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Great product

- 01/12/2018

The Clog Hog is an absolutely wonderful product. Opened my clogged main sewer line in short order. Costumer service answered all my questions and sent me the proper equipment for my power washer and application. Definitely a must have!

Works! Highly recommended!

- 02/19/2017

The 50' Clog Hog cleared a grease clogged 4" line from the kitchen/laundry to the septic tank in no time. Worked from the clean out to tank and the clean out towards the house. As others have said, it pulls itself along easily. Pulled it back and forth the complete length each way 5-10 times to be thorough. Marked first 5' and every 10' with electrical tape as suggested. It's a product I hope you never need. But, if you do, I can't recommend it enough.

Incredible results!

- 02/18/2017

Purchased the 50 ft Clog Hog even after receiving a phoned message that my weak pressure washer would probably not make use of the entire 50 feet. The Clog Hog rep said my 1300 psi washer would likely only advance the jetter about 25 feet. Boy was he wrong!! The Clog Hog cleared the Clog and then advanced the full 50 feet with ease!! In fact, it would have gone farther if I'd had more length. This tool EASILY cleared a Clog I had been battling with stiff ram rods and rotary auger tools. The Clog Hog made short work of it and I had a clear drain in no time! Right tool for the job no doubt!

Response from Clog Hog:
Thank you for your comments. Most customers find that small electric pressure washers rated 1.2 GPM can power this drain cleaner a maximum of only 20 to 30 feet inside a 4" ID main drain, depending on the condition and design of the drain. However, if you're cleaning a smaller ID drain, are working from an indoor drain opening and the drain cleaner is moving downhill, and you've got a major brand of pressure washer (where the GPM flow ratings under pressure aren't overstated by the manufacturer) then you might be able to power the drain cleaner a bit further.

Property Maintenance

- 02/09/2017

purchased to clear extreme 90/45 riddled 1 1/2 inch kitchen drain 40ft regular snake could not clear. Clog Hog did in ONE Sweep Great tool

It is what they say it is

- 02/04/2017

Despite being marketed as a homeowner grade sewer water jetting system this product turns your pressure washer into a jetter. There is nothing different than a professional grade system besides having a pulse switch and or a foot/knee pedal, which you can buy for some pressure washer. Just follow there gpm and psi chart and you wont have a problem. This is a great product.

great purchase

- 02/04/2017

I was having recurring problems with my sewer line backing up. This product more than paid for itself after just a month. Easy to use. Highly recommended!

Worked excellent

- 01/21/2017

The Clog Hog worked exactly as it said it would and fixed my issue in a matter of minutes, even with my under powered power washer.

The Clog Hog with Thruster Tip

- 01/12/2017

I was truly amazed how well the Clog Hog worked. I have a septic main line that makes a bend before entering the tank. I usually have to call a plumber twice a year to bore through it with a snake. Not anymore!

With a little patience I was able to make the bend in the pipe and clear the obstruction! I then kept working the tight area until I could advance and pull the Clog Hog easily through. I had previously bent a power snake on the same spot. I am a believer in your product, thanks.

Response from Clog Hog:
Erik, thank you for your review. The thruster tip mentioned in your review is the optional High Thrust Nozzle that doubles the pulling and cleaning force of your sewer jetter. This option is great for flushing out heavy septic sludge, but because the High Thrust Nozzle has no forward jet it's not recommended for drains that could be completely clogged with dense material.

Great Product

- 12/22/2016

I purchased the Clog Hog to unclog my backyard drains. Followed the instructions and cleaned out all my drains. I have cleaned out a couple of my neighbors' drains and they are all amazed how easy it cleans the drains. Worth the price!!

Glad I bought it!

- 12/13/2016

After a week of drain issues, a visit by a plumber with his roto tool and the mess he lift on the floor, within 1 hour of hooking up the 50 Ft Drain cleaner, my sewer was open and flowing again. No mess, no fuss, just easy and less expensive than one plumber visit!

