High Thrust Nozzle and Accessories for Residential
High Thrust Nozzle and Accessories for Residential
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High Thrust Nozzle and Free Accessories

The Thrust Pack contains a special high thrust nozzle and our most popular accessories. It includes:

Note: this high thrust nozzle is not recommended for jobs where the drain could be completely blocked by harder obstructions such as ice or solidified dirt, since it has no forward jet to break apart dense clogs.


  • Compatible with: R-100-M, R-50-M, SR-100-M, and SR-50-M drain cleaners.
  • Note: the nozzle is compatible only with these Clog Hog drain cleaners.

Note: this high thrust nozzle is not recommended for jobs where the drain could be completely blocked by harder obstructions such as ice or solidified dirt, since it has no forward jet to break apart dense clogs.

Thrust Pack Specifications

  • Item: TP-R
  • Shipping Weight: 0.2 Lbs.


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14 Featured Reviews - See More Ratings - Average Rating 4.9 / 5 (Details)

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Money Saver

- 06/21/2016

These powerful economic tools save us hours in pipe cleaning. Makes other pipe cleaning methods obsolete.

Very Effective

- 06/09/2016

I used the Clog Hog to clean out my French drain. The drain is made of both black plastic perforated pipe and pvc. The drain is about 200 feet long with at least 12, 90 degree drain entrances. The Clog Hog occasionally made a wrong turn, but was easily corrected by moving it back and forth.

My drainpipe had become filled with dirt from 10 years of drainage. The Clog Hog did the trick. My only issue was the hard plastic covering that attaches between the head and the hose tore off, but this did not impede my clean out.

Very impressive product.

Paid for itself and then some

- 05/19/2016

After calling the roto-rooter guys twice in 6 weeks, I invested in the Clog Hog and a power washer. Over the last 3 years, I have used the Clog Hog at least 6 times to get the sewer line flowing. At $300 a visit, and no guarantee root-rooter was not an option anymore. The only thing to watch out is that the nozzle is on tight before use. I neglected to check mine and lost it mid cleanup, but was able to still get the clog out. Great product for the do-it-yourselfer.

Product exceeded expectations

- 04/29/2016

Bought a lake house which was built on the site of an old (circa early 60's) fishing camp. The bath house had 4 floor drains...3 stopped up and the other very slow. I started with the slow one first and was candidly surprised how quickly and totally I was able to clear it - I really was skeptical of the ease and assumed it would be impacted very soon. The next three went equally as quick. Four months later all is still well and the conversion to my future shop is underway. Clog Hog

It does a fantastic job

- 03/28/2016

It does a fantastic job

Ready Mix Company

- 03/28/2016

We are a small ready mix concrete operation in Florida. We normally would spends hundreds of dollars for a professional jetter service to clean our lines. Now with the purchase of your product we are able to achieve this task in house and save a lot of $$$.
Excellent product!

High Thrust Nozzel

- 03/11/2016

The high thrust nozzle works great! The most challenging part of the system is trying to un-coil a 100-foot line, and coil it back up after I use it. Also, a rubber casing between the nozzle and hose has become abraded after several uses. Appreciate any suggestions how to fix this.

Response from Clog Hog:
Glen, thank you for your review. The new Kynar(R) jacket is designed to help increase the sewer jetter's glide through drains that have rough inside surfaces, but the drain cleaner also works as designed without the jacket installed.


- 03/08/2016

very good product

Was hoping for a more professional tool.

- 02/23/2016

Although the Clog Hog extends the usefullness of a pressure washer, It should be equipped with a professional "spinner" nozzle for superior internal pipe cleaning and break-up of debris. Otherwise, the unit was delivered quickly and fits our Karcher machine without any problems.

Response from Clog Hog:
Thank you for your comments. As detailed on our FAQ Page, we've found that rotating nozzles usually don't work well in household drains. The optional High Thrust Nozzle does deliver much greater pulling and flushing force than our standard nozzle, but is for use in drains that aren't completely clogged with dense, solid material like ice or hard packed clay.

Tis Device Actually Works

- 01/17/2016

I had my doubts when I ordered my Clog Hog I have a Karcher Power Washer 1300 PSI. The Clog How adapter was easily installed and worked perfectly,"first time". The High Thrust Nozzle allowed me to quickly and effectively clean out my toothpaste clogged vanity drain. Would recommend to all who want to avoid costly plumbing bills for something you can do yourself with the Clog Hog

Clogged Filter Bed

- 11/18/2015

My filter bed inlet pipes became clogged due to my D-Box going bad to the point the septic company told me I would have to replace it (filter bed) with a lagoon. I found the ClogHog website via Google and figured I had nothing to lose and every thing to gain so I bought the 50' hose and the thrust nozzle tip . I back flushed all my pipes and to my surprise it worked better then I could have imagined. Saved me $1000's. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product for all your drain clearing needs.

High Thrust Nozzle

- 09/05/2015

A great tool for not only clearing plugged or sluggish pipes, but great for preventative maintenance to clean pipes and prevent them from backing up. I used it on the drains attached to my downspouts.....exceeded my expectations.

Very Satisfied!!

Emergency Service President

- 07/09/2015

I was truly amazed at howquickly the clog hog cleaned a 4" sewer line and a 6"storm drain. The clog Hog works wonderfully.

A product that actually works as claimed!

- 05/15/2015

I had two, very serious sewer line clogs. We had an old cast iron sewer pipe under our basement slab foundation that had completely rusted out and collapsed allowing the cast iron pipe pieces and dirt and gravel from above the pipe to fall into the cavity where the pipe used to exist. This was heavy material and the Clog Hog was able to pull all the material (even the heavy cast iron pieces) back to the clean out where I was able to remove them. It worked amazingly well and it actually took me longer to set up the power washer than it took for the Clog Hog to clean out the debris both times.

The only thing I wish it could do was to PUSH debris forward (from the clean-out TO the septic tank). It works great pulling material back to you and the clean out.

Perhaps a SPECIAL PUSHING HEAD with 2-3 small nozzles pointing forward and 5-6 nozzles pointing backward would work. This way the nozzle would still pull into a pipe but it would PUSH debris ahead of it when you needed it too.


Response from Clog Hog:
Thank you for your comments. Regardless of how a sewer jetter nozzle is configured, most of the nozzle force must be directed backward to pull the flexible sewer jetter line forward into the pipe. Should the forward nozzle force increase too much, the jetter would lose its ability to travel through drains. The best workaround we can suggest is to find another cleanout that's downhill from the debris - or to have a plumber install a new cleanout for you.

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Price: $39.00