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50 Ft High Thrust Needle Nose Drain Cleaner Set

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For Your Electric Pressure Washer – 1.1 to 1.9 GPM

Power Wash Your Clogged Drains

  • Thrust nozzle has four back jets (no forward jet) for maximum pulling and scrubbing.
  • Maximizes flushing force and cleaning distance from electric pressure washers.
  • Cleans kitchen drains, laundry drain lines, and other indoor lateral sewer drains.
  • Scrub away grease, food residue, sanitary paper, and other lightweight clogs.


  • Electric machines lack sufficient power to clean most outdoor and main sewer drains.
  • Not recommended for drains that are blocked with ice, clay, and other hard debris.
  • Click the Compatibility tab above to find your trigger gun adapter.


For Your Electric Pressure Washer – 1.1 to 2.0 GPM

  • For trigger guns that have a metal spray lance with a brass inlet fitting, no additional adapter is needed and you can choose No Electric Adapter below.
  • If your trigger gun has a black plastic spray lance, click this list of compatible brands before choosing the Adapter Kit AK-B.
  • Check the special brands below to see if your trigger gun requires an unusual adapter.

Important: click if your trigger gun has a black plastic spray lance and you have one of these special brands

If your machine is not listed, compare these detailed adapter diagrams, or contact us.

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Sewer Jetter Specifications

  • Item: SJP-50-M (consists of JP-50-M and choice of adapters)
  • Length: 50 Ft.
  • High Pressure Line OD: 0.38 In.
  • For Electric Machines Rated: 1.2 to 1.6 GPM
  • Rated Pressure: Up to 4,000 PSI
  • Rated Water Temp.: Up to 120° F
  • Shipping Weight (with standard Adapter Kit): 4.9 Lbs.

Note: the JP-50-M high thrust drain cleaner in this set is also compatible with most gas machines rated up to 2.9 GPM when using the M22 adapter that comes installed.

Nozzle Cleaning Tool
Set of two miniature tools helps you quickly remove debris from nozzle jets.
Trigger Gun for Electric
Compact trigger gun for select electric pressure washers that do not fit common adapters.
Storage Reel
Storage Reel - $17.00
Plastic reel makes it easier to roll up and store your drain cleaner after use.
High Thrust Nozzle and Accessories for 50 Ft Needle Nose
Identical to the original, each nozzle usually lasts as long as the sewer jetter hose.
Clog Hog Hat
Clog Hog Hat - $12.00
Adjustable, 100% cotton relaxed twill hat with a sewn-in Clog Hog logo.
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Must buy

- 03/08/2021

I purchased this product last week 3/05/21 and it wasn’t even 30 minutes after I bought I received a text message to please call back Clog Hog needing more information on my pressure washer asked if I need any help to call, thought to myself incredible customer service. Anyways I received it 3/07/21 and it worked like a charm had not problem getting through a 1-1/2 drain and clean out the grease clog that a standard coil snake couldn’t. Thank you!!!

Work Perfectly - Highly Recommended

- 06/01/2020

I recently purchase the 50 ft Thrust Nose Drain Cleaner Set. It worked great. My drain lines were clogged and the plumbers wanted to charge me lots of money to dig up my yard and put in new lines.

Bought their drain cleaner set and it is worth every penny, it saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars and will for years to come. Thanks to Clog Hog I now have no worries about the drain line. The customer service is wonderful.

Worked perfectly

- 10/17/2019

The 50' Clog Hog I ordered work even better than I had hoped. Plenty of power with my electric 1.2 gallon power washer. It propelled itself in the pipe very well.

RV Black Tank

- 10/16/2019

I had been trying to clear my black tank using a hand snake, a drill operated snake, and a hose flush without any or limited success.

I found a youtube video on using a jetter to clean the tank. I tried buying jetter nozzles, fittings, and hose to attach to my pressure washer and just had very disappointing luck finding everything.

Then I found Clog Hog in my internet searching. It seemed to be exactly what I needed and so I ordered the 50’ hose. I quickly received an email with questions about my order. I called the number and the guy I was talking with was extremely courteous and very helpful. I had a more specific technical question and he tried connecting me to a product expert. The guy wasn’t in so he asked if I didn’t mind if the guy called me in about half an hour. Not a problem and sure enough I received the call.

We discussed my specific setup and actually made a change to the order that refunded me $10. This guy was also very helpful and courteous.

Now the actual use. I found a hose flush elbow, took the guts out where the valve was, drilled the hole larger than the diameter off the nozzle by 1/8”. I hooked it up the the black tank and started the process. Very dirty work but the Clog Hog needle hose worked it way up into the tank, using the in and out pulling on the hose certainly cleaned out the tank. I was amazed at the things that came out as it looked like sand and scale. Other than the expected crap and toilet paper of course. Next I went inside and thought the toilet finding this end was even worse but the Clog Hog saved the day!

I know for a fact that I would have had to spend several hundreds of dollars to get this done professionally and most likely had to take it somewhere requiring me to leave it. Using the gas pressure washer recommended by your technician. I’d recommend the product to anyone with the caveat that it is a dirty job.



50 Ft Thrust Needle Nose Drain Cleaner Set

- 10/03/2019

I recently purchase the 50 ft Thrust Nose Drain Cleaner Set. It worked great. For years, I was often stressed with my drain line and the plumbers charged me lots of money as they came to work, but they never did the job thoroughly. Thanks to Clog Hog that now I have no worry about the drain line. The customer service is wonderful.

