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Nothing else worked until Clog Hog was used

- 10/16/2019

At our church a grease trap and the drain lines from the kitchen were never maintained, maybe for thirty years. After having the grease trap cleaned and the main waste lines to the trap jetted, the mop sink next to the kitchen remained clogged.

For years, many have tried and I tried it by using snakes and even rented a power drain cleaner. Nothing would go through the blockage. In part was the mop sink drain strainer was missing and I pulled out 2 rags using a hand snake but the line remained blocked.

I then read about the Clog Hog on a plumbing forum and I Google search it. I already had a pressure washer but my wand would not work with it so I bought one at the local HD and I ordered the 50' Clog Hog. When I received it I was very happy to see how thin the hose was and a very short nozzle. The mop sink drain was 2" but under a concrete floor so to maneuver through the trap about 18 inches down was of concern.

I connected everything up and fired away. Getting through the trap wasn't so bad. After some experimenting by rapidly opening and closing the pressure want allowed the nozzle and hose to work through the trap. After about twenty minutes I still was not through the clog. It was about eight from the drain. I then just keep steady pressure on the Clog Hog and let it do its job. It finally broke through and I the nozzle was at the outside clean out but the line still would not drain.

On pulling back the Clog Hog hose, the clog finally broke up into pieces. It was about an eight inch solid piece of grease, soap and sand. I determined that it was at the wye.

It paid for itself the first time since a plumber wanted around $400 to clean it out this drain. I used it at my son's house to be sure his drain lines from the rain gutter downspouts to the street were clear of debris and sand. It turned out they were clear.

On the plumbing forum, I’ve mentioned this tool several times. I'm glad I purchased it and I have no fear should I ever get another drain line blocked, the Clog Hog will be my first tool to use.

Worth its weight in wildflowers

- 08/22/2019

I purchased this Clog Hog device online and feel like I finally spent money well over the internet. I wanted to clean a combination sump pump/surface/gutter drain comprised of 2 inch PVC, 4 inch corrugated/perforated plastic pipe, and 6 inch corrugated steel pipe which empties the whole mess under my driveway.

I was surprised how the hose pulled itself for the whole length through the drain once I got my balky pressure washer working properly. To see the quantities of yuck the feisty little contrivance washed out the line was quite impressive. To summarize: This little rascal means business!


Clearing the drain pipe is simple

- 03/12/2019

I use the Clog Hog to clean the 3 inch pvc drain pipe under the corner of my driveway. Makes easy work of clearing the leaves and cut grass form this pipe.

Great product! Easy to use

- 01/08/2019

I just want to thank Clog Hog for a wonderful product. I used the 50 ft needle nose drain cleaner in a our restaurant and the results were outstanding.

It was easy to use and the ordering process ensured I received the correct parts for my power washer.

Thanks again!

Clog Hog

- 04/04/2018

I used it to clear yard drains. I could see the debris flowing great. The side drain had a clog about 35 ft. In I pulled it back and forth several times it cleared then I ran the Clog Hog from the other direction really cleared out the mud. The nozzle actually hit the drain cover and was strong enough to knock it off. It works great I'm waiting for the chance to use it on inside the house.

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