Very satisfied

- 10/13/2016

They worked great have told several yacht captains about this...

Great product

- 08/31/2016

I had sewer backup in my basement twice in the month of June. Had a plumber come and snake main drain. Two weeks later I had back up again. Got the log Hog and used it without a hitch. No back up since!!!

Clog Hog 50' did the job

- 08/30/2016

We used the Clog Hog at 2 of our rental properties that had clogged or slowing running garage and basement drains. It did seem to open up the lines instead of paying the plumber to do.

50 ft drain cleaner set

- 06/29/2016

Got this product 2 weeks ago and have used it twice already. It helped me clean the soda machine pipe in the restaurant in 30 minutes. Used it again this past Sunday for cleaning tbe cement patio and my wife is pleased with the result. Would recommend this product!!

Clog Hog

- 06/29/2016

We use this to clean our drains -- easy to use and quite effective.

Clog Hog Review

- 06/24/2016

2 Issues:
1. Does not have enough pressure. I am using a Simpson Electric 1700 psi washer.
2. The nipple is already clogged. Could use a cleaning needle kit!

Response from Clog Hog:
Moti, thank you for your review.

1. As noted on this product page, your 1.3 GPM machine can be expected to power this drain cleaner a maximum of around 30 feet in most 4" ID drains. You'd need a machine rated at least 1.5 GPM to power the drain cleaner its full 50 feet most of the time. For much greater cleaning and pulling force, you can use the same drain cleaner with the majority of larger gas and electric pressure washers rated up to 2.9 GPM.

2. As detailed in the product instructions, it's important to flush the garden hose and pressure washer hose with clean water before connecting the drain cleaner. That's because small pieces of dirt can enter open hoses during storage, and could block the nozzle jets. There are detailed instructions on our FAQ Page to clean the nozzle should it get dirty.

If you'd like help with any of these issues, please email us or call our toll-free customer service line 1-800-249-1450 (9-5 M-F CST).

Performs well

- 06/20/2016

The product was delivered quickly.I used it successfully on a 4 inch drain. The jets are very powerful and threading it to and fro in the pipe was easy. I definitely recommend it

50 Ft Drain Cleaner Set

- 06/19/2016

Had 30 feet of 6 inch corrugated drain line packed solid with 15 years of sediment and pine needles. It took a couple of hours, but the clog hog cleared it. Much better than digging up the line and replacing it!

Response from Clog Hog:
Thank you for your review. If you're clearing heavy outdoor sediment from 6" diameter landscaping drains, you'll find the job is usually much easier using a gas-powered machine rated close to 4.0 GPM (but not more) and our Commercial Drain Cleaner.

electric power washer with a clog hog.

- 06/13/2016

Used a Clog Hog attached to small electric power washer. Worked great ! One thing I did not realize, is that a lot of "micro mist" comes out of the drain clean-out opening (i didnt realize till afterwards ) during use. Next time I'll definitely use a simple breathing type filter mask. Clog Hog kinda fun to use, definitely could "feel" the obstructions, as Clog Hog was able to penetrate through them.


- 06/11/2016

product was cleared my clog with ease

Free cleaner

- 06/10/2016

I only used it one time . It worked I hope better the next time

Response from Clog Hog:
Gene, thank you for your comment. If you need any help to complete your next drain cleaning project, please call our toll-free service line 1-800-249-1450 (9-5 M-F CST).

Just What The Sewer Pipes Needed

- 05/29/2016

I purchased the Clog Hog about a month ago in June 2016. I was installing 2 new toilets and wanted to clean the sewer lines before I installed the new toilets. I was a little worried that my Clean Force 1.5gpm pressure washer wasn't strong enough to do the job. Well it was and the Clog Hog worked as advertised. It actually worked so good you definitely have to hold on to the line, cause it will walk itself thru the line quickly. I've also used it to clean the main sewer line and don't think I'll ever have to use the steel snake again. I'm sure not sorry I purchased the Clog Hog and definitely will recommend it to other people.