Impressive power

- 10/01/2019

Stubborn as I can be, even after a phone call made to me by the Clog Hog salesman questioning my expectations with my intended application of this kit and my electric 1800 psi power washer, I am still impressed.

Our 4 inch sewer leach lines needed cleaning out after 50 years of service. Although roots were not cut, there is a significant increased flow on this line now. I was planning on borrowing a friends more powerful gas unit, but felt it didn’t become necessary after all.

I plan to use this unit on our washer grey water drain line that flows into orchard area. This will be mostly lint and I foresee great results. This kit was easy to assemble and use, the line is stiff enough, yet pliable and moves forward easily without jamming, pinching or bending. My brother did the work, but I watched the entire process, and he didn’t use any colorful language the entire time! It is a great tool to add to a homeowners dyi arsenal.

Response from Clog Hog:
Nancy, thank you for your comments. Whenever it seems like a customer could have tree roots clogging a drain, the Clog Hog customer service team tries to warn before shipping that a sewer jetter is likely to be only a temporary solution to flush away debris that accumulates near the roots. However, a sewer jetter that's powered by your pressure washer can't remove tree roots, so you'll eventually need to rent an electric drain snake with a cutting blade to cut away those roots, and then use your sewer jetter to flush out the debris.

Important: tree roots clogging a drain are often an indication that the pipe has cracked or separated, so before cleaning the line with an electric snake or sewer jetter you should have the pipe inspected with a plumber's video camera to ensure that the drain is in good enough structural condition to clean, without the drain cleaner getting stuck in a large crack or breach.

True to claim and a valuable tool.

- 09/04/2019

Little or no learning curve, just a basic knowledge of where and what you want to clean out and away you go. I do recommend atleast 3,300 PSI power washer. Purchased to clean slow leach field, took my time and cleaned each part several times feeding and pulling slowly. Under an hour and havent had even a thought about the leach field in a couple months. Thank You Clog Hog. J.B.

Response from Clog Hog:
JB, thank you for your comments. An electric pressure washer is usually sufficient to clean grease, food particles, sanitary paper, and other indoor waste. However the thick biomat sludge that clogs septic field lines is much heavier and more difficult to scrub and flush. Your Needle Nose drain cleaner is also compatible with nearly all gas pressure washers rated up to 2.9 GPM, and you'll find that a gas machine can make it much easier to clean septic field lines.

Note that nozzle cleaning force increases roughly with GPM squared - and many electric pressure washers don't really produce their advertised GPMs at their rated working pressures - so a small gas machine can give you at least four times the pulling, cleaning and flushing force of most electric pressure washers. You can find much more information about cleaning septic field lines on our Drain Cleaning Tips pages.

Great tool

- 08/23/2019

Had problems with clogged drains and after purchasing this hose it worked awesome in unclogging the main sewage drain...…

Would be nice if to be able to use other different types of heads...

This specific hose only uses backwards jets would like to see one with a forward jet also for this specific hose....

Response from Clog Hog:
Walberto, thank you for your comments. There are 4 back jets (and no forward jet) on your 50 Ft High Thrust Needle Nose Drain Cleaner. This allows your electric pressure washer to power the sewer jetter close to its full 50 Ft length in most 4" ID drains.

The back jets create all of a sewer jetter nozzle's pulling, scrubbing and flushing force.

A front jet is only needed if you're removing dense, solid clogs like ice or dried clay - and would reduce the nozzle pulling distance by about half.

Clog Hog does offer a 25 Ft Needle Nose Drain Cleaner Set, with a forward jet, for electric machines. However, to power a sewer jetter that has a forward jet close to 50 Ft, you'd need a gas powered pressure washer rated 2.0 GPM or more.

You can contact us for more information.

great product

- 08/17/2019

it worked outstanding the only drawback is the memory the hose had at the nozzle put it at a 35 degree angle if the end had like 6 in of a no memory hose to keep it from j hooking otherwise unbelievable.

Response from Clog Hog:
Scott, thank you for your comments. If there's a gradual bend in the sewer jetter hose, you can straighten the hose by coiling it in the opposite direction before storage. If the hose is damaged (say, from being crimped by a very heavy, hard object) you can return it for replacement within 30 days of the purchase date. You can contact us for more information.

Needle Nose Drain Cleaner works great

- 08/08/2019

I would highly recommend the 50ft Needle Nose Drain Cleaner.

I purchased the 50 ft Needle Nose Drain Cleaner for my electric power washer to address the iron ochre red slime issue that we have in our drain tiles. The Needle Nose Drain cleaner worked great to remove the iron ochre red slime in the drain tile pipe on the one side of the basement that I was concerned about.

Prior to the cleaning we would sometimes get some water seeping up along the seam between the old and new concrete in one corner during a heavy or sustained rainfall. We have had several heavy and sustained rainfalls since the cleaning and not gotten any water seepage. The water is flowing out of that side significantly faster than before the cleaning.

I started at the sump then moved my way up the line at the cleanouts until I got to the end. The drain tile pipe was 5 or 6" corrugated perforated plastic pipe. The corrugation caused a little challenge advancing the Drain Cleaner hose but I found that if I pulled the hose back about 12-18 inches and then quickly feed it forward the hose would advance easier than if I just pushed was constant pressure. The hose maneuvered around the corner as easily as the straight portions. I look forward to cleaning the other side of the drain tile.

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Price: $129.00