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50 Ft Drain Cleaner For Electric

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Get Maximum Electric Cleaning Force

Only for 1.2 GPM Ryobi and Greenworks Electric Pressure Washers


  • Higher-force Needle Nose™ nozzle has three back jets and a smaller forward jet.
  • Flexible steel-belted sewer jetter hose for easier insertion in more types of drains.
  • Complete with a trigger gun, a nozzle cleaning tool, and a double-headed hose tie.
  • Item TYJ-50-M (consists of a YJ-50-M drain cleaner and a trigger gun for electric).

Only for 1.2 GPM Ryobi and Greenworks Pressure Washers

  • Not compatible with M22-15 high pressure hoses on most other electric brands.
  • Will overload and produce no cleaning force with all other gas and electric models.
  • Not compatible with 1.1 GPM Greenworks model 51052.

Recommended for use with these PWMA compliant, hand-carry models:

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Sewer Jetter Specifications

  • Item: TYJ-50-M (consists of YJ-50-M sewer jetter and AS-G trigger gun for electric)
  • Length: 50 Ft.
  • High Pressure Line OD: 0.38 In.
  • Only for Ryobi and Greenworks Electric Machines Rated: 1.2 GPM
  • Rated Pressure: Up to 2,600 PSI
  • Rated Water Temp.: Up to 104° F
  • Shipping Weight (with Trigger Gun): 5.5 Lbs.
Nozzle Cleaning Tool
Set of two miniature tools helps you quickly remove debris from nozzle jets.
Spare Nozzle and Accessories For Electric
Identical to the original, each nozzle usually lasts as long as the sewer jetter hose.
Clog Hog Hat
Clog Hog Hat - $12.00
Adjustable, 100% cotton relaxed twill hat with a sewn-in Clog Hog logo.
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Clog Hog

- 03/28/2021

I have had problems with my laundry washer drain for several years now. I've called three different plumbers to get this clog resolved at $300 a pop. Each one ran a snake into the drain. The last plumber used one of those handheld snakes that you hook up to a drill.

Of course, they all worked, but only for a short time, usually within 4 months, it was clogged again. I could tell it wasn't going to work because I could hear the drain start to fill up, although it never overflowed.

So, I bought one of these handheld snakes hoping to save myself some $$$. Every 4 -5 months I would snake the drain. This got to be annoying.

I did some research online and came across the Clog Hog. I thought I would give it a try because of the high reviews.

I received my Clog Hog in two days. I put the jetter in the washer drain but it stopped about ten feet in. I think I hit the trap and it wouldn't go any further. I knew the clog was much farther in, so I went onto the roof and went down the vent.

I could feel the jetter hit the clog. It went thru in seconds. I backed off and cleaned that section several times. The drain is now working better than ever.

I highly recommend the Clog Hog to anyone, Pro or DIY'er.

Many thanks to the person I spoke to at Clog Hog. Great customer service!

Mike H.
Bethany, OK

Clog Hog sewer jetter for 1.2 GPM

- 12/12/2020

Impressed! As a service plumber for 20 years I have been totally impressed by the amount of pulling force and cleaning power generated by the new Clog Hog high force nozzle. It is more than I honestly expected!

I pack my Ryobi 1600 psi electric pressure washer unit with the Clog Hog set up with gun neatly in a rollaway toolbox and I'm good to go to my next job. My set up cost me less than $500! YES LESS!

Blasting through stopped up 1-1/2" to 2" lines and it cleared these lines with more power. This did not cost me a bundle.

More force than the expensive unit offered by the others! I'm in business to make money while providing my clients with quality service. High force, quality jetting, better cleaning!

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Price: $149.00