Great Tool

- 05/28/2016

Hooked up to my 1.2 gpm 2000 psi electric pressure washer and the 50 ft Drain Cleaner pulled through its full 50 ft length of my yard drain. Would not cut the root clog but it let me know right where it was. Need a more powerful pressure washer to cut roots. It cleaned out all of the silt and leaves that has built up over time. Excellent build quality and functionality.

Response from Clog Hog:
Mr. Johnson, thank you for your comments. As discussed on our FAQ Page, Clog Hog drain cleaners can't cut through tree roots. For cutting tree roots you can try a mechanical drain snake with a cutting tip that's designed for that job.

Thank You!

- 05/17/2016

I purchased my home last fall and since then have had sewer line issues. I couldn't keep shelling $120 out for the plumber to help me, so I tried this.

So, I got the clog hog attached to my power washer (2000 PSI, 1.6 GPM) and sent it down the drain which was completely clogged to the top of the clean out. I fed it all the way down to the end of my sewer line and it started to drain. I felt like dancing in my front yard but didn't want the neighbors laughing. After my first pass, I sent it down again to get a double-clean and everything is able to drain again in the house.
It's so nice to know that when it clogs up again - which it will - I can take care of the issue myself.

Worth every penny. Thanks so much!

Happy with the Clog Hog

- 05/07/2016

I recently added 200 feet of drainage pipe in my yard. As much work as that was, I really don't want to have to redo it any time soon. Therefore, I plan to clean out all of my yard drains once every 1-2 years. I figure that paying someone to do this once would cost as much as the Clog Hog. I initially tried a cheaper drain jet from eBay that was half the price. However, it was completely defective. The Clog Hog is more expensive than some other offerings. However, you get what you pay for. The 50' Clog Hog worked great with my 1900 psi electric pressure washer. I was able to get it through all of my drains.

Paid for Itself Many Times Over

- 05/04/2016

The Clog Hog 50ft jetter is amazing and has already paid for itself several times over. I have used it to clear a french drain, several outdoor downspouts, a very dirty kitchen line, as well as flushing out all the vertical plumbing lines in our home. I cannot imagine what the cost would have been to have a professional plumber do the same work.

Does The Job - Easy to Use

- 05/04/2016

I have had the Clog Hog for a few months now. I have used it several times and every time it has removed the clog in 10 minutes or less - usually about 5 minutes. It is an up-front investment but it is worth the expense. I was paying the plumber $120 every time he had to come out and unclog my main sewer line, plus had to live with a clogged drain until he could come help me. So the Clog Hog has more than paid for itself since it was purchased. Very happy with the product. Thanks!

New homeowner buys Clog Hog

- 04/28/2016

The Clog Hog is great to have around the house. I recently purchased a home built in 1958 and the first weekend in the home, we experienced backups in multiple drains around the house.

For the kitchen sink I sent the Clog Hog down the roof air vent and when it met up with clog in the actual drain, the hog went to work. 3 minutes of squeezing the pressure washer trigger and the Clog Hog started working its way through the rest of the drainage pipes, problem solved. This worked so well that I cleared out each bathtub and bathroom sink drain for the fun of it.

Thanks, great design and great purchase!

great product

- 04/22/2016

worked like advertized

Great product

- 04/16/2016

The clog hog is an excellent piece of equipment. I work on a mega yacht and we use the clog hog regularly to clean deck drains, large a/c condensate drain manifolds and sea strainer plumbing. It works perfectly and exceeds all our expectations. I would highly recommend it.

50 feet Drain Cleaner

- 01/12/2016

Excellent tool, it was my savior and still is, it works as good as expected, will recommended to everyone I know.

Thank you for a great product.

Uviel Morales

just what I wanted!!

- 01/10/2016

Perfect tool for the job!! Had a plug in the drain at my shop under the shop floor...about 20 feet from the bathroom. My brother and I used the clog hog and blew right threw it with ease!!! So glad I bought it!! Well worth the money!!!

