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For Your Drain Cleaner

Use this set of two miniature nozzle cleaning tools to remove dirt and sediment from nozzle jet orifices.

  • Miniature nozzle cleaning tools have a spiral cut, tapered stainless steel shaft to efficiently remove sediment from jet orifices.
  • Bonus: now includes both a Standard and a Slim Taper nozzle cleaning tool. Use the Standard tool for most cleaning jobs; use the Slim Taper tool to clean nozzles with smaller forward jets.
  • Specially sized to clean the nozzle jets on all Clog Hog drain cleaners, without jamming.
  • Includes a reclosable plastic storage tube.
  • Item NC-S


  • This nozzle cleaning tool is compatible with all Clog Hog drain cleaners.

Adapter Specifications

  • Item: NC-S
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1 Lbs.
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