged up that two plumbers broke 2 snakes in the drain. They told me I would have to dig up the concrete to get to the blockage.

I bought a Clog Hog and cleaned out the drain. Everything works now. Clog Hog saved me a thousands. Thank you for engineering such a wonderful product.

25 Footer Works Great

- 06/08/2017

Great tool. Was able to get past a tight bend and allow me to finish my project.

Clog Hog

- 05/25/2017

I was very satisfied with my Clog Hog hose. It worked very well with my electric pressure washer. I used it to clean out my underground gutter drain tile. I was surprised how it just feeds itself once you get it going.

Cannot go through shower room pipe

- 05/19/2017

the size for shower room pipe is 3 3/4 " but it cannot go through. I need a snake to clean the pipe to the next lookout.

Response from Clog Hog:
Mr. Lin, thank you for your review. While the strainer cap that you remove to access the shower drain might be 3-3/4" in diameter, most shower drains are between 1-1/4" and 2" ID and have very tight, short-radius traps near the drain opening.

As noted on our How Do I Unclog a Shower or Floor Drain? page, your first option to deep-clean a shower drain is usually a hand-held drum auger. You should try a Needle Nose Drain Cleaner only if you were able to insert the drum auger a full 25 feet into the shower drain.

If you have difficulty passing a sewer jetter through the shower trap, it can sometimes help to disconnect the drain cleaner from the pressure washer trigger gun, coil up the exposed line, turn the bundle several times in a clockwise direction to add some twist to the line, and slowly twist the line as you snake the sewer jetter through the trap.

Note that you should also have an alternate drain opening available that's upstream of the clogged drain in case this sewer jetter can't pass through that tight shower drain trap.

You can also contact us for more help.

Review of 25' needle nose drain cleaner

- 05/11/2017

Clog Hog products are the best. For all my clogs I have used other products and Clog Hog products is my go-to company. They have the best made products never had a problem and am extremely happy with their customer support.

MC Plumbing & Heating

- 05/04/2017

This mini sink clearing drain snake was easy to use and was very effective for the application it was intended will use again.

Worked Great!

- 05/04/2017

My Clog Hog worked great even with my relatively low pressure electric Simoniz. I used it on a 1.5 inch pipe that drains the laundry tub and the kitchen sink above. A line that is prone to clogging.

The only hiccup I had was getting the nozzle past the elbow in the basement floor. I re-read instructions and did what was suggested- coiling the hose and pulsing the trigger. It got past the elbow in this small pipe. It flows well now! Better than by snaking.

Exactly as advertised

- 04/24/2017

The product (25' hose) worked exactly as advertised; removing a clog in a french drain. My only regret is not having a more powerful washer (mine has 1700PSI/1.2GPM). That said, the website correctly explains what length of hose can be paired with your washer's power. I like to see Clog Hog develop an attachment for pairing with a snake. I found working the two together very effective.

Saved Me From Calling Plumber

- 04/17/2017

I had a main sewer drain stoppage. I came at it from "below" (street side) without success, so I tried again from "above" (house side) and it finally unplugged. It took patience, two feet in, one foot back, over and over. Finally, the drain unstuck, and now it flows as good as new. So glad I didn't have to call a plumber on a Sunday!

Hands down, THE BEST declogging tool that EVERY homeowner should own!

- 04/12/2017

We live in a residence that was built by my husband's grandparents back in the 60's. It's a wonderful home but we've been experiencing slow drains and septic issues for quite some time. As the pipes are 50+ years old, we were needing something that we would be able to handle ourselves, simple, easy and non-destructive to pipes that "may" be compromised. After researching, I found the Clog Hog and let me tell you.... it is AMAZING!

Hooks right up to your regular residential pressure washer and is ready to go. It is sleek, durable and completely blasted through some of the worst caked in and aged gunk you can imagine. We fed that nozzle through every opening, draining, intake and every septic pipe through our whole house and WHAT a difference. Once you're done, simply hose it down, dry it off, wrap it up and storage is simple. Sincerely, don't mess around with the old drill snake if you don't have to. The Clog Hog can really get the job done.

But it's not JUST about the tool that makes the Clog Hog truly great. It was also the customer service that I received during my researching of products. During the purchase process and finally upon delivery. They were amazing. This is a company that makes a quality product with quality employees. I rarely if ever give the highest ranking on any review, but I absolutely give this tool and this company... 5 stars, two thumbs and a "10" on the rating scale!

Good luck with your declogging needs and may "The Hog" be with you!

With Regards,

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Price: $99.00