Awesome performance

- 01/02/2016

This really works great! I had major problems in my finished basement floor drain and oh boy what a mess I had. I tried to snake it with a 25' snake but to no avail. I then purchased a motorized 75' snake and again nothing! I tried from the outside line in towards the house as well and nothing worked.

I had read about the clog hog from a report from my plumber so I purchased the 50' footer and it unclogged a floor drain that was connected to an outside perimeter drain in about 15 minutes. It was an amazing site to see how much stuff came out from the clogged area. It truly worked wonders!!!! I highly recommend this product!

Saves Money!!

- 01/01/2016

We had a badly clogged toilet in our basement,my husband used the Clog Hog from the main drain to the street and it worked perfectly, was easy to use ,and the drain was cleared. No more problems and saved us over $150 by doing it ourselves and not using a plumber. We actually made our money back in just one use. One of the best investments we have made for our home.

Paid for itself in one use...

- 12/29/2015

I tried clearing a 4" drain with a snake and it didn't work. After seeing a pro effortlessly jet the same drain for $175, I knew it was something that I could do myself. Next time it clogged, I purchased a Clog Hog and cleared it fast. It worked best when I let it feed itself into the pipe, rather than pushing it. Also, very fast delivery!

Must Have

- 12/22/2015

Works as advertised. This is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal. Used mine to clear landscape drains effectively. One use will save substantial amount going to plumber bills for clogged drains. Quality product.

very easy to use.

- 12/11/2015

very easy to use.

An Awesome Solution

- 11/20/2015

Sewer line backups are (unfortunately) a tremendous headache for homeowners. After paying a local franchise company $600 to jet my clogged sewer line, I was further dismayed to hear that I had a belly in my pipe and would need a mainline replacement (for over 10 grand). I started looking around online for options to unclog my line that didn't cost 100000. This is when I found the Clog hog. The website staff were VERY helpful in helping me find and order the appropriate parts so I could attach my specific pressure washer. I was thrilled with the quality of the hose/parts when they arrived, and the performance is excellent. I intend to use this product as clog prevention and will jet my sewer once or twice a year. Thanks Clog Hog!

Clog hog works!

- 11/19/2015

I've used this on a drain pipe and the tiles for my gutters at home. Wonderful! Thank you!

Good Investment

- 11/11/2015

I have a sinking sewer line at my house that needs periodic cleaning. The clog hog did a great job moving through the pipe and clearing build up. You can buy and electric power washer and the clog hog for less than a service call for the same service from a plumber. It is easy to use, especially after watching a plumber do the same job.

works as described

- 11/11/2015

easy to hook up and does a good job. Nice product!

Great tool to open your old sewer lines

- 10/11/2015

I have had problems with my drain in my 30 year old house continuing to clog. this tool helped me flush out the entire line and the problems seems now to be resolved. Cost less than one of the quarterly visit by my plumber.

Worked as described

- 09/29/2015

Before purchasing this drain cleaner I was concerned that it may not make some of the turns in the line running from my kitchen sink. I was pleased to find that it made the corners easily. I found that the cleaner worked quickly and easily to resolve the blockage. Much easier than the snakes I previously had to use to clean this drain. Purchase well worth the price. Just wish my pressure washer had a little more PSI.

It works!!!

- 09/25/2015

We bought a house last year and everything was perfect. A few months later we noticed that one of the drain lines was clogged. The previous owners had renovated the house and some construction debris must have gotten in and solidified. We tried chemicals, snakes, snakes rented from Home Depot and even a professional snaking but that didn't work. The plumber wanted $700 for jet cleaning and they wouldn't guarantee that it would work.

While doing some research, I came across Clog Hog and it had good reviews. I didn't have a pressure washer. So I ordered the 50-ft Clog Hog and an electric pressure washer from Home Depot and went to work. Clog Hog works as intended. It's nozzle was just shooting back debris and mud. It took us a few hours to clean the drain but it was a limitation of the pressure washer not the Clog Hog and we had a lot of mud in there. When all said and done, we took out about 5 buckets of mud.

I can't recommend this enough. Buy a good pressure washer and this thing will unclog any drain. Please use safety glasses and gloves when using this.

review of 50 ft. drain cleaner

- 09/21/2015

Looks good and works great.

Great product!

- 09/18/2015

Very happy with this tool. I only have a wimpy 1650 PSI pressure washer but the '50 Clog Hog was a huge help in getting my landscape drain lines working again. I was reluctant at first to purchase this product because I could not find it locally. But it came with all the necessary parts, worked great and very happy with this product. Now I just need a more powerful pressure washer. That's on the list!


- 09/17/2015

Needs an attachment for direct water hose.

Response from Clog Hog:
Rand, thank you for your review. Should you connect the Clog Hog drain cleaner directly to a garden hose with no pressure washer, you'd get virtually zero cleaning and pulling force. That's because the Clog Hog nozzle jets need water that's pressurized many times higher than your household water line to provide any useful force.

If you need help to find another adapter for your machine please let us know. We're always glad to help customers find a compatible pressure washer adapter.

Clog Hog

- 09/09/2015

My septic system was getting slow over the winter months so I tried putting in bacteria and enzymes once a week per the instructions of a cleaner guaranteed to clean the system. By spring and early summer I had water on the ground at the back of the drain field. I called around to have the tank drained and was told of a way to jet the system.

Checked the internet and no one close would do the jetting. Checked a little more and found CLOG HOG. I decided to give it a try and ordered a 50 foot hose and bought a pressure washer. Two days later the hose was in my hand, very prompt and efficient service. I called and had the tank emptied and started digging.

Opened up the top and bottom of the leach field, 3 out of 4 runs were plugged right off. Put the hose on the washer and started working the hose back and forth at first and then let the hose do all the work by feeding itself, only working it back and forth when it got into solids and working it through. This unit, Clog Hog worked great. I put the end tubes back on and filled in the trenches. I have no idea how much an engineered system would have cost but I am very satisfied with the outcome. System seems to be working great, no more standing water. I would recommend this Clog Hog to anyone with a problem of a plugged up leach field.

The only thing I can think of is the Clog Hog was the easiest part but getting to the field was that nasty four letter word "work."

Thank You Clog Hog it was worth it.

-Gary G.
Lapeer, Michigan

50 Ft Drain Cleaner

- 09/08/2015

I have used this to clean out my slow flowing drains in house, and cleaning out my drain pipes from my downspouts outside. Has paid for its self the first time I used it!

50 Ft. Drain Cleaning Set

- 09/04/2015

I was very pleased to find a simple, economical attachment to assist me in keeping the drains running freely at my facility. The operation is simple and being able to use my existing pressure washer saved me storage space, purchase of additional equipment and less equipment to maintain. I would like "nozzle" that would spray forward, to be used in slow running pipes as a preventative measure thus pushing debris forward and down the drain. Excellent product!!

Great product!

- 09/03/2015

Very powerful item. Cleared out my drain without a priblem. Thank you! 5++++

Works As Advertised

- 09/03/2015

I bought this to flush basement perimeter corrugated drain tile that empties into our sump pumps. It worked well but seemed to get caught on a sharp bend back after a T-section after 15 feet. Perhaps a gas powered machine would have advanced it. (I used a 1.76 GPM, 2030 PSI, Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer - the highest power electric pressure washer I could find).

The Clog Hog assembled nicely, pulled along nicely through the drain and has a durable and high quality feel to it. I'm definitely looking forward to using this in other applications should the need arise.

Response from Clog Hog:
Brad, thank you for your review. We've heard from other Sun Joe users that these machines deliver closer to 1.1 GPM under load, and not the advertised 1.76 GPM. If your machine delivers only around 1.1 GPM under load, you can expect it to power a Clog Hog drain cleaner only around 20 feet in most 4" ID drains.

For much greater pulling, scrubbing and flushing force you can use the same drain cleaner with nearly all gas-powered pressure washers rated up to 2.9 GPM.


- 09/03/2015

I like it its work very well

Clean Drains Fast

- 09/02/2015

We own a mobile home park and have lots of problems with clogged drains. I got tired of calling roto-rooter every time at $200 a whack so I ordered a Cloghog. I had a clogged sink drain that nothing would clear about 20 feet down. The Cloghog cleared it instantly. I couldn't believe the amount of grease and old soap residue that came back at first before it started going on down into the tank. I have since asked our tenants not to use bar soap because I have read that it produces a lot of fatty residue. Instead, I ask them to use liquid soap, preferably phosphate free. I only use an inexpensive electric power washer with 1800 psi. I follow the cloghog instructions to the T and it works great. No more roto-rooter and big bills. I want to try it this winter when someone calls me with a frozen sewer line. I fully expect it to blast right through it. Thank you for a fine product. It paid for itself on the first use.

This product is AMAZING!!!!

- 08/09/2015

I was a little worried about trying to clear out the blockage in the main line to my septic tank. It was a cast iron pipe in a 250 year old house. I can only imagine that it was 250 years worth of gunk!

My husband and I were able to clear it out like a pro. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to save money by doing it yourself (we were quoted a min. of $1000.) This product is AMAZING!!!!

Great tool

- 08/03/2015

Very pleased and glad We made the purchase!!!!

It did the job

- 07/31/2015

After some problems to prepare the pressure washer trigger/handle

Clog hog review

- 07/22/2015

Product worked as advertised. Power jetted 30' of 3" drain pipe with ease

Clog Hog North Dakota

- 07/20/2015

I have had trouble with kitchen waste for 10 years. I was able to completely clean PVC and steel pipe from sink to house exit. System has run great fro 3 months since cleaning. I believe annual cleaning will take care of years of smelly basement.

Love it

- 07/18/2015

We use it to clean out our mini pool gutter. I read it is not best for that but our Handyman used his on it and we got all the dog hair and dirt out like a charm. So I had to buy one so we can clean it monthly.

Response from Clog Hog:
Mary, thank you for your review. We've found that sewer jetters usually can't pass through swimming pool drains. That's because most pool drains are less than 2" ID and have short radius 90-degree elbows like you'd see in a fresh water supply line. It sounds like your mini pool gutter is a special case since the Clog Hog drain cleaner was able to pass through.

works well

- 07/17/2015

Not quite as good as the rooter guy,but its works and you dont have to wait and it cost half of a service call!!!

works by itself !!!

- 06/08/2015

The first time I used clog hog, I was amazed at how fast it cleaned my garage floor drain pipe of 20 years of accumulated road debris. I let it pull itself forward and as I pulled it back, the grime just ran out of the open end of my garage drain pipe !! in 20 minutes I got the job done and now when I clean my garage floor the water and soap runs freely into the floor drain and its like when I first built the house !!

50 Ft. Drain Cleaner Set

- 06/08/2015

Have not had occasion to clear clogged drain yet except for slow flowing sink drain and it did work very well on that. I did run it through my septic tank line as a preventative measure to prevent future stoppage and it worked there very well pulling it self into the drain with the force of the backjets.

Great Product

- 06/02/2015

I keep having problem cleaning out 4 inch drain pipes around property. I found Clog Hog and tried it based on reviews. It work great cleaned out all the pipes within within an hour, far less than the hours it use to take.

works great

- 05/27/2015

I had a washing machine drain that was overflowing when we washed clothes due to build up in the cast iron pipes. The Clog Hog cleared the buildup & the drain is working fine now. I have also used it for the kitchen sink drain works every time, great tool.

50 ft jet review for electric washers

- 05/18/2015

This unit performed as specified but I experienced problems due to the drain configuration.

There was a right angle turn into the 4 inch line from a 1.5 inch line and the hog had difficulty making this turn and progressing on down the 4 inch line. It actually became stuck and I had difficulty extracting it.

Response from Clog Hog:
RJ, thank you for your review. There's detailed information on our Drain Cleaning Tips page about cleaning smaller-diameter lateral drain lines.

When cleaning lateral drains it's often necessary to find an alternate drain opening to reach the problem area because sewer jetters can have difficulty passing through small radius elbows and other transitions that are sometimes present in these smaller lines.

Super Product

- 05/15/2015

Our agency was using a mechanical drain snake to maintain our drain lines for all of the facilities. Since first trying the Clog Hog, we now jet all of our lines that I find is safer for my crews not having the danger of getting the snake caught and twisting it possibly damaging the snake or injuring them.

Clog Hog is awesome!

- 05/07/2015

Works great

Great clog buster

- 04/24/2015

The drain cleaner I purchased works just as advertised. I like that it came with several attachment adapters so I was able to match it to my power washer. The line was easily long enough and flexible enough to reach the areas needed to remove line clogs in our drain. I highly recommend this product.

One of the best tools I ever bought !

- 04/24/2015

This tool is easy to use and does a great job. I have a older home and I can't keep using the regular cleaning tools so I bought this and it works fantastic. I have already told 5 of my friends about it and they said they were going to buy one too.

Thanks Clog Hog

A mighty little wonder.

- 04/18/2015

I knew my main sewer line was still flowing and yet it clogged so easily. I saw the Clog Hog ad and thought I'd give it a try. Amazingly the tiny little high pressure device found it's way and traveled the full nearly full 50 ft. of the line I'd bought. Problem solved? Well not exactly. A neighbor who had access to a camera came by and explored. The problem was a break in the ancient asbestos line allowing tree root to invade. I was forced to excavate. The root was 4 ft. long and filled the pipe completely. Amazed I found a hole twice the size of the Clog Hog line along one side of the solid root mass. Needless to say I've used the clog hog to flush all my lines within the house with great success. Removes odors and certainly worries. If your suspect tree root problem call a company that does trenchless repairs first. For general maintenance of the plumbing system in your home Cog Hog is the answer. Don't put it off another day.

Keeps the Water Flowing!

- 04/05/2015

This bad boy has kept our drain lines flowing flawlessly! What I really like about it also is that unlike a conventional snake line, the Clog Hog is nonabrasive to the pipes.

Great product! Thanks!

Clog Hog great for grease clogs

- 04/02/2015

The Clog Hog is great for grease and sediment clogs. Better than auger snake that just pushes grease around. Another must have tool for your arsenal.

It does work!

- 03/11/2015

I must say i was impressed.
After already spending some money renting drain snakes and various "miracle products" I tried the CLOG HOG if for no other reason that I wanted a pressure washer for the house and might as well try it.
My house was built in the 50s so after introducing every artifact I could get my hands on into my drain pipes I started to fear I'd break them.
When I heard about these water drain clearing system I thought might as well give it a try.
It was a very easy process and definitively cleaner than dealing with snakes.
Absolutely recommend it for do-it-yourselvers. And hopefully this will be your first option.


- 03/07/2015


Drain Cleaner 50ft

- 03/06/2015

Hose not ridig enough when out past 20ft, can not enter most clean outs and run backwards if the sewer line is tied in with a 45deg sweeping ell. Purchase snake to run down kitchen drain and garbage disposal drain, clog was too great for this size of snake, not enough pressure or cutting power.

Response from Clog Hog:
Jon, thank you for your review. Clog Hog now offers a Needle Nose Drain Cleaner Set that gives much better odds of success when cleaning lateral lines down to 1-1/2" ID. And, if you'd like troubleshooting help you can call our toll-free service line 1-800-249-1450 (9-5 M-F CST), or you can get detailed information on our Drain Cleaning Tips Pages.

It really works well!

- 02/24/2015

I was a bit reluctant to buy a clog hog. But I have a sewer line that does not have enough slope to it and it clogs way too often. The Clog Hog is wonderful! It cleans out that sewer line very easily. Clog Hog is very easy to use and does the jog in an extraordinary manner. I am very pleased that I bought it!!